5 Thailand Nightlife LIES YOU’VE BEEN TOLD

As you are watching this video, Thailand Nightlife for the year 2022 is coming to an end. I thought I use this occasion to clear up some major misconception – things people think in regards to the current state of affairs regarding nightlife in Thailand.

This is real first year after the pandemic, and sadly a percentage of my viewers are still under the misconception that things are not back to normal. That somehow it’s not worth visiting yet.

They are still waiting for things to “improve” while in reality, things are as good as they get. So, let’s get started with the first point.


Somehow this misconception that Thailand nightlife isn’t back to normal, that everything is still tammed is still floating around. It’s couldn’t be further from the truth.

From Red Light Districts, to normal party venues, regular clubs, bars and after hour venues. Everything is back to normal – places are packed, unlimited girls. Party everywhere almost every day (with the exception of Mondays being weak).

No don’t need a mask, you need no test to enter, and neither are there any other pandemic-related restrictions. If you have been postponing your trip, then now is the time to stop doing that. Pack your stuff and come here. No pre-travel registrations, no entry requirements to Thailand.


Remember the good old days when everything was super inexpensive. Back in my days in 1975, I could get a nice room for $50 per month, a meal was $0.50

Everything used to be better in my days. Now everything is worse – and more expensive.

Is that really true?

Surprisingly, yes. It is true. Everything is, in fact, more expensive, but only in absolute terms.

Relativley-speaking, everything is still pretty, pretty inexpensive. You are also earning more than in 1975 – and if you go back to the topic of this video: now that Thailand tourism is running at full throttle, have prices gone up?

I would say this is another “myth” people believe; preventing them from visiting Thailand.

Yes, it IS true that during the pandemic prices for accomondation were heavily discounted, but that’s about it. It is only accomondation that was cheaper during this period – now back to normal.

BUT … normal means still excellent price-value. $50 for a super awesome hotel room, or $700 for a really nice condo in a good location. $30 for a night out drinking, or $100 for a crazy night out partying (with all the fun stuff I can’t talk about on YouTube). Really, where else in the world can you do all the crazy stuff for that prices?


The last misconception doesn’t have much to do with the current situation but it is still something people believe not knowing what reality looks like.

It is this idea that – and even saying it sounds ridiculous – you are too old for Thailand. Anyone who has ever been to Thailand, has taken part in nightlife knows that there is no such things as being too old for Thailand. If anything, being too young is an issue.

But this idea that once you are over 50, 60, or 70 years old that it’s game-over is just so ridiculous. Go to any nightclub or gogo bar and who is the guy that all the girls are flocking to? Well, in 9/10 cases, it’s the older guy.

That is the reality. Can you imagine some guys sitting at home thinking it’s too late for them, all the girls will go for the young guys, while there’s probably a 70 year old guy having the time of his life.

Age is rarely an issue – your health & mindset might be.

So, if you belong to those people thinking it’s game over/too late, you can either accept reality, or keep telling yourself a lie so you can conveniently stay on your couch while life is slipping through your hands.


Without a doubt, this is the worst misconception about Thailand nightlife and Thailand overall. I also think it’s a very damaging one. It’s myth mainstream media has created over the years.

Mainstream media and guys not knowing how to differentiate between different types of girls, and places where they meet those girls.

Guys going to a Red Light Area and then being disappointed that the girl asked for money at the end. Then those guys go around telling everyone what they think is the truth, “Thai girls just want money!”

Well, yeah, those girls you met are working. It’s not their fault that you didn’t know. You are paying for a service.

The reality outside of those nightlife areas is that it is very easy to meet a ‘good’ Thai girl. They don’t want any money from you – in fact, they will see it as an insult if you offer some. Many of those girls will even invite you to do things, or pay for some of your stuff.

The lesson here: You can get whatever you want in Thailand – you just need to know where to look for it. Good Thai girls you find everywhere – working girls you find in nightlife areas.


The final point of this video is the most important one. Right now is not the best time to visit Thailand – I’ll just have to wait and then at some point in a few weeks, months, or years EVERYTHING WILL BE PERFECT.

Then I’ll have my most perfect, ultimate, amazing Thailand trip. I will have watched every Thailand video, read about any nightlife strategy I know and the trip will be super, super optimized. Only good experiences because I know everything and have optimized everything.

This misconception, or lie is the same reason people delay doing most things in life. Thinking everything will be better if they just waited a bit longer.

Look, I can understand someone deciding to wait until the pandemic is over. But it is over already.

Deciding to wait is deciding to put life on hold. Life is messy, things will never be perfect. It is all about moving fast, taking action, and improving on-the-go.

Right now is the first time in 2 years that Thailand nightlife is back at 100%. And high season has just started.

I am using this occasion to offer you a special deal.

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See you next time.