3 Tiny, But “Deadly” Thailand Mistakes + SOLUTIONS

1. It’s Really, Really Loud!

I am specifically talking about Bangkok here. I’m always testing different hotels & AirBNBs. I am also testing different areas.

About 50% of the places I’ve stayed at were problematic in terms of noise disturbance. This is Bangkok, and you have cars or motorbikes driving almost around the clock.

That turned out to be an issue. So, those places, it would really only be quiet from say midnight to 7 AM. The rest of the time, you’d have a constant stream of noise from traffic. Continue reading “3 Tiny, But “Deadly” Thailand Mistakes + SOLUTIONS”

Freelancers = End Simping. Delete Tinder NOW.

Disclaimer: Take everything I am about to say with a grain of salt. It reflects my personal opinion. Take what you find useful. It does not constitute advice on how to conduct your life.

First off, why freelancers?

Simple: I can’t get what I want any other way.

Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. I CAN get what I want, just not the way I want it.

Example: Even a homeless person could probably get $10,000 TODAY by committing robbery, or theft. He gets the end result, but probably not the way he wants (I would hope).

In the same way, I believe anyone can get the type of woman (or women) he wants. It is merely a question of HOW.

This is where the problem begins …

You’d think someone who goes with freelancers, someone who pays for services does so out of pure desperation. He has no other options. Continue reading “Freelancers = End Simping. Delete Tinder NOW.”

Thailand Pass, Test & Go FAQs … Restaurants are the new Bars/Clubs!

1.) Why the “1 day quarantine” isn’t 1 day

Nobody wants to be stuck in a hotel room. Even just 1 day of quarantine is enough for most guys to keep them from visting Thailand.

1 day is the officially-stated quarantine time. In reality, you only stay in your room until the PCR test result comes back which is more like ~6 hours. You arrive, relax a bit, perhaps have a meal at your hotel and by the end of that, your results should have come back already. You are a free man. Continue reading “Thailand Pass, Test & Go FAQs … Restaurants are the new Bars/Clubs!”