How To Spot A STUNNER – 4 Things You MIGHT’VE Overlooked!

What You See = What You Get

Sometimes it can be incredibly easy: Let’s say you’re in Thailand, you go out and visit one of the bars I recommend.

You see girls dancing up on stage and there is no guessing as to what the girl might look like underneath.

You see it all. ALL OF IT!

However, maybe you decide to meet women online – freelancers, online dating via Tinder, ThaiFriendly, etc.

That makes things are a little bit more complicated. You can never be sure what the girl REALLY looks like.

Today, I’ll talk about some of the things to look out for when trying to spot a stunner. These are my preferences, so take things with a grain of salt.

For something a little bit more in-depth, how to spot fake and manipulated pictures (using various online tools & strategies), I have recently put together a mini-guide.

It’s called KING EPIC INTERNATIONAL because it works universally regardless of where you meet women.

Freelancers, dating apps such as Tinder, ThaiFriendly – any app or online dating site.

You can find this mini-guide included here.

Three Steps To Your Perfect TEN

1. Height Is An Illusion

This first point might seem odd.

After all if the girl looks good, why does height matter? If she looks good, she looks good.

Well, height does matter for me – in some cases simply because when you have a short girl, things can look better than they actually are.

It’s almost like an optical illusion.

Particularly small, slim girls can look much much better and curvier than they actually are. This is difficult to explain, so I’ll give you two concrete examples.

Have you ever taken a picture of a certain, unnamed body part and then thought to yourself, “It looks much bigger than in real life!”

But when you’ve looked at the cold, hard facts, you’ve come to realize that 3 inches and a quarter is nothing to write home about.

The same applies to height. She might look really nice & curvy but then when you find out she is less than 5 feet (150cm) tall – that puts things in perspective.

Another example: Say you watch a fitness video on YouTube. You’re thinking that the guy looks very huge & muscular. Then you see him in real life and realize he just looks impressive on video because he is super short.

In real life, you would have never notice him, nor would you have noticed the super short girl.

I have had this happen a few times. It’s not an issue per se – just a mismatch between expectations and reality.

2. Background Tells A Story

This one should be fairly obvious, but most guys are not aware of it at all.

You look at girls pictures and for a moment, you shift your focus away from the girl and look at the background.

Sometimes you have to spot small inconsistencies. The lesson here is to simply take a close look – especially in cases where the girl looks too good to be true!

3. Skin Quality / Make-Up

It’s hard to assess the skin quality by looking at pictures. Make-up, filter apps, lighting – these are all factors that can create a certain illusion.

Good skin quality is super important for me, it’s something I look at very closely but of course there is no 100% guarantee.

Personally, nice skin is a big plus whereas lots of make-up is a massive turn off for me. Good skin makes me think the girl takes care of herself (health-wise) and that the good skin quality is simply the result of that.

This isn’t necessarily true, but nonetheless something I find attractive …

I simply prefer the natural look. The less make-up, the better.

4. Outdated Pictures

Imagine you’ve gone through all the previous steps.

Good height. Background is fine, no issues. She has good skin quality. Then you find out the pictures are 2 years old.


If she doesn’t have any recent pictures, that’s a red flag.

I have met girls who looked much, much better than in the years prior. Sometimes that happens – particularly if the girl lost weight or simply started working out.

However, that’s not the norm. In most cases, man and women don’t look better as time progresses.

For more strategies & tools, you can check out KING EPIC INTERNATIONAL – the mini-guide which I’ve mentioned at the beginning of this article.