4 Thailand Nightlife WARNINGS

Thailand nightlife is perhaps the 8th Wonder of the World – and only once you have partaken, you will fully realize this. From going out to 8AM in the morning, to a calm night out at a night market, unlimited dating options, unlimited bars, dozens of different nightlife areas, and various cities with their own unique nightlife flavor (think Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, islands, etc.)

As much fun as all of it is, there are essentials you need to know in order to maximize fun, and ideally eliminate all the risks. And yes, there are risks. This is what I’ll cover in today.


I am pretty sure you already know about ladydrinks. If you go to a beer, or gogo bar, and you wish to have a drink with a girl of your choice, you will also have to pay for HER drink. The drink for her will not be the standard price but something like 180, or 250 Thai Baht.

That much is well-known, and given the setting, what you are paying for is usually worth the money.

Here comes the warning: This ladydrink setup can even happen to you OUTSIDE of bars – without you knowing.

Say you meet a girl somewhere outside, or at what seems to be a regular club. You leave the club with the girl, and either you or her say, “Let’s get a drink”. You end up at some bar closeby, or even a bar directly on the street. You talk. You flirt.

Then you get the bill. Your water is 100 Baht. Her vodka mixer is 250 Baht.

What just happened?

What just happened was that indeed you got a drink, but the place the girl took you to is one where they sell ladydrinks. And surprise, surprise: she earns a commission by taking you there.

The easiest way to avoid this is by YOU choosing the place to drink, not asking the girl to recommend a random spot.

To be fair, this “scam” isn’t very common, but it’s something you should be aware of, and something friends and I have experienced. So, make a mental note.


If you are the type of guy who likes to go out until early morning, and regularly frequents after hour clubs, you will encounter a wide range of girls. Most of these girls are normal girls just looking to party, and meet guys.

Or, are they not normal girls?

The reality is that many of the girls at after hour clubs are working girls – either freelancers, or full-time professionals. This can make things more complicated – one day, they’ll go with you for free (for whatever reason), next time they’ll ask you for money.

One day, you meet this girl for free – the next day you are suprised to see her go with another guy, and another, and another. You go up to a hot girl, get rejected, yet that same night, you see her make out with a 70-year old guy.

This is the reality of after hour clubs – you will essentially see and experience things which at first sight make absolutely no sense.

It’s only once you realize that these are fun, hot girls, but not of the innocent type that things start to make sense.

These after hour places are fun, but if you want to experience normal girls, you should go to other places (RCA, Route66 in Bangkok would be one option).

Khaosan Road is also an option but keep in mind that I’ve seen those “after hour girls” also go there – so it’s a mix of normal, and working girls.

Don’t get me wrong, after hour clubs are great. Especially if you don’t want to party all night and simply pick up a girl. You go there before closing time and seal the deal.

Just be aware of what to expect …


This last rule, or warning isn’t set in stone. You would think a club entrance fee attracts a difference audience compared to a venue which has free entrance. That might be the case in Western countries, but in my experience it is not the case in Thailand.

In fact, many of the girls who go to expensive clubs go to free entrance after hour clubs afterwards. So, often times, it’s not worth it paying the entrance fee – unless you want to check out the club.

If you want to be efficient, you skip the early part of the night, and go to after hour clubs right around the time when they open. You get the stamp and then you can walk in and out without paying cover fee.

Some clubs have free entrance when they open, but later in the night, you need to either pay an entrance fee and/or buy a drink.

Again, if you want to party all night long, then spending that money is fine. If you simply want to take a girl home, focus on the later part of the night – essentially, go to after hour clubs (think 2AM) only. You might not even have to spend an hour there to find a girl. Whereas if you go out early, the girl isn’t ready to go home yet.

What would such an ‘efficient’ night out look like?

You get some drinks at home and start drinking shortly after midnight. When you feel that you are in the right state of mind, and have had enough, you head out to the nightlife venue around 1AM.

Then you can get another drink inside, or a cheap drink outside. After 2AM is the golden period: girls are ready to go home.

You spend 30min to an hour roaming the club, or talk to girls outside. There’s a high chance you’ll come a girl you like (and who likes you very quickly). You take her elsewhere, or home directly. DONE. Efficient. Inexpensive.


There are way more things to know, and be aware of when it comes to planning a perfect Thailand trip. From chosing the right places to go to, to picking the right accomondation, and interacting with normal as well as working girls.

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