The Thailand GOLD RUSH is coming … and you will miss it!


History tends to repeat itself and helps us predict what’s going to happen in regards to prices in Thailand (flights, hotels, fun activities) over the next few months.

It will also help us understand what’s going to happen once borders are open, and commercial flights are operating again.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been discussing this topic with some “insiders” – acquaintances who rent out AirBNBs, work in major hotels or are simply involved in managing/renting nightlife venues and bars.

What is going to happen is *most likely* very similar to previous crisis situations. Think the 2004 Tsunami in Phuket, or the 2002 SARS outbreak.

The title says Gold Rush – because that’s exactly what’s going to happen. BUT like any Gold Rush, it won’t last for long and the window of opportunity will close very quickly.

After things have calmed down in regards to Covid-19, most travelers will still feel unsure about visiting Thailand.

This is when the clock starts ticking,
the window of opportunity has opened.

This means, the hotel & accommodation industry is still hurting very badly.

Working girls are DESPERATE
for customers.

If you are ready and visit during this time, it’s going to be BIG-TIME DISCOUNT time, my friend! You will be treated like a KING!

Think about it: There is going to be an overwhelming supply, yet very, very few tourists. It’s like turning back the time to the 90ies. (Dozens of girls at bars, nightlife venues & massage places all hunting for that one golden customer – YOU!)

With each passing week, more and more people will feel confident about visiting Thailand again. Positive reports in the news, the mainstream tourists will flock to Thailand again.

Not only that, since people weren’t able to travel in the months prior, MORE PEOPLE than usual will visit now. Prices might surge during this period.

If you belong to those waiting too long, you will have to deal with regular – perhaps even temporarily inflated – prices!

As soon as mainstream news report about Thailand tourism in a positive light again, the Gold Rush is over.

ONCE AGAIN: Nobody knows 100% for sure what’s going to happen. This is simply based on my expectation & the local industry contacts I’ve been talking to.

How do YOU take advantage
of that Gold Rush period?

It’s actually fairly simple.

1.) You plan your trip, you educate yourself about anything that’s important: how nightlife works, where to go & stay, etc. – the dates you keep flexible.

Once the Gold Rush has arrived (I’ll let you know), you book both flight & accommodation.

2.) Now is still a good time to start that planning/educating period. You have enough time and can take it easy.

The last thing you want is to be in a situation where you find out the Gold Rush is here & you still need a few weeks for planning your trip. By then, you will have missed out on that windows of opportunity. You want to be ready.

Keep your eyes open & be ready for it.
The rewards will be massive.