4 Reasons Why Thailand Is THE GOLD STANDARD!

Pretty regularly, I hear guys mention “Thailand alternatives”. Places that have nightlife and are good for meeting women. Those places exist.

Today, I will share my personal reasons as to why despite all of what’s going on right now – and possibly in the near future – I have never thought about turning my back on Thailand.

1. Safety = More Fun

It doesn’t matter how good, or cheap a country is, if I am not feeling safe, it’s all for nothing. For me, fun is based on relaxation. There’s little relaxation when I have to constantly be on guard.

This is the primary reason why South America, such as Brazil, Colombia, etc. doesn’t have much appeal to me.

I don’t want to have to worry about safety outside (particularly at night), or have to constantly think about safety precautions, spend a lot of time filtering girls, having backup options in case something happen, etc. etc.

This type of stuff is practically non-existent in Thailand. If you stick to the safety basics and use common sense, you can feel very safe in Thailand – and that wouldn’t be delusional safety. It would be based on reality.

Violent crime – particularly against tourists is practically unhead of in Thailand.

Safety alone wouldn’t be fun, so it’s just the foundation. Which brings me to my second reason.

2. Women Actively Want YOU

Not only are the women feminine, less influenced by Western’s toxic culture, they are also interested in meeting you and will be proactive about it.

In Western countries, the opposite tends to be the case, and playing to get hard is the standard. Girls are not proactive about meeting you because they don’t want to seem easy.

In Thailand, the opposite is the case.

That’s all nice, but it would be pointless if the women are awesome but you can’t meet them. Either your building doesn’t allow guests, or taxis are not safe or expensive, etc. or you don’t have good meet-up places, etc.

3. Price-Value & Infrastructure

Take Vietnam as an example. Also a great place, very attractive women, but …

Then the hotels often don’t allow guests, if you stay at a privately rented room, many are run by families that live downstairs and some lock the entrance at night.

Then other countries, you are being charged for guests you bring to your place, or it’s actually unsafe to have a girl stay over.

In Thailand, all of that infrastructure has been in place for years. Safety of guests by reception asking for the girls ID. A security guard. A key card. CCTV.

And then actually meeting up with girls is super easy given the infranstrcuture. There’s a skytrain and a metro. The BTS and MRT. Very inexpensive, easy to get around.

If you want to meet up in the middle of the night, taxis are safe and cost little to nothing. Tons of taxi apps to choose from.

4. Variety: Bangkok – Pattaya – Phuket

Depending on how intense you want your Thailand experience to be, you have a range of options. Phuket if you want it more quiet, close to nature.

Bangkok for a standard Thailand experience in a modern environment, and Pattaya if you want to up the ante and need the craziest nightlife on the planet.

It’s all in one country and the girls you meet at each location can be vastly different – in terms of looks and personality. All places are only 1-2 hours apart – by car or flight, so you can even switch places for a weekend trip.