Thailand Pass, Test & Go FAQs … Restaurants are the new Bars/Clubs!

1.) Why the “1 day quarantine” isn’t 1 day

Nobody wants to be stuck in a hotel room. Even just 1 day of quarantine is enough for most guys to keep them from visting Thailand.

1 day is the officially-stated quarantine time. In reality, you only stay in your room until the PCR test result comes back which is more like ~6 hours. You arrive, relax a bit, perhaps have a meal at your hotel and by the end of that, your results should have come back already. You are a free man.

2.) Thailand Pass QR code is instant

When you apply for the Thailand Pass, you are REQUIRED to do so 7 day before arrival. That’s what’s stated on the website.

In reality, for many countries, the approval is instant.

You get the QR code instantly. Should you change anything (flight, hotel), you can apply again and get a new QR code. The application (uploading the document, etc.) takes no more than 10 minutes. Say what you want, but other than some additional costs, a pretty spontaneous Thailand trip is now possible again.

3.) Restaurants are the new bars/clubs

As you may know, bars and nightclubs are still closed. Restaurants are allowed to serve alcohol and be open until 11PM.

If you walk past many of these places, you’d think they are in fact clubs or bars. Flashy lights, loud music … you get the idea. Nightlife shut = no party or fun? Not exactly …

4.) Omicron in the house, baby!

I’ve said it before: If you’re waiting for the pandemic to be over to travel, you’ll wait a very long time. At the beginning, I also thought that sitting it out would do. Just a few months, then I don’t have to get vaccinated, and it will all be over.

Eventually, I realized that this won’t be the case. Can’t put life on hold forever. I’ve waited a very long time … eventually, for pratical purposes (travel, etc.), I got the jab. I don’t think quarantine-free entry to Thailand for unvaccinated tourists will be possible in 2022. That’s just my guess …