3 Tiny, But “Deadly” Thailand Mistakes + SOLUTIONS

1. It’s Really, Really Loud!

I am specifically talking about Bangkok here. I’m always testing different hotels & AirBNBs. I am also testing different areas.

About 50% of the places I’ve stayed at were problematic in terms of noise disturbance. This is Bangkok, and you have cars or motorbikes driving almost around the clock.

That turned out to be an issue. So, those places, it would really only be quiet from say midnight to 7 AM. The rest of the time, you’d have a constant stream of noise from traffic.

Noise disturbance is an ABSOLUTE dealbreaker!

SOLUTION: Either knowing which hotels/AirBNBs don’t have this issue. Or, if you stay at a random place, make sure to stay at a high floor.

By that, I am floor 10 and up. I’ve stayed at the 5th floor of a hotel, and even there the noise disturbance from traffic was unbearable. When booking online, simply put in a request “highest floor available”.

2. No Pool, or Sitting Area

This one isn’t super critical, but making sure that the place you are staying at has a pool, gym, and chill area makes things so much easier.

Chill area I mean either a nice lobby, or a rooftop area to sit at. Some places have pool tables that can be used and are great for just hanging out.

You want to meet with someone but don’t feel like going out, this makes it easy. Also for meeting girls, you don’t need to go hardcore, and invite them directly to your room – you have an easier, more socially-acceptable option.

SOLUTION: On both booking sites such as AirBNB, Agoga, Booking … you can filter for those ammentities such as pool, chill area …. The only thing that’s a bit tricky is the opening hours of those areas.

Some places have no restrictions, while others close rooftop areas at 10PM or midnight. Finding the ones that are open 24/7 is a bit tricky, but those are the ones you want. Either you know the places that are always open, or you need to read through the reviews, or ask the place directly.

3. Staying In Nightlife/Bar Areas

This point is related to the first one I’ve mentioned in that noise disturbance also the issue – instead of coming from the outside, it’s coming from neighbouring rooms.

I don’t think I need to go into details, but if you’re staying at hotels near nightlife areas, you can sometimes expect noise coming from other (hopefully not directly neighouring) rooms.

This is just as annoying as outside noise. Worst case scenario, the outside noise stops at midnight, and then the noise starts coming from neighouring rooms (haha!)

What’s the solution for this?

SOLUTION: Don’t stay directly in nightlife areas if you wan’t to avoid this. If you blend in with local tourists, or families staying at a certain place, you are almost guaranteed to have tranquility at night.

In most cases, you can stay in neighbouring streets and the issue is solved. I don’t think I have ever stayed directly in nightlife, or bar areas. Then the outside + inside noise would be an issue. As long as the place allows you to bring guests, it’s all good!