Thai Girls using ‘RUTHLESS LONG GAME’ (New Smartphone, Gold Chain)

You travel half-way across the globe, pay to spend time with a girl and then she’s on her phone ALL the time.


Listen, this is not some hypothetical scenario, this is a reality for a lot of guys coming to Thailand. It’s NEVER the girl’s fault.

If you are with a girl who you don’t like – physically or in regards to her behavior – it’s your fault.

If the girl is playing on her phone and you don’t like that … call her out (in a friendly – ideally playful – manner).

Thailand Walking ATM

You should have your standards and enforce them.

  • She’s playing on her phone.
  • She doesn’t want to do what you want (in- or outside of the bedroom).

Trying to ‘change‘ a Thai girl is almost always a waste of your time. It’s better and less of a hassle to pick another girl.

Let’s be honest, even if you could change the girl, do you really have the time for it?

You are here on holiday – there is absolutely no scenario in which you should accept less than EXACTLY what you want (given that you’re willing to pay for it).

More importantly, you must avoid another trap:


This is where many guys who generally understand the dynamics of interacting with Thai girls (freelancers) screw up.

— Have you fallen for this in the past?

Long game is what I call it when a Thai girl delays asking for something right away or even makes an up-front investment.

Typically, the investment is marginal in terms of it’s monetary value but in terms of symbolic value it can be powerful (as perceived by the guy).

Pattaya Scam

Let me give you a hypothetical example to illustrate what I mean …

How Even Thailand Pro’s Get Scammed

JOE goes to Thailand. He is a redpilled kind of guy. He understand’s: no money, no honey. He doesn’t put Thai girls or women overall on a pedestal.

He doesn’t buy girls dinner nor would he ever consider sending a girl money.

That changes when he meets APPLE (Yes, Thai girls really have funny nicknames such as apple or almond.)

They meet in a nightlife area somewhere in Thailand. APPLE invites JOE to come with her to another bar/club. JOE knows this is a trap – APPLE wants him to buy drinks or she earns commission at the place they are going to.

Because he knows this, he is playing along. He wants to see how it all unfolds.

… but things don’t go as expected.

JOE is holding APPLE in his arms, enjoying the music. Drinks arrive at their table … Wait, what? Who ordered drinks?

Thai Girls Pattaya

APPLE did and – to Joe’s surprise – she also pays for the drinks.

In 9/10 cases, this is the starting point of LONG GAME.

[ CONTINUE TO READ CAREFULLY! This is where even ‘advanced’ guys mess up and – ironically – end up losing even more money than a newbie ever would on dinner, drinks and other inexpensive gifts. ]

Let’s continue …

So, drinks arrive and APPLE pays for them. This goes against JOE’s script and he doesn’t have an explanation as to why SHE is inviting him for drinks. (Drinks are just one example, it could be anything, such as food, paying for the taxi, etc.)

Eventually, his brain comes to a conclusion:

She is different. She really likes me.
What I have read doesn’t apply to HER.

This conclusion marks the beginning of the end and is one that will take down even the most experienced guys.

In my experience, one of the following things will happen:


At the end of the night, APPLE is expecting JOE to ‘go with her’ – to book her for overnight.

They talk about it and JOE feels like he has to go with her – after all she was so nice and even paid for all drinks. ‘That’s the least I can do.’


If the above doesn’t happen, then it’s very likely that there are no discussions in regards to price and JOE simply takes APPLE home with him … as a natural consequence of their night partying together.

APPLE then asks for money in the morning. In her mind (rightfully so) it’s implied that this is a paid service.


In rare cases, none of the above happens and the girl adds an EXTENSION to the LONG GAME. She doesn’t ask for money in the morning.

In the coming days, APPLE shows JOE screenshots of guys that messaged her and how she rejected them. Now JOE really thinks this one is different and he is special.

Then APPLE’s phone breaks. She needs it, otherwise how would they stay in touch?

The broken phone is just one hypothetical scenario – it could be anything. Typically, the longer the girl waits, the more she will ask for. New phone, gold chain … anything goes.

Thailand ATM Slip

How do you avoid falling for a trap like this? KNOWLEDGE. It’s simple: Once you know about it, you’re less likely to fall for it.

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