Thailand Nightlife – My Second Favorite Time: 5AM

One big misconception about Thailand nightlife is that you have to drink alcohol.

Someone even asked me if you are required to order an alcoholic drink if you are at a beer bar or night club.

Of course, you don’t HAVE TO. You can get regular water, coconut water, coca cola, soda – anything non-alcoholic is fine as well.

Let me start by telling you my personal approach in regards to drinking and then I’ll let you know why the time around 5AM is my second favorite time to go out.

First off all, nobody is forced to drink. Nobody.

If you can have fun going out without touching alcohol, then that’s obviously great.

Can I have fun, meet girls and have a good time without alcohol?

Sure. Is it the same? Absolutely not.

That is my reality.

[Quick sidenote: I am referring to going out solo. Of course, it can be fun going out with a girl, dancing and then for me it would be just as much fun sober.]

Anyways, back to drinking. It’s can be A LOT OF FUN.

Here’s the thing though: I don’t want to drink more than once per week (absolute maximum). For you that might be different if you’re here on a holiday – I am here year-round.

So, I don’t want to drink more than one time per week. What about the rest of the week? Not going out at all?

Well, that’s kinda boring.

5AM – The Magic Time

What I started doing was skip the nightclub/partying time and simply go out to meet girls early morning. That’s the 5AM part this video is all about.

It’s still dark. Still lots of people and girls around. Slowly people are leaving the club, I just wait and see if there’s any girl I like.

I practice, I don’t stay up until 5AM – I just wake up early. Sometimes I get coffee and hit the nightlife areas. I know I have a window of about 2 hours until it’s all over.

This is discount time!  (=500 Baht for long-time deals, sometimes!).

Plus, as sunrise approaches I get a better view at the girls – as opposed to nighttime. It’s clearly not as much fun as drinking and regular going out but it’s still a very cool alternative.

It’s more like going for a morning walk.

I find a girl that I like – great, then I am busy for the rest of the morning. If not, I just do whatever I would do otherwise. Typically, that would be going to the gym.

I like it, so maybe give it a try yourself on your ‘day off’.