Thailand – 3 Things Changed FOREVER (+Action Steps)

1.) Use of online apps – Dating & More

I vividly remember my first visit to Thailand. Not only did I have no idea about anything, I didn’t even have a smartphone back then!

This was back when LINE messenger app was the only app most people were using and online dating in Thailand was almost exclusivly done on ThaiFriendy. Tinder didn’t exist. When meeting up with girls, I would message them via text message! Think about that for a second! Continue reading “Thailand – 3 Things Changed FOREVER (+Action Steps)”

THAILAND PASS 3.0 Update, Phuket or Bangkok, Best Time To Visit Thailand?

Thailand Pass 3.0 UPDATE

Starting from March 1st, 2022, the requirement of a 2nd PCR test on the 5th day upon arrival has been dropped (and replaced with a ATK home test).

Covid, Health & Travel Accident Insurance

You are also able to buy medical, health & travel accident insurance directly via the Thailand Pass website’s recommended provider.

In many of my previous videos, I have stated that I recommend anyone traveling to Thailand should buy health & travel accident insurance – irrespective of the legal requirement to do so.

My stance has always been that if you’re not able to pay a little bit extra to protect yourself, you should probably reconsider your entire trip & stay home to save some more money. Continue reading “THAILAND PASS 3.0 Update, Phuket or Bangkok, Best Time To Visit Thailand?”

3 Tiny, But “Deadly” Thailand Mistakes + SOLUTIONS

1. It’s Really, Really Loud!

I am specifically talking about Bangkok here. I’m always testing different hotels & AirBNBs. I am also testing different areas.

About 50% of the places I’ve stayed at were problematic in terms of noise disturbance. This is Bangkok, and you have cars or motorbikes driving almost around the clock.

That turned out to be an issue. So, those places, it would really only be quiet from say midnight to 7 AM. The rest of the time, you’d have a constant stream of noise from traffic. Continue reading “3 Tiny, But “Deadly” Thailand Mistakes + SOLUTIONS”