Freelancers = End Simping. Delete Tinder NOW.

Disclaimer: Take everything I am about to say with a grain of salt. It reflects my personal opinion. Take what you find useful. It does not constitute advice on how to conduct your life.

First off, why freelancers?

Simple: I can’t get what I want any other way.

Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. I CAN get what I want, just not the way I want it.

Example: Even a homeless person could probably get $10,000 TODAY by committing robbery, or theft. He gets the end result, but probably not the way he wants (I would hope).

In the same way, I believe anyone can get the type of woman (or women) he wants. It is merely a question of HOW.

This is where the problem begins …

You’d think someone who goes with freelancers, someone who pays for services does so out of pure desperation. He has no other options.

Sometimes that’s true, often it is not.

It also depends on what you want …

Back to my story …

I’ve recently done a test on Tinder & Bumble. These were the 24 hour results:

A few days later, that’s 400+ matches and 40+ messages on Bumble.

So, what’s the problem?

I should have more than enough opportunities to not ever “NEED” to go with freelancers?

The problem is that all of these numbers are misleading. For practical purposes, let’s assume 1,000 matches.

Out of 1,000 matches, how many of the girls really excite me? I mean REALLY excite me, not just look cute, or “hot”.

Probably 20-30. That number might be higher for some guys. So, let’s continue with say 30 girls that qualify.

Out of those 30 girls, some will be lost along the way, some are busy, some have other plans, or meet someone else in the meantime.

If 15 are “solid”, that’s already a high percentage.

  • How many of those will meet quickly?
  • How many are very low effort?
  • How many speak good English (ideally nice personality)?

Now you see what the problem is …

Some guys will say, simply cast a wider net! Join more online dating sites! Install more apps! Pay for premium! Build an Instagram! Take more pictures! Use this new strategy!

“The more I text, the more effort I put in,
the more I am losing my erection.”

At the end of the day, if the “success” rate is less than 0.1%, the juice simply isn’t worth the squeeze.

You cast a wider net, now you gotta filter through more girls, send more messages, add more LINE contacts, and so on. The time investment skyrockets. Of course, you could automate some parts … but it doesn’t change the paradigm of putting in too much effort … for my taste anyway.

What’s the alternative?

You opt for a freelancer. As simple as that. You get exactly what you want – it’s straight-forward. It’s simple.

Does this mean I am against online dating?
Have I “given up”?

The answer to both questions: ABSOLUTELY NOT.

I use online dating. I optimize my pictures. I meet girls.

BUT I will only meet girls that are EXTREMELY low effort and easy to “maintain”. Girls who will actively message me, ask me to meet up are the ones I prefer the most. (Of course, most of the girls, I message them first.)

I like it simple & low effort.

If I want “more”, or something else, that’s where freelancers come into play. Normal dating is great if you want to hang out, spend time with a cool girl, if you want a relationship.

But if you are like me and basically want very hot girls – continously, with low effort, and most of the time only want to meet them once before finding a new one – don’t waste your time simping online, go with freelancers.

I could probably get more hot girls, but it would involve doing things that I don’t want to do. Whenever I have done something that I didn’t really want to do (i.e. dinner date), or put in a lot of effort, and eventually got the girl … it just didn’t feel good.

“It felt like trying to convince someone
who wasn’t excited to meet me, to meet.”

It feels good if the girl ACTUALLY wants to meet you.

So, that’s where I draw the line.

Depending on your age/looks, you might get more or fewer girls naturally. Regardless, whichever girls you get easily, naturally (after optimizing some basics, such as pictures) is where you should stop. Anything else = freelancers.