Thailand – Your Time Is Over

Quick! If you don’t do it now, you are missing out. You will regret it many years from now!

Gotta live in the moment. Gotta go all in.

Do you know guys like that?

The idea is that you never know when it’s over, so you might as well enjoy the present moment to the fullest.

This is good advice because in a way the present moment is all you ever have – but it’s often how this advice is applied where people go wrong and use it as an excuse to do some stupid thing because ‘who knows, I might be dead tomorrow’.

Yeah, you might die tomorrow … but what if not? This is something nobody ever talks about.

You go all in. Hell, you only live once! Raw dog that girl, quit your job, spend all your money traveling the world & having amazing experiences …

… and then the unexpected happens:

You’re 37 and go on to live another 50 years. Caught an STD along the way, you’re broke & have mental health issues from binge drinking.

What now? Work at Walmart until you are 80?

This is what I’m more scared off that any type of regret.

If you think about it – missing out, regret isn’t really that bad. You are missing out on something all the time anyway, 24/7. There’s always a guy on vacation somewhere or meeting hot girls while you work your 9/5 office job.

You see, the whole ‘do it while you are young’ mantra – or focusing on age ‘Oh, now I am 30 or 40 or 50 and being afraid of that number’ – I don’t get it.

What does age matter?

What matters is how old you look, what state of health you are in and your mental well-being. I know guys that are close to 40 and girls think they are in their mid-twenties.

And I know guys that are young and look old.

As for myself, I’m 42 and look twice my age.

I find it a bit sad when I see something similar with bar-girls – specifically drinking & smoking.

Basically speeding up the aging process and as such making their most important asset – looks – deteriorate much quicker.

But I get it – everyone is struggling with this in one area or another including myself. Delaying instant gratification, looking at the road ahead and making smart decisions.

It’s funny because in my experience, the guys that are good at that usually get the most out of their Thailand trips. Guys that are rational about it, plan exactly what they want to do – often times send me long emails full of questions … those are the guys that have a great time.