6 Reason Thailand Nightlife Is GOD TIER in 2024

1. Dating On Speedmode

The ease of dating, and the entire dating culture was what initially attracted me to Thailand. I think that’s no suprise for you to hear, and dating in general or elements of it is what’s most appealing about Thailand to most guys.

I am of the opinion that dating is both a very important part of a man’s quality of life, and at the same time somewhat of a waste of time. And for that reason I always thought that I should place myself in a dating game enviroment in which the odds are stacked in my favor.

If you have a limited dating life (i.e. lots of effort for minimal results in the Western dating market), you will feel deprived. You will feel as if your quality of life is suffering. At the same time, if you put insane amounts of time and effort into dating, I think that also damages you.

Thailand in my experience offers exactly what I like: dating on easy mode with minimal effort.

You can do that by living in Thailand, or what I also think is great is do an immersion. You go to Thailand for a few weeks and get in all the fun, and memorable dating experiences that would otherwise take you decades to accumulate in your Western home country.

In any case, you are not wasting time.

And by dating, I mean dating on your terms. And the term dating is very flexible. I’ve had periods during which I was only doing the nightlife thing, clubbing – then I took a break from that and did exclusively online dating. During other times, I’ve enjoyed doing a mix.

However, I also want to be very clear, and not mislead people. Yes, that dating game is significantly stacked in your favor when you go to Thailand. You will have much more options, everything is way more straight-forward than in your home country.

That alone makes it totally worth visiting. But you should also be a tiny bit realistic – i.e. if you’re 75 years old, then 18 year old women aren’t just gonna throw themeselves at you (unless for money). But, yes, you can easily date women that are 10, 20, 30 years younger – and do so easily.

2. Met My Friends Here (No Homo)

Supringly, it’s not only easy to meet women … about 50% of the guys I am friends, or acquaintances with I’ve met while in Thailand. That’s not surprising because most guys I’ve met were doing the same thing I was doing.

Say, I’d go out by myself, have drinks, and would naturally end up meeting guys, then go clubbing and picking up girls together. And most guys I’ve met were either working online or on holiday so their schedule was identical to mine: sleep – eat – go out. Rinse & repeat.

In the past, there used to be many forums, and groups and guys would simply ask who’s in Bangkok, and then a meetup would take place. Some of these places have shut down. Today there are different options. Warning shameless plug: the Telegram group with 120+ members.

But even without any of the online options, it’s easy to meet other cool guys. Based on my experience most guys travel to Thailand alone, so any time you go out, it’s easy to strike up a conversation, then just go do nightlife stuff together.

3. High Level Privacy

This point one is also related to dating. I think there’s a positive, and negative aspect to it; hear me out. I always thought going abroad for dating is very liberating because whatever you do, there are few to no repercussions for your actions. I am not talking about breaking the law, or anything of that nature.

I just mean, let’s say if things go sour with a girl I am seeing … then whatever, I won’t see her ever again. I can act differently just knowing that. I think that’s a huge advantage. I can be more direct, and in a way take more chances, and risks.

It’s just different if you are dating at home and always need to be on edge knowing that girl you will see every day because it’s your home city.

I think if you are a semi-decent guy, that is a massive advantage.

But there’s also a dark side to this. Knowing that they will leave soon, or at least aren’t in Thailand forever, people do crazy and stupid stuff. Including how they treat women, and that’s obviously bad for the reputation of all of us.

Overall though, that level of privacy is probably what you will feel as well the moment you set foot in Thailand. In that sense, it’s like the Swiss flag: a big plus.

4. Baller Lifestyle … If You Want

Maybe you can tell by watching my videos, what I talk about, but I am a very minimalistic guy. I am not one to spluge on accomondation, or anything else for that matter. That’s just because I am not extremely materalistic – but even someone like me notices that what I get for my money is extremely good value.

A brand new condo in a high-rise building with rooftop pool for less than $800 per month. Try finding such a deal in Gary, Indiana.

And of course, if you want it more luxurious, what you get for your money will offer even greater value then what you’d get at home.

You don’t need to flip every penny twice when it comes to going out, hopping into a taxi to meet a girl, when going to eat at a restaurant.

How much I spend on a monthly basis hasn’t really changed that much from the first time I came to Thailand to today. When you realize that you get what you want for so little money and that gives you everything.

My first condo was $300 per month, and way too far from Central Bangkok. Not totally outside, but about 8 stops from Asok near the Punnawithi BTS. I consider this to be too far.

And today? Well, not much has changed. Condo is about the same, only staying close to Asok. I am not spending more because all my bases are covered. Clean modern room, close to the BTS. That’s all I need.

Thailand was great value 10 years ago, and is still great value today. People say that has changed, I disagree. Factor in inflation over the last 10 years and I think what you get is quite okay still!

5. Safety = Peace of Mind

Knock on wood, I haven’t had any real bad experiences. You’d think going out hundreds of times, being in a nightlife environment something bad would happen. But this is Thailand. Everyone’s enjoying their stay, people are friendly.

One time 5 years ago a girl didn’t show up for a date. Others maybe stopped responding. 1 or 2 hotels rooms that weren’t as advertised. That’s roughly the extend of my bad experiences in Thailand.

And that’s similar to people I know, friends, etc.

Unless you are a trainwreck of a person, you should have a good time, with no, or minimal negative experiences.

If you watch my recent videos, you might think there are scams around every corner. Warning here, warning there! Some of that is of course just catchy titles, a bit of clickbait is necessary.

But for the most part I am complaining on a high level. It is me covering even the smallest scam you might encounter to eliminate even those. It’s the 0.01% of situations that you probably won’t encounter in the first place, that I am covering on those videos.

The feeling of safety is subjective I guess, but I value that subjective feeling highly. I think it’s kinda pointless going or living somewhere where you are always on edge. That’s why I’ve stuck with Thailand – and disregarded many of the touted alternatives.

I want to enjoy, and that’s only possible when the mind is relaxed, when I am in the moment. Not when I have to worry about getting mugged walking home in the middle of the night.

6. Happiness Exit Plan

If you have never been to Thailand, all of what you see, read, and hear about is nothing more than just a bunch of theorie. It nice, but ultimately doesn’t mean much. It doesn’t feel real to you.

That changes after your first trip – and personally, I think it changes you in a very profound, and permanent way. Maybe things aren’t so great at home. Job, lifestyle, dating … you feel as if you are trapped.

What’s the point of working your 9-5 job? To endure your annoying coworkers or customers? Just to change the digits in your bank account? 

That changes after your first trip to Thailand. No matter how bad things are at home, you now know that there is an alternative. Not only on a theoretical level – as in “I can go to Thailand” – but based on real-world experiences.

It’s almost as if there is a goal, a reward in sight – no matter how bad things are. As strange as it sounds, for a lot of guys just knowing they’ll go back to Thailand in a few months gives them purpose.

And that ultimetely that purpose can make bad things less bad, or even enjoyable – when you know why your doing what you do.