Thailand Lifestyle – Negotiation Tip, Keeping LINE Separate & Getting In Shape!

In today’s video, I cover 3 quick tips which you can use right away. As always, those tips are very specific – so apply what you find useful and disregard the rest.

1. Getting In Shape BEFORE or IN Thailand?

Really random topic – an email I have received a few days ago. Just someone planning his Thailand trip and he said he’s gonna visit Thailand in a few months but first he’ll get in shape to improve his odds with girls.

If this is you or you are deciding, I would say you probably know best under which circumstances it’s easiest for you to get in shape.

I know some people who come to Thailand and automatically get in shape because they walk more, they have access to inexpensive & healthy meals (food courts, etc.).

And maybe the environment also plays a role – you’re around girls, so you care more and the hot climate helps blunt hunger.

I would fall into that category. If I wouldn’t be in Thailand, but some boring place, I’d probably gain 20 pounds in a month just because I am bored and there’s not much to do and food is a welcome distraction.

For me, the ONLY time that I have EVER gotten out of shape (this was years ago) was when I was in a ‘boring’ environment’. And 99% of that getting out of shape happened late at night – when I had been bored, couldn’t sleep either and just start eating.

… but here in Thailand, this is a non-issue.

There’s always something to do – especially late at night. Just walking outside, going to nightlife areas, calling girls/freelancers over …

Then I know guys who ACTUALLY gain weight when coming to Thailand and not even from drinking alcohol.

The exact reasons are unknown to man, but I’m guessing has to do with meeting girls, going to dinner with them, eating ice cream together …

I think Thailand is a bit different in this regard as quality food is readily available and inexpensive.

Many other holiday destinations – even Vietnam are different in my opinion. You can go to a restaurant, but if you want some healthy snacks at odd times, it’s difficult to eat healthy.

2. Quick Negotiation Tip

You can’t always get a better price, but many times extending the time or adding another ‘shot’ is easy. If that’s something you want, then start asking for that from now on!

I rarely do that because typically, I am not interested in the girl after the first shot. Talk about post nut syndrome 😉

3. Keeping LINE Contacts Separated

Granted, you need the right phone for this to work. I am using Android on a Samsung smartphone which has dual SIM.

This means I can install any messaging app – LINE, WhatsApp, Skype – twice.

This can be nice – especially if say you want to keep regular contacts and girls or freelancers separated and don’t want one see the other, or the things you post, get likes on your pictures …

This is also the reason why some Thai girls don’t have LINE messenger app. THEY have LINE messenger app but they will only give you their WhatsApp because they want to keep those contacts separated.

Could be for a number of reasons: Maybe she has a boyfriend, or works a 9-5 job and does freelancing on the side … if only those girls knew about dual SIM 😉