Vegan Protein Bombs

As a fitness enthusiast, getting my protein intake right is my top priority. The idea of switching to a fully Vegan (and ideally organic) diet didn’t seem feasible. I thought it would be a hassle to get enough protein and organic foods would blow my budget for sure.

That was before I did my research and really started to look at the options. To my surprise, I found out that there’s actual protein bombs (like lentils) that are cheap, organic and – let’s consider this one – easy to prepare. At $2.5 for half a kilo, I get enough protein for an entire day (as much as ~140g from that source alone) and only spend about 15 minutes in the kitchen.

I have made the switch to a Vegan diet and am now eating the same macros (protein, carbohydrates, fats) as I did before, yet at the same time was able cut my grocery bill by more than 70%. The only real challenge I see here is if you’re looking for Vegan sources that contain protein only – without significant amounts of carbohydrates and/or fats. No worries though, I’ve found solutions for that as well.

Just keep in mind that most Vegan protein sources come with either a significant amount of carbohydrates and/or fats. I’ve tried my best to compile a list of some of the healthiest, yet cheapest organic protein sources for a Vegan diet.

The following foods are listed in descending order based on their protein content. The [C] and [F] indicates that this food also contains significant amounts of carbohydrates or fat.

Here we go…

[F] Peanuts – 30.2% Protein

[C] Red Lentils – 27.2% Protein

[C] Yellow Lentils – 27% Protein

[C] Mountain Lentils – 25.4% Protein

[C] Beluga Lentils – 23.4% Protein

[F] Almonds – 22.9% Protein

[F] Cashew Nut – 20.6% Protein

[C] Chickpeas – 18.6% Protein

[F] Brazil Nuts – 17.3% Protein

[C] Amaranth – 15.8% Protein

[C] Rolled Oats – 13% Protein

[C] Quinoa – 12.2% Protein

[C] Quinoa Red – 12.1% Protein

[C] Basmati Rice – 9.8% Protein

On rest days – where I don’t work out – I still want to keep protein intake high, but limit my carbs as much as possible. As noted earlier, this poses a problem. I’ve decided to give a Vegan protein blend a try for now, at least until I’ve found a better alternative.

Bucharest Experience, Romanian Women

At first sight, Romania doesn’t look particularly interesting. What can you really expect from an Eastern European country – other than gorgeous women and low costs of living? Not much, but it was enough evidence to take a chance.

I’ve had no connection to or prior knowledge of this place. Before actually considering to go there, quite frankly, Romania didn’t even show up on the radar of “things-that-matter-to-me”.

In fact, most of what I’ve known about Romania(ns) was no different to what I see on the streets every day: gypsies, homeless people and various types of criminals.

I found myself wondering, “Do these people actually beg in their home countries as well?” Not to the extend that I noticed.

Anyway, since I’ve already set the goal of going on an adventure trip in 2014, I decided to join a group of guys for a 5 day training program in Bucharest. The mansion we’ve rented was pretty decent for local standards. Best thing about it was the location – less then 5 minutes away from the city center and club scene.

Right when I arrived at the airport and took the bus to the center, I felt like being in Latin America. I’ve never been, but I thought this is what it must look like. A very distinct look – Third World country combined with hot ass climate. Yes, even September was almost unbearable.

Most of the places you get to see as tourist are decent (Western standard), but the rest – holy cow! A run down communist place par excellence. Don’t get me wrong, this is only a run-down place if you’re used to Western standards.

Going there to chase women makes perfect sense – quality- and quantity-wise. Bucharest is leaps ahead of any other major city I’ve been to. Lots of young girls with inflated lips – and boobs. Most of them still look very natural, but I am asking myself how they’re able to afford this, given that most women in Central Europe can’t even afford tuning their body in such a way.

On the second night, I met this super cool dude from Las Vegas. Probably not the most attractive guy, but with a superb carefree attitude. He really exuded indifference, yet still had a positive vibe, and approaching girls together was hell’ a lot of fun. We would follow girls for miles, only to be declined in front of their hotel room.

When he left – to get a hooker – sometime early in the morning, I was still going strong chasing down girls by myself. Most people were going to work again, it must have been 7 am already. One conversation that stood out was with this innocent looking girl at the bus stop. I hadn’t even delivered my line yet and she was already giggling.

We ended up talking for a bit – in hindsight, I should’ve been a bit more physical right there – and I learned that she was a webcam girl just going home from work, thinks black dudes smell, yet still wants to fuck one of them, and, following in the line of many other local girls, also wants to get her titties done.

Costs of living a pretty low – even in a big city such as Bucharest. Groceries are about half the price and taxi fares are even lower. A 5 minute taxi ride doesn’t cost more than $1 – given the driver doesn’t try to rip you off. (Which has happened to me. Basically he pretended to not have change. I was 30+ minutes late on a date already, had no time to argue and ended up paying twice the amount.)

What probably surprised me the most was that nearly all of the girls I spoke to had very good English. I am talking about excellent English – occasionally even better than my own. I can’t really make a case for people outside the 20-30 age bracket, but would think English won’t get you very far there.