Bangkok Nightlife UPDATED – What’s New?

So, today’s update is meant to show you the current state of affairs, so to speak. It’s been a while since I did a Bangkok nightlife video, so today’s update is long overdue.

There will be 4 different areas I’ll cover: Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and Sukhumvit street life.

Before we start, I wanted to reassure you that none of the changes do in any way negatively impact your Bangkok trip.

It’s mostly some smaller bars that have shut down, others have opened … and this video is just to provide you with an update.

Okay, let’s start at Soi Cowboy …

Soi Cowboy

If you have watched some of my earlier videos, you might have notice that around September 2016 the street stalls/bars outside of Soi Cowboy started to disappear.

There used to be a few of those right at the entrance to the MRT station and another one on the other side of Soi Cowboy (next to the gas station).

Girl with big boobs at Soi Cowboy. Just finished her shift?

Well, those are still gone and I don’t think we’ll see them again anytime soon. There’s one beer bar/pool bar next to the 7-Eleven and it did feel like there were more girls inside than I have ever seen before (even on weekdays).

If it’s been a while since you’ve last been to Soi Cowboy, you might also notice the next condo complex that has just been finished. Gives this side of the street a completely new look IMO.

Soi Cowboy still going strong even during the week – and I’ve been there Monday, Midweek & on the weekend.

Okay, now let’s move from Soi Cowboy upwards toward Nana.

Sukhumvit Road/Street Scene

Again, the street bars are gone but street stalls are still there. Not to the same extend as months ago, but there are still there.

I don’t recommend this but since many have asked: those are the street stalls that sell ED pills. Any brand/type you can imagine. You see at least 10-15 of these stalls selling pills.

Viagra is 200 Baht (less than $6 USD).

Thermae Bar is still going strong. You don’t even have to go inside to notice that. Just walking past after 9pm you’ll see lots of girls standing outside.

As we continue walking, we reach BTS Nana and more specifically, Soi 7 where most notably the German Beer Bar has been knocked down. However, the bars that you would find right the intersection (also some black girls here) are still there.

Talking about Black girls … most of those you won’t find sitting anywhere but simply walking the streets between Soi Cowboy & Nana. More so in proximity to Nana station.

Regular Thai girls (and ladyboys) you find outside at Thermae bar (as I’ve said), lined up near the McDonald’s Soi 5.

Soi 11 – Insanity Nightclub

I think the new location is great. It’s within walking distance of Club Levels, which means when Levels shuts down, you can simply walk to Insanity (which is an after hours club).

The only downside is that now there’s no club entrance via the adjacent diner. This used to be a way to bypass paying cover fee 🙁

Nana Plaza

Alright, now onto Nana/Soi Nana … however you want to call it. The only change worth mentioning is the bar complex that is now replacing the Strikers bar.

Looks pretty nice and for the longest time that area was a construction site which also meant anyone wanting to go to Annie’s massage had to make a big detour. All finished now, the area looks pretty pretty nice and add to the entire street.

In terms of girls on the streets … in the bars … I didn’t notice any less or more girls, just the same as ever before.