Thailand is a single man’s dream. Bangkok nightlife is fantastic and Pattaya is just over-the-top.

For years, I have been recommending Thailand to my close friends and to you – via this blog.

… but there are reasons to absolutely STAY AWAY from Thailand. If any of the situations below apply to you, then Thailand is 100% NOT FOR YOU.

Do yourself a favor and stay home (or go elsewhere).

#1 – You Don’t Know Where Reality Ends & Fantasy Begins

If you are NOT able to distinguish between fantasy and reality, trouble awaits you. Either in terms of monetary loss or emotional trauma – most likely a combination of both.

Thailand Walking ATM

A good example of not being able to distinguish between fantasy and reality would be when you start to think that the working girl who you’ve been with a few times is actually your girlfriend.

You get jealous if she’s with other guys and you start thinking you’re in a normal relationship with her.

The problem arises when you engage in black-and-white thinking. Either everything about her is fake, or everything she does is genuine.

When you start thinking that everything about her – every smile, even the fact that she seems to like you is just an act to make money OR when you think the complete opposite, namely that she REALLY likes you and you totally forget the fact that you’re still a customer.

In most cases, the reality lies somewhere in between the extremes. You’re just a customer, but you can be a customer she genuinely likes.

This is not something uncommon. Why wouldn’t she enjoy the time with you if you’re a cool, decent guy?

At the same time, this is where – for many guys – reality ends and fantasy begins. Just because she genuinely likes you doesn’t mean she is your quasi girlfriend.


Ideally, Thailand should be a great way of escaping your ordinary life for a few weeks. To experience things you wouldn’t experience back home. To have fun, to go crazy.

To come back home relaxed, batteries fully charged and ready for another few months of grinding it out, working your job. At least, that’s the scenario for most guys.

This is what I consider IDEAL.

What’s not ideal is if you’re using the Thailand trip purely to mask problems back home.

If you party, drink, meet girls NOT because it is fun, exciting and enjoyable but as a means to numb and distract yourself from impending dome back home.

Thailand Girlfriend Drama

You could say all of life is just a distraction and I would not be able to prove you wrong, but I think you get the idea of what I mean when I say running away from problems.


A great Thailand experience begins with the right accommodation. If you’re almost broke, or have very limited funds, you’re building that trip on an unstable foundation.

Thai Girls Pattaya

You’re gonna book a very cheap accommodation which typically means one or more of the following:

  • Noise Disturbance
  • Bad Location/Far From Nightlife Areas/Hotspots
  • Dirty Rooms, Mold in Bathroom, Bugs
  • Slow WiFi

Also, typical these shitty accommodations don’t attract the cream of the crop in terms of people: so expect loud noise from neighboring rooms, music at odd hours, etc.

Tea Tree Boutique Resort Phuket

And this is just accommodation. Every other experience which is related to money will suffer: the girls you’re able to meet, the nightlife venues you visit, the food you get to enjoy.

If you don’t have the funds for a full-on Thailand experience, you’ll end up living like most locals. While there’s nothing wrong with that, I think it’s not what most Westerners would enjoy.

For more in-depth info about Thailand, including nightlife strategies and accommodation, continue here.