Thailand Single Man 3 ESSENTIALS – Custom Condoms, ATM Fees & Staying SAFE!

I am very analytical when it comes to travelling – and you should be TOO. Here’s why …

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to Thailand (or any other single men destination) – you are going to spend YOUR time and YOUR money.

Those two resources are valuable enough for you to really look into MAXIMIZING YOUR TRIP. In other words: Getting the most for your time and money spent!

Doing that comes down to a few elements:


Health is your most valuable asset. You want to maximize your fun while still taking care of your health. The most important tip here would be to look into custom-size condoms.

It’s very simply.

If the condoms you use don’t fit well,

  • You are less likely to use them.
  • They will break easily.
  • You’re not going to enjoy the experience (as much).

Thus, in terms of your health (other than the common sense health tips, which I won’t cover here), I urge you to look into and test condoms which you feel comfortable with.

Try different brands and sizes prior to your trip and make sure to bring a large enough quantity!

Custom fit condom brands include MySize and TheyFit.

Thailand Condom Size

If you don’t take care if this prior to your trip, you’ll visit dozens of pharmacies (see below – a test I did), and drugs stores – only to realize that the selection is very, very limited!

Thailand Condom Sizes

Proper condoms are key! The brand doesn’t matter as long as it’s high-quality and fits well.


You lose your ATM card – WHAT DO YOU DO?

You’d probably log in to your online banking and/or notify your bank. SURPRISE: You are unable to log in to your online banking account. Many banks block access from abroad (particularly Third World countries) – see VPN solution below.

Backup ATM Card + ATM Fees

Losing your ATM card?

Unlikely, but possible.

That’s why it makes sense to bring a second ATM card (either a debit or credit card). That’s easy to do if you have multiple bank accounts.

If that’s not the case, you could also use a service such as Revolut or TransferWise (with their respective card).

Revolut Card Thailand

Typically, an ATM in Thailand will charge you a 220 Baht (~$7 USD) fee any time you make a withdrawal. On top of that, you are exposed to a poor currency conversion fee.

If your bank doesn’t refund any of those fees, you have these alternatives.

Revolut makes more sense if you are using any of their additional services, such as medical insurance, as well.

VPN (Log In To Your Accounts Abroad)

Unlike what you might have read, nobody is going to steal your passwords. Most websites (the ones with HTTPS and the lock icon in the address bar) are encrypted anyway.

The real purpose of using a VPN abroad is to be able to bypass country-specific restrictions (blocked websites) and access websites, which tend to block login from abroad.

This includes PayPal, most likely also your online banking provider.

In case you lose your ATM card or need to check your online banking account (for any other reason), you will most likely need to use a VPN (with an IP address of your home country). Here is one VPN option.


Once you have taken care of your health and safety, it’s all about maximizing your fun. That’s my order of importance.

Right-sized condoms I have mentioned already.

Those are key for a more enjoyable experience. If you want to up the ante, you can use something like the Bathmate prior to your trip (sort of like getting in shape).

Bathmate Thailand

It’s definitely a fun toy to use, but not essential.

If you have limited funds, I would rather you take care of your health and safety first before buying a Bathmate.

That being said, if you have extra money to spare, you can check out how I have been using it.