Guest Friendly Hotels in Bangkok, Thailand [GIRLS ALLOWED]

First time visitors to Bangkok often overlook this crucial criteria when booking accommodation.

They might pay attention to the location of the hotel of their choice, but don’t do research on whether the hotel is actually “guest friendly” or not. So, what do I mean by “guest friendly”?

What Does ‘Guest-Friendly’ Mean?

It simply means that the hotel allows you to bring a guest to your room. And guest really means women (or whatever gender you’re into) – usually for the purpose of having “fun”.

Hotels that aren’t guest friendly can outright refuse guest entrance or charge a hefty fee.

Some places also allow free entrance for ladies, but charge a fee for bringing ladyboys. Not that I personally am into that, but I’ve seen such an info sign at a hotel I stayed at.

Then, there’s the aspect of safety. Bringing a guest is one thing, but you don’t want to end up getting robbed or drugged.

This is where a guest friendly hotel ideally helps you out by taking the ID of your guest(s) and only handing it back once they’re assured that you’re well-being is guaranteed.

If you plan on bringing random guests to your room, can you now see how important the aspect of guest friendliness is? Costs + Safety.

Picture this: You’re on a night out, having the time of your life and meet an amazing girl. Then when things get more heated, the both of you decide to head back to your place.

Upon walking past the reception a nasty surprise: No guest allowed. Your girl is tired already and doesn’t want to go find another place or have an argument with staff … she decides to go home. Not how you wanted the night to end, right?

No worries, I’ll help you out brother …

There hundreds of guest friendly hotels in Bangkok, but listing them all would make it more complicated for you to make a decision.

Instead, I decided to list a limited number of guest friendly hotels that offer additional benefits. Whether that’s location, or hookers right in front of the door.

Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit

The location is unbeatable. You’re staying right between Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza and the Thermae Bar is next door.

Step outside of the hotel, and you have many Thai freelancers (hookers) standing right in front of the Sofitel. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine a better scenario. If you feel like it, you take 2 steps outside your hotel, pick a girl and go back.

Westin Grande Sukhumvit

Another prime option. A little bit closer to Soi Cowboy, but still in proximity to Thermae bar and with freelancers standing right in front of the hotel.

Plus, TopsMarket (supermarket with great food selection!) attached to the hotel. You could choose either the Westin or Sofitel – they’re similar and it comes down to personal preference and availability.

Grande Centre Point Sukhumvit

This hotel has some unique advantages. No only is it attached to a huge mall (Terminal 21) and the train station, it’s the perfect place to stay if you’re looking to meet regular Thai girls. Why?

First, you can go and approach cute girls inside the mall and second, you can always schedule your dates to be in the mall (Starbucks) and then bring your lady over to your room that is just a few meters away. Doesn’t get easier …

Ibis Nana Hotel

If the former two hotels are not within you’re budget, this is your place to stay! Unlike the previous 2 hotels, this place is closer to Nana Plaza and again allows you to bring guest free of charge.

Another added benefit: It’s not directly at Sukhumvit road, so it’s off the busiest road but still only minutes away from all the action.

40+ More Guest Friendly Hotels in Bangkok

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