Thailand – 3 Ways The Game Has CHANGED [+How You Take Advantage!]

In this article, I will dive deeper into some of the changes you will experience when going to Thailand in the near future.

Three very concrete examples and then how you can take advantage of each situation.

1. Private Encounters > Public Crowds

The first point is pretty obvious & it’s one that I’ve mentioned in a prior video.

At least temporarily, we will see a shift away from bigger to smaller nightlife venues and even skipping some of the nightlife action altogether.

If you’re used to meeting girls in the nightlife area, taking them home and doing something right then and there or going on a short trip with them … that nightlife part might be cut short.

It will be more straight to the point and any partying you do, will be done in small groups, or simply in private with one or multiple girls.

You can still do all the fun stuff, go to places, drink … just not in large crowds.

If you know me, you know that I am not a big party guy …

I like going out regularly, but I almost always separate partying from meeting/hanging out with girls.

Most of the time, I meet girls on separate occasions, not while going out.

There’s nothing more enjoyable than hanging out with a girl I find very attractive (both physically and personality-wise) and having a drink.

You will NEVER see me at the beach or in the pool during daytime, but after midnight, HELL YEAH!

Nothing cooler than going to the beach with a girl after midnight, sitting there having a drink. Then going back to the hotel and sneaking into the pool.

If you choose the right hotel, you won’t even have to sneak in, the pool is open 24/7. Pattaya Gazebo Resort would be such an example …

If you stay on the ground floor in one of the rooms facing the pool.

If you’ve never tried any of that and have been a big party guy, give it a try. It’s fun. If you get bored easily with one girl, take two.

2. Gogo Girls Don’t Disappear

You know how they say that energy can be converted in form, but not created or destroyed.

The same is true of working girls, or specifically, the ones working at gogo bars.

Just because some bars are closed, doesn’t mean all those cuties disappeared into thin air. Yes, it’s true that some will go back home, but many just look for different ways of meeting guys.

That hot girl from the gogo club has just become a freelancer ready to meet you.

BENEFITS: You can skip the bar-game, barfine and lady-drink part 🙂

By the way, if you’ve never had a girl dance for you in private, give it a try and then tell me you still prefer her dancing on a public stage 🙂

3. You Save $$$, Locations Matters Less

Now that the focus will shift to meeting individual girls, staying close to the nightlife areas becomes less important.

Suddenly, you can take advantage of super-deals.

Great hotel rooms that cost of fraction of the ones that are within walking distance to the nightlife venues.

How much did I pay for this hotel room?

$50/night? How about $25? Well, see for yourself …

I have even more extreme examples, such as this private resort near Phuket, which cost me $3 per night!

I talk more about picking the right accommodation, where to stay and when inside the Thailand Guide, but just know that you’ll be able to save big-time on accommodation in the near future!