Thai Girls Are Never FREE. Here’s Why.

I’ve written about the reality of Tinder in Thailand.

Not because I’m against online dating (not at all) but rather because I feel most Thailand websites/blogs paint a completely inaccurate picture in regards to what’s possible.

  • Can you meet hot Thai girls for free? Yes.
  • Can you meet hot Thai girls for free regularly? Probably not.

That’s the reality.

I have yet to see this reality being challenged.

This comment pretty much sums it up.

Tinder in Thailand

I disagree with ‘never’. Continue reading “Thai Girls Are Never FREE. Here’s Why.”

Bangkok Escorts – Are They Worth The Money?

  • Short Answer: Yes.
  • Detailed Answer: Continue Reading.

You’ve probably asked yourself what’s the best way of meeting Thai girls in Bangkok (Pattaya, or Phuket).

Maybe you’ve been browsing various escort websites, or have even thought about using Smooci.

Escorts in Bangkok

Let’s be honest, all of us have days on which we can’t be asked to go out and ‘find’ a girl – whether that’s at the club, massage parlor, or elsewhere. Continue reading “Bangkok Escorts – Are They Worth The Money?”

Bar Girl Hotel Phuket for $8/Night? [INSANE VALUE!]

During my latest trip to Patong, Phuket, I decided to stay at 2 different hotels to see what they are like, their price-value, location and other things worth mentioning.

The first hotel I stayed at was $35 per night and 15 minutes walking distance from Bangla Road. The hotel was brand new, had an awesome rooftop pool, bar area and fitness room. Continue reading “Bar Girl Hotel Phuket for $8/Night? [INSANE VALUE!]”

Phuket Nightlife Guide – Hot Thai Girls, Mongering Prices, Gogo Bars & Massages!

I’ve just spent 3 months straight in Patong, Phuket in order to get a feel for the place – and most importantly to determine how it compares to Bangkok and Pattaya in terms of nightlife options, freelancers and mongering in general.

Pattaya Nightlife Guide

During my stay, I’ve ‘tested‘ the following:

  • Patong Beach Freelancers / Street Hookers
  • Freelancer girls from Clubs (Illuzion Phuket, Tiger Disco)
  • Patong Bar Girls / Gogo Bars
  • Freelancer girls via Tinder
  • Phuket Happy Ending Massage
  • Soapy Massage Parlors in Phuket
  • Guest-Friendly Hotels (Price $4-40 per Night)

Phuket is nothing like Bangkok or Pattaya, but still worth visiting!

Let’s get into the details. Continue reading “Phuket Nightlife Guide – Hot Thai Girls, Mongering Prices, Gogo Bars & Massages!”