Pattaya: Picking Up Thai Girls … A Waste of Time?

I recently noticed 2 comments on my YouTube channel which I thought were pretty damn interesting and also regarding something that I haven’t been asked before. The first one relates to meeting regular (non-working) girls in Pattaya.

The second question is more of a criticism, or let’s say a theory that guys that go to places such as Pattaya generally do so because they have difficulties meeting – as he calls them “genuine women”. I am assuming he means regular girls, non-hookers.

So, lets talk about real girls in Pattaya first. Can you meet regular girls there? For example when you go to the mall, or basically anywhere outside of the nightlife areas.

We all know the answer. BTW, full video at KINGEPIC.COM/ULTIMATE

Well, yeah of course you can. If you spend most of your time at Walking Street or similar, you might get the impression that all Pattaya girls are working girls. Not true.

You should rather ask yourself if you want to fight an uphill battle. Meaning, if meeting regular girls is your #1 priority, then maybe don’t go to Pattaya for that. Go to other places (could even be outside Pattaya) – or go to Bangkok altogether.

If you’re going to Pattaya anyway, then you are there anyway, so might as well try to find regular girls and then assess the situation – if you want to continue your quest – after you’ve talked to a few.

That would be my recommendation.

I’ve seen guys do “regular” – “Saw you – thought you were cute – wanted to meet you” approaches directly on Walking Street. You know, not like they were approaching them as hookers asking for the price, but like a legit regular approach.

Like this one, right in front of Insomnia (a freelancer club).

I think that’s cool. Who am I to say that he shouldn’t do that? That it’s a waste of time. That he should rather pay for it.

Maybe he enjoys the approaching, the thrill of it & it isn’t about results. Maybe it is purely about getting laid and it’s worth it for him. Maybe the difficulty of getting laid for free with a working girl is exciting. Who knows …

So, your motifs might be different – that’s what I am trying to say. And just because it’s Pattaya – you shouldn’t stop yourself from trying to meeting regular girls if you really want to.

Pattaya & Pay For Play

Let’s move on to the second topic.

Desperate losers go to Pattaya because they are unable to meet regular women?

Is it true?

I do not understand the logic behind that statement, other than that this is what mainstream media is portraying. If the picture mainstream media is trying to pain were true then Pattaya would be full of old, overweight white guys walking around in white socks and sandals.

If you’re that guy, sorry, no offense. Not here to offend you but just trying to make a point.

Yet, anyone who has ever been to Pattaya (let’s take Walking Street as an example) knows that the range of guys you see there couldn’t be larger. Old guys, young guys. Shredded guys, overweight guys. Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Orange.

You name it.

While others criticize pay for play, he gets to play with these massive melons.

Saying only losers go to Pattaya because they are unable to meet regular women …

… is almost like saying, “Losers go to restaurants because they are unable to prepare delicious meals themselves.”

And we all know how that isn’t true.

Some might say they can’t be bothered standing in the kitchen for 2 hours to prepare a meal and would rather pay for it in a restaurant.

Others are good cooks, but still occasionally go to the restaurant because they enjoy the experience.

Another percentage is probably really bad at cooking, so they go to restaurants. Either that or they don’t want to learn cooking.

So, how why should it be different when it comes to women, specifically pay for play? To a degree, it’s the exact same thing.

To really be in a position to say one or the other is better – and be taken seriously – you have to have at least tried both. You can’t be the guy that has never met regular girls and says paying for it is the way to go, everything else is a waste of time.

On the contrary, you can’t expect me (or anyone else) to take you seriously if you say how bad/unnatural/mechanic/weird pay for play it, yet you have never tried it yourself.

And one thing you will notice – the guys that have tried both usually don’t have an ego in regards to those topics. They use words such as “like” or “dislike” … but it’s usually guys that lack experience that get all worked up, make insults, etc.

What are you thinking?

Number #1 in regards to meeting regular girls in Pattaya?

Number #2 your opinion regarding “Losers go to Pattaya”?

Take care!