3 Thailand Nightlife Mistakes … Almost EVERYONE Makes!

You have made at least one of those mistakes  – I know I have! None of these mistakes are unique to Thailand, but they are more relevant here than anywhere else.

Three might not seem like a lot, but these mistakes – if you avoid them – will save you a ton of money & frustrations!

So, here we go …

1. Trying To BUY Interest

This first mistake is an absolute classic. Perhaps you have done this at one point.

It happens when a guy thinks that he doesn’t need to shower, bother with basic grooming and that dressing well is overrated.

He thinks that as soon as he pays the girl, it will be a hot & passionate experience.


Sorry to tell you – this won’t be the case!

The girl might still go with you but you will sense that she is not into it & that will ruin your experience.

You might be able to pay for her service
– you can never pay her to genuine like you.

These types of guys typically “exit” the game after such an experience, concluding that it doesn’t feel like the real deal and the girl didn’t even like him.

This mistake is due to a lack of common sense, perhaps basic understanding of human interactions.

The bad experience wasn’t due to her being a working girl; in fact it had nothing to do with that.

If you think you can pay someone to genuinely like you, and that paying for it will automatically make up for your lack of hygiene, or grooming, or style – you are seriously mistaken.

That applies to any social interaction – not just nightlife in Thailand.

2. She Can’t Possibly Like You

This second mistake is similar to the first one but the complete opposite.

The guy from the first example thinks paying a girl means she automatically likes you.

The opposite of that is a guy who thinks a girl who is being paid can NEVER genuinely like you.

Both assumptions are incorrect.

Just because you pay for a service, the girl can’t possibly like you (her customer), or even be genuinely attracted to him?

This is such a dumb idea that completely defies logic …


If you are a car salesman and your customer is a hot woman, just because she is your customer, you can’t be attracted to her? Of course you can!

So, why should it be different when it comes to Thailand nightlife? Complete nonsense such limiting thoughts.


The reality is that any working girl CAN like and even be genuinely attracted to you.

Most of the time, it has nothing to do with you being a hot guy, or a stage-ready fitness model …

In reality, the bar is much, much lower …

What most working girls want is a well-groomed guy who takes care of his hygiene, has good manners and is friendly.

Really, that is it!

Quite a low bar but you wouldn’t believe how many guys aren’t even able to get those very basics right.

3. Unrealistically-High Expectations

The last mistake would be the guy who thinks he needs to be super hot to get genuine interest from any attractive working girl.

It’s the 60 year-old guy who assumes young girls are only interested in young guys.

Because he thinks that, he picks older women – even though he would really like younger ones.


He goes for what he thinks is realistic and attainable.

To such a guy, I would say the following:

Forget it. Stay home.
Don’t even go to Thailand if you have such an attitude.

Listen, if you take a flight across the globe to have an epic Thailand experience, you better raise your standards before you board that plane.

You need to tell yourself,
“My way, or the highway!”

That’s the right attitude – in terms of going for what you really want.

What’s the point of going to Thailand, spending time & money – only to go home with women you don’t like?

You should be brutally honest with yourself in regards to what you want and then go for exactly that.

If there’s a 40 year age difference between you and the girl you find attractive … so what? F*ck it!

I can tell you one thing …

If you’re a 60 year-old guy walking around with a young babe, it will only be other women who tell you that you’re a creep.

Every other guy – especially younger ones – they’ll think, “Damn, when I’m that old, I want to be like him and also be with a young babe!”

What’s The Solution?

It’s quite easy, you need exactly two things to avoid making these mistakes.

First, you need to educate yourself. Then you will understand how everything works and that yes, nothing is unrealistic, you can have it all (given you’re willing to pay).

Secondly, you need to get in some experiences.

Not just one experience but at least a dozen intimate experiences – then you’ll start to truly understand & enjoy these single man playgrounds 🙂