13 Thailand Frustrations + EASY FIX

If you don’t plan your Thailand trip the right way, you’ll have to deal with some of these issues …

// 1. Soi Dogs / Stray Dogs

The only thing scarier than encountering a ladyboy at night is a pack of highly aggressive stray dogs.

You walk outside to grab something from 7-Eleven, and there they are right in front of your condo building.

I remember the first condo I have ever stayed at in Thailand was at the end of this very long side street.

No turning left, or right. Just a very long side street. A pack of these stray dogs would sometimes be there.

Some of these stray dogs even walked around the condo building. It felt like prison guards doing their walks.

2. Friendly Security Guards

Being friendly is fine, but if I walk past the security guard 3 times within an hour and every time he gets up and greets me, it’s annoying.


I want to be nice and greet back but it also makes me feel like doesn’t he remember.

There aren’t that many people walking in and out – and I just walked past a few minutes ago.

3. Humming Fridge

The first thing I do when I move to a condo or hotel room is unplug the fridge.

Really annoying, especially at night – even when I am trying to do some work on my laptop, I can’t focus unless it is completely quiet.

The humming noise coming from the fridge is an issue. This also means I can’t stock food because I can’t use the fridge.

It has to be unplugged unless I am not in the room.

4. Sex Noise Nearby

I don’t want to hear you having sex and similarly, I don’t want you to hear me having sex.

This goes for anything else as well.

Loud talking, laughing, music … any type of noise disturbance from a room nearby is an absolute no-go and very annoying.

5. No Landmark/BTS Nearby

Oh boy. If you got no train station or similar nearby, good luck telling the taxi driver where to drop you off.

Or the girl trying to meet you.

It can be frustrating; probably better to order via GrabTaxi, or Uber in such a case.

Although you would need to wait some time for the taxi to arrive.

6. Cars Outside

Speaking of taxis … I’ve made my mistakes and stayed at rooms directly facing the main street.

Taxis driving past even after midnight. Even if the room was above the 5th floor, it was an issue.

After a some time, you don’t notice the outside noise anymore but it’s definitely something you have to get used to.

7. Loud A/C

Once you’ve gotten used to cars driving past 24/7 and the couple in the room next door has finished their session AND you have unplugged the fridge, now it’s time to face the air conditioning.

If it’s loud, you are screwed unless you have earplugs.

You could turn it off completely but then it’s going to be super hot in the room.

8. No Shower Separation

Basically shower and the rest of the bathroom with no separation, or barrier on the floor.

You take a shower and the water is going everywhere, the entire floor in your bathroom is wet.

9. Cockroaches

Either bring your trash out immediately, or put it in the freezer part of the fridge in the meantime.

Don’t just put in on the floor, or you’ll most likely see a few cockroaches running around a few hours later.

10. No Chair

Self-explanatory. Completely silly to put a desk but no chair into a room. What are you supposed to do? Buy a chair at 7-Eleven for your 2 week stay there?

11. 7-Eleven Issues

There are only 2 issues with 7-Eleven: Either it’s not close to where you stay or it’s not well-stocked.

Each 7-Eleven carries slightly different products, particularly when it comes to the microwavable meals such as rise, chicken, etc.

12. No Curtains

No curtains is worse, but thin curtains are just as bad.

This means early morning, the room isn’t dark anymore. Say you brought home a ladyboy, but you wanted to pretend it’s a girl.

Well, more difficult now that your room isn’t pitch dark.

13. Slow/Unreliable Internet

Uploading a video like this but having to wait for 2 hours. It’s not fun. It makes you think twice about making the video in the first place.

This isn’t necessarily a problem if you’re just a tourist but for someone like me, dealing with WiFi that disconnects every half an hour is just as frustrating as a slow connection.


What’s the solution to every single one of these issues?

Picking the right place to stay. Planning your trip, making sure you book the right accommodation. It’s that easy and you can avoid all of these headaches.

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