Thailand Meetups + Telegram Group

If you are single and going to Thailand solo, you’ll have a great time. You don’t need your friends to go with you – if anything, they’ll be an annoyance.

That’s particularly true if you’re going to Thailand for the first time. Everything is new and exciting and – most importantlyyou’ll spend most of your time with Thai ladies anyway.

Inevitably, there comes a time when you realize: Continue reading “Thailand Meetups + Telegram Group”


Thailand is a single man’s dream. Bangkok nightlife is fantastic and Pattaya is just over-the-top.

For years, I have been recommending Thailand to my close friends and to you – via this blog.

… but there are reasons to absolutely STAY AWAY from Thailand. If any of the situations below apply to you, then Thailand is 100% NOT FOR YOU. Continue reading “AVOID THAILAND NIGHTLIFE IF … (3 REASONS TO STAY AWAY)”

AirBNB or Hotel – Which Is For You? (How To Decide) + Why AirBNB Is NOT Illegal In Thailand!

This is a question I get asked a lot, ‘Should I stay at an AirBNB condo or a hotel?’ – I want to give you some pointers so you have all information to make the decision yourself.

Is AirBNB illegal in Thailand?

Before I talk about the pros & cons of each type of accommodation, I want to talk about the legality of AirBNB in Thailand.

You might have read some headlines stating that AirBNB is illegal in Thailand.

NO, IT IS NOT. AirBNB is perfectly LEGAL in Thailand!

… BUT the room you book is most likely illegal. Continue reading “AirBNB or Hotel – Which Is For You? (How To Decide) + Why AirBNB Is NOT Illegal In Thailand!”