Pattaya/Bangkok – Why You Should NEVER Pay 5,000 Thai Baht. Ever.

Why You Should NEVER Pay 5,000 Thai Baht. Ever.

… that pretty much sums up my stance in regards to spending money on Thai girls.

Look, I am all in favor of spending money – on the right things. There is no scenario that I can think of in which I would say,

Yeah, paying 5,000 for that girl makes perfect sense,
go ahead buddy!

It just doesn’t make sense!

In a way, paying that much defies part of the reason why you’re going to Thailand in the first place: To get more for your money.

You should be willing to spend money. In fact, NOT being willing to spend money is one of the reasons to burn your entire trip to the ground. When you start pinching pennies, book the cheapest accommodation, etc.

Paying 5,000 Thai Baht for a girl is like booking a $500 per night accommodation when a $150 per night room offers anything you could possibly want already.

In my opinion, that’s the same with girls. Anything you could want in terms of looks, services, etc. you can get for much, much lower than 5,000 Thai Baht.

You need to understand that there’s a ceiling to it all:

  • how much fun you have with the girl
  • the girl’s attractiveness
  • the quality of her service

Generally-speaking, when you go from 500 Baht to 1,500 Baht or even 2,000 Baht, you can meet much more attractive girls.

However, going beyond that it’s not like a girl which you find attractive already is now 2x as attractive.

If she is a 9/10 for you already, what do you expect when you pay twice as much?

In my opinion, you get diminishing returns if you’re wiling to pay crazy amounts like that. It’s not going to be better – probably worse because now you also have much higher expectations.

… and the more guys do this, the more girls think these kinds of prices are okay. Guys pay 3,000 ST, 5000 LT and that’s what girls will be asking for.

You gotta understand and stick to local prices! Just because where you are from it would costs $300 per hour, you can’t just come here, start paying $150 per hour and think you’re getting a great deal.

Overpaying = Long Game Target!

If you’re willing to spend that much, you’ll quickly be singled out as a target for ‘LONG GAME’.

I have a separate video on that topic but to keep it short, it’s basically when the girl thinks she can get more from you than the usual.

Then the long game tactics start which could even include getting it for free at times, simply because she’s in it for the long run, for that big win!

The best way to not even be perceived as such a candidate is to draw a line and stop paying these ridiculous prices!

5,000 Thai Baht – The Only Scenario

5,000 makes sense only in one specific scenario and even then you should think about it twice and ask yourself – what are the odds that this is gonna work out?

That one girl you want and you want to meet her long-term – meaning over and over again.

If she insist on the 5,000 then maybe that’s what you have to pay to get your foot into the door, meet her that first time and get a better rate the following times.

However, even then I’d argue is she really an outlier, this 1/10000 girl who is so unique that no alternatives exists? I highly doubt it.

Maybe it’s just you not wanting to spend more time looking around, but then at least admit that.

With places such as Pattaya and Bangkok, you can’t really say there’s this one girl that’s so unique when you have thousands to choose from.

If She’s Asking For Too Much, She Doesn’t Like You

It’s that plain and simple – in most cases. There are exception but if a freelancer is quoting you 5,000 Thai Baht, you should walk off.

Even if you pay, it’s probably not going to be a sublime experience.

Of course, if you go to a gogo bar, there are fixed prices. Even if the girl likes you, it’s not going to be cheaper in most cases. In there, you also pay barfine, etc.

What I am talking about is a freelancer for 5,000. Just stop it!