20 Thailand SCAMS – How To Avoid Them

Unfortunately, scams are rampant in Thailand as well as many other well-known tourist locations throughout the globe. It is crucial that travelers be aware of these con games and take precautions to avoid becoming their victims.

Keep in mind though that most of these scams are very harmless. Worst case scenario, you would lose $100 – often times less. Nontheless, it can be helpful to know about the different Thailand scams ahead of time. Continue reading “20 Thailand SCAMS – How To Avoid Them”

4 Thailand Nightlife WARNINGS

Thailand nightlife is perhaps the 8th Wonder of the World – and only once you have partaken, you will fully realize this. From going out to 8AM in the morning, to a calm night out at a night market, unlimited dating options, unlimited bars, dozens of different nightlife areas, and various cities with their own unique nightlife flavor (think Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, islands, etc.)

As much fun as all of it is, there are essentials you need to know in order to maximize fun, and ideally eliminate all the risks. And yes, there are risks. This is what I’ll cover in today. Continue reading “4 Thailand Nightlife WARNINGS”

5 Thailand Nightlife LIES YOU’VE BEEN TOLD

As you are watching this video, Thailand Nightlife for the year 2022 is coming to an end. I thought I use this occasion to clear up some major misconception – things people think in regards to the current state of affairs regarding nightlife in Thailand.

This is real first year after the pandemic, and sadly a percentage of my viewers are still under the misconception that things are not back to normal. That somehow it’s not worth visiting yet.

They are still waiting for things to “improve” while in reality, things are as good as they get. So, let’s get started with the first point. Continue reading “5 Thailand Nightlife LIES YOU’VE BEEN TOLD”