Thailand Online Dating: Why I’ve only done it 1x THIS YEAR

Why haven’t I done more online dating in 2020?

Online dating in Thailand is supposed to be very easy and a lot of fun, right?

Well, to be honest, there are a multitude of reasons as to why I have only done online dating once during the entire year of 2020.

And I also want to say that I am by no means against it. Online dating, or paying for it, you do whatever is right for you.

Let’s let’s start breaking this down, one-by-one.

#1 – Increased Standards

This might as well be the primary reason. When I first came to Thailand, online dating was fine. A girl was cute and I was excited to meet her.

In fact, everything about Thailand was new and exciting. But after some time, that damn desensitization kicks in. You get used to things that used to excited you before.

That cute girl isn’t exciting anymore, now you need a hotter girl to get excited.

And as you meet girls over the months and years, that process continues in the background and you end up in a place where very, very few girls excite you at all.

If I go on ThaiFriendly, if I swipe on Tinder … perhaps 1 out of 100 girls that I find exciting. It’s not that girls have changed, it’s that standards have gone up.

I think this is quite a natural process and okay. After all, you also increase weights in the gym over time, aspire to earn more money, etc.

The problem occurs when you – and when I say you, I am really talking about myself – reach a point where you need that unicorn girl to excite you.

Very unique body, or something about her that really, really gets me excited. Something that makes me so nervous that my heart starts pounding.

Those girls exist on dating sites, but in most cases, the effort it requires to date them would be monumental. Which brings me to my second reason.

#2 – Lack of Interest Overall

High standards combined with a lack of interest … not the best prerequisites. What I really mean by lack of interest … well, how do I explain this.

I am only interested in women, when I want to meet them right then and there. And don’t want to chit-chat, I don’t want to reply to her Good Morning, Good Evening, OK I go sleep now.

So, for me, it’s difficult so say … OK, I am horny right now. You know what I will do.

Since I am horny RIGHT NOW, I will do online dating, so I can meet this girls 3 DAYS FROM NOW – even thought I want a girl RIGHT NOW.

Let’s just say when I am NOT horny, my interest in women on a scale of 1-10 is probably at a 1. To be honest, I like it that way.

I have no interest in women taking up more of my time.

#3 – The Coolidge Effect

You can look up what the coolidge effect is. Say you meet a hot girl, and sooner or later, you get bored of her.

She isn’t as hot anymore, doesn’t excite you anymore. That’s pretty much it.

So now if you look at all these factors. If I were to do online dating, I would need to hire an assistant and probably spend 20-30 hours peer week meeting women.

It would be an enormous project, I wouldn’t be able to get anything done.

… OR, I could go out on a Friday, Saturday … go where most of these hot girls are anyway (nightlife areas, gogo bars, freelancer clubs) and get exactly what I want, at the exact time that I want it.

And that is it.