Thailand Is F**king Cheap? 9 Real-Life Examples

This receipt is from yesterday’s teeth cleaning session.

1 hour. 1,350 Baht = $40 USD

Teeth Cleaning Bangkok

I can have 2-3 teeth cleanings in Bangkok for the price of one session in the U.S. (and that applies to most Western countries).

Appointment required but never did I had to wait more than 2-3 days.

That’s just one example of how a trip to Thailand can be advantageous (beyond just having fun). Almost all medical procedures are significantly cheaper than in any Western country.

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Caffeine Pills in Thailand – Legal or Illegal? (+11 Alternatives)

Where do you get caffeine pills in Thailand? Better yet, can you bring your own caffeine pills when traveling to Thailand?

The topic of caffeine pills in Thailand is a great example as to why you shouldn’t trust random people posting on forums when it comes to getting reliable information.

Thailand Caffeine Illegal

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Is Thai Porn Real or Just REALLY Fake?

If you came here from a porn site, my guess is you’ve been indulging in Thai porn or Asian-themed ‘clips’.

You are smart enough to know that Thai porn is all fake! It’s scripted. They are all actors.

… but you can’t stop thinking that some of it looks damn real.

Especially the Thai amateur porn clips. Picking up a random girl from the street, then taking her to your room.

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