KING EPIC INTERNATIONAL – Mini Guide For (Working) Girls ONLINE!

Many of the countries and cities you visit as a single man do NOT have a dedicated Red Light District or Walking Street (such as the ones in Pattaya and Phuket).

This means that your options are limited to meeting (working) girls at specific nightlife venues or online.

Online is what KING EPIC INTERNATIONAL is for.

You see, while it’s great to meet girls in person, taking the online route can be a real time-saver

You can quickly browse through dozens of girls and find the one who offers EXACTLY what you want.

Plus, you get to take a close look at all her pictures.

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Speaking of pictures – they are a double-edged sword.

Pictures are great for instantly determining whether or not a girl meets your looks criteria.

The problem is that you never know if the pictures are hers, recent and/or heavily photoshopped.

KING EPIC INTERNATIONAL will help you answer those questions. Using my strategies, you will dramatically increase your odds of meeting a girl that looks exactly like her pictures – in other words, having a great experience.

I have also included tips on how to communicate with those girls, essential safety precautions – all based on my personal experience.

KING EPIC INTERNATIONAL is kept brief intentionally, but don’t underestimate what it can do for you.

The beauty of it all: The strategies I lay out can be used ANYWHERE in the world. Whether you’re having fun in Asia, are visiting a pay for play hotspot in South America, or Europe.


KING EPIC INTERNATIONAL is a mini-guide (PDF format) that can be used anywhere in the world. Weather you are in Thailand, or anywhere else.

  • Being Able To Instantly Spot Modified/Fake Pictures
  • AMAZING GIRLS – Finding Girls That DO Look Amazing
  • Using Reverse Image Search: My Ultimate Secret Weapon
  • Communication w/ The Girl (and Why To Keep Screenshots)
  • Step-By-Step Safety Precautions For The Meetup
  • Why Giving Your Room Number & Name Isn’t A Good Idea

Take a look at the following examples. Would you have been able to spot the modifications?


Photoshopped Instagram Filter

In this case, the tiles on the left side are not as even as the ones on the right side.

If you look at the tiles right above where her butt ends, you can see the they are not straight but bending to the left side.

Based on this, I know her butt has been made bigger than it actually is. If you have never used photo editing software, it can be difficult to spot these modifications.

A rule of thumb would be to say if the background is bending in a certain direction, the body part near that background is doing the same. Hence, that body part has been made bigger.


Particularly when it comes to amazing-looking body parts, you should inspect the surrounding areas very closely – particularly the background.

Notice you can spot walls bending or simply inconsistent background patterns.

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If that’s the case, the picture has been tempered with in order to change the shape or size of a certain body part.

Look at the curved items (light, curtain) in the background – her boobs are not that big in real life.

If you are not aware of these types of modifications, you might be disappointed when meeting the girl in real life.

You can continue here and download a sample of this mini-guide. The full version is ONLY included in the Thailand Guide.