3 Keys to Thailand Online Dating Success (Your Questions answered)

Over the last few weeks, questions regarding online dating (some specifically related to ThaiFriendly) have pilled up – I’ll address those today instead of answering to each person individually.

The #1 question I get asked when people hear/read about my ThaiFriendly streak is,

How do you get them to go to your place right away? It usually takes me x dates.

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Thai Girls: Are You Counting Lays? Quality over Quantity?

I recently got an email from a viewer asking me about my personal opinion on this matter. I’m taking Thai girls here as an example, but it would really apply to women in general.

Is it completely pointless to get laid as much as possible? When does it become an ego thing where you are just trying to get more and more? Or should you go for more meaningful, memorable experiences rather then sheer quantity?

I’d hit that, but it’s a conscious decision. Mind over dick.

Well, here are my thoughts on the topic. Based on the emails and messages I get, I know that guys’ experience with women vary greatly. Some have been at it for decades while other viewers that get in touch with me completely lack experience and ask how to get laid and so on. Continue reading “Thai Girls: Are You Counting Lays? Quality over Quantity?”

April Suites Pattaya Review [Can You Bring Girls?]

So recently I tested a few hotels in Pattaya. More reviews coming soon. But today, I show you April Suites and spoiler alert: It’s the hotel I have liked the most, so far.

You might be reading this because you are looking to book a hotel in Pattaya. Yes, you’ve come to the right place. At $28 per night, I thought the prices was good value. The hotel was located in a quiet side alley off the main street. Continue reading “April Suites Pattaya Review [Can You Bring Girls?]”

55 Pattaya Pics (Sexy & Weird) [+ THEIR STORY]

It took me a while to go through all my footage – this is a selection of the sexiest scenes, the weirdest moments captured. Welcome to Pattaya 🙂

All screenshots were taken from my Premium videos.

Enjoy & leave me a comment below, if you like.

Massive boobs about to drop out … almost. This Thai chick went to club Insomnia. If you’re into big/silicon boobs, you have enough supply in Pattaya.
Hilarious pic. Ladyboy (blue dress) walking with an officer from tourist police. The dude in front of them is wearing a shirt that says, “Enjoy my Cock.” Haha!

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Pattaya Girls: Best Freelancer Spots [+PICS]

I get it. Maybe you’re not the type of guy that enjoys hanging out at gogo or beer bars & just wants to get straight to the point.

Maybe you can’t be bothered engaging in pointless small talk, paying lady drinks, bar fines … or you simply want to spend less money, yet still have your fun.

I get it because I am the same way. If I wanna watch a gogo show & get drunk, I am not necessarily always interested in getting a girl. Likewise, often times, I wanna get a girl but have no interest in sitting in a bar or wasting any time indulging in Pattaya’s Nightlife.

Beach Road in Pattaya – probably the busiest/most well-known freelancer area. And yes, those guys are talking to hookers there … (Watch the full video here.)
Beach Road is also a place where you see 5 guys cornering 1 hooker (see right side behind car).

That’s where freelancer girls come into play & today I will show you the best spots to find those. To clarify, a freelancer is a girl that works on her own, isn’t employed by the bar she’s in or the-like. Continue reading “Pattaya Girls: Best Freelancer Spots [+PICS]”