Thailand 2022 Costs of Living Breakdown

This video is just a brief summary to give you an idea as to how much living in Thailand costs. Specifically, how much I am spending.

I am using myself as an example because anything else would be very general, and perhaps not helpful.

When it comes to myself, I can at least give you all the specifics not only regards to the spending but also the lifestyle. Continue reading “Thailand 2022 Costs of Living Breakdown”

Bali, Indonesia

Beautiful landscape, amazing local food and meditation seminars. These are all the things that 90% of Bali videos talk about –  so, today I will focus on the fun stuff in Bali: nightlife, accomondation, parties, dating, socializing, etc.

I have been to Indonesia before but only spent time in Jakarta. Bali has never been on my radar. I had always thought it would be a less exciting version of Phuket – and given that I didn’t find Phuket too exciting, I never had plans of visiting Bali.

Then a friend started to go to Bali repeatedly, and stayed there for long periods. That changed my opinion because unlike what you read online, when a friend shares his experience, and you know your friends well, you get a more realistic perspective about a location. Continue reading “Bali, Indonesia”