Best Location Hotels in Bangkok, Thailand [GIRL-FRIENDLY!]

Why is location important? Think it’s of little relevance? Here’s a story.

I’ve made all sorts of mistakes, trying to save money and disregarding the importance of location …

  • Stayed at a cheap place that was far off the main street. 15+ min walk to get to the main street/shops in burning heat.
  • Ah, another classic of mine. Found this great place. Safe, spacious room, cheap. Only one issue: The street that goes to the main road is full of Soi Dogs (stray dogs) which in the evening gets pretty scary when they’re aggressive and barking. Getting bitten is one things, but catching rabies is deadly.
  • Finally, found a good place in a good location. Construction site outside and I could barely sleep. Horrible!

Seriously, do you want to worry about any of that bullshit? Of course not! You want to enjoy Bangkok, have fun and make it a memorable experience!

Here’s my criteria for the recommendations below:

  • Walking distance to your venue of choice.
  • Guest Friendly (= Can bring guest(s) to your room; no extra fees)
  • Safe … self-explanatory, pretty much.
  • Quiet … especially at night time, so you can rest well.

These are the recommendations in terms of location and very specific purposes.

Bangkok’s main red light districts are Soi Cowboy and (Soi) Nana – with many bars, girls and massage places in between.

If that’s the type of fun you’re planing to have, do yourself a favor and stay closeby. You’ll save money, time and avoid the hassle of catching a cab, being stuck in traffic.

This is regular nightlife, not adult entertainment! If you’re looking for pay for play action, take the above suggestions (see Red Light Districts), but the recommendation is a bit different if you’re looking to party in regular venues.

Online Dating Thailand

If you plan on doing online dating, location can literally mean the different between a fun date where you get laid and not getting laid at all. Since most girls won’t directly come to your place, you’ll need to meet up at a public place.

Thus, it makes sense to stay close to a major mall or transportation hub.

Continue if you’d like to see my recommendations for “guest friendly” hotels here