What you find on this site are all the tools, products & services I am or have used myselfthey all have in common that I recommend them. I have added pictures whenever possible to add additional credibility to the article (in case you’re skeptical).

I personally feel there’s nothing worse than reading someone’s recommendations while thinking “hmm, not sure if he’s really using it or just making the recommendation to earn a commission”. This is also the reason why you only see a limited number of things listed here – I won’t just recommend anything I haven’t tested/can’t vouch for.

Video Editing

Sony Vegas – Ever since the very first video, I have used Sony Vegas. It’s easy to use and offers all the features I need – if you’ve watched my videos, you know there aren’t any fancy effects I used. All I really do is cut, perhaps pixelate or blur certain segments & that’s about it. In some videos, I have basic animation/effects but even those are easily done with Sony Vegas.

HandBrake – When I am done editing my video, I can’t simply “save it as” … I have to render it. Think of it as saving the edited video file only that it isn’t done instantly. Depending on the video, that “rendering” process can take several hours.

This also explains why I rarely do 60fps recordings and haven’t messed around with 4k. Everything in the production process would just take so much longer.

Hand Brake is simply a tool that does the rendering quicker than Sony Vegas would do by itself.

Photoshop CS6 – I use it quite a lot. Whenever you see graphics/images used in my videos, for editing the YouTube thumbnails, any graphics on my website. I am not an expert though & the editing I do is almost always limited to cropping, resizing, adjusting saturation/brightness and perhaps merging pics. Very basic & nothing complicated but PS is definitely easy to use.

Online Dating

ThaiFriendly – not sure if I need to say more about this. I have written numerous articles about it, done video tutorials. It’s the first online dating site I’ve ever used & it got me laid 11 times during my first Bangkok trip. I have used it again on trips thereafter. Read my free guides here: ThaiFriendly Complete Guide, ThaiFriendly Sexting.

Vietnam Cupid – The site I’ve used to meet & date local girls during my stay in Saigon, Vietnam. Unlike ThaiFriendly, this dating site is completely useless in the free version. If you plan on using it – which I recommend – upgrade to a paid account or simply don’t use it at all.

The process for meeting girls is the same as on ThaiFriendly, so just copy the strategies I’ve laid out in those guides. I go into details of how I used this site in the online dating video of my Vietnam Guide.

Sex (aka Fucking Around)

Custom Condoms – Not really custom, but I use brands that offer a wide selection in terms of condom width. My dick is average-sized but a bit thicker so with regular condoms I always have trouble rolling them off/putting them on. I am currently using MySize 64 and always order them via Amazon.

I carry 3 of those condoms with me in a condom case (super important – don’t be the idiot that carries condoms in his wallet/pockets & then wonders why they break), but the case I still had from years ago – it was part of a pack of condoms I ordered. I recommend you simply grab any condom case you like, doesn’t matter which one as long as it does it’s job. Here’s a cool one though.

What about lubricant? The truth is, I’ve never used it (although it would’ve been handy with some girls). I might start using it in the future, but will only make a recommendation afterwards.

Bathmate Xtreme & Hercules – I’ve used it in the past (read my Bathmate Review here), but am not currently using it. Cool device if you wanna grow your penis or simply want to pump for size directly before banging a girl. I have also used the SizeGenetics tool although I sold it after only a few weeks. Who wants to run around with that thing all day? Benefit of Bathmate is you only need to use it 10 mins a day.

Flights & Accommodation

SkyScanner – Unlikely that you haven’t come across/used this flight comparison site. I always use it when booking flights … but I don’t always book directly through it. On occasion, I will compare flights & then book directly via the airline or another site. Lately, I have also play around with Google’s Matrix Airfare Search, which is a flight comparison tool that doesn’t make it’s money off commissions & doesn’t directly sell tickets – it just shows prices.

Agoda – Okay, here’s the thing. I am using this a lot since whenever I travel nowadays, I either only stay for a few days anyway, or I stay long-term (switch to condo rental & only need hotel for a few days). That’s precisely what it’s good for: booking hotels for short terms stays of only a few days. Anything that goes beyond a few days, but isn’t long enough to warrant renting a condo is suited for AirBnb (see below).

AirBnb – is an online platform thru which I’d rent entire apartments whenever I was traveling to Bangkok. To be fair, I only recommend & use it for stays in the 2-4 week range. Why? Because anything beyond 4 weeks, it’s easy (or rather, easier) to actually find a condo yourself.

Anything shorter than that and you’ll have trouble signing a condo contract or finding a place that even rents on a monthly basis. The upside to AirBnb is ease of use/comfort, the downside definitely that you’re paying a higher price than finding a condo yourself (off apartment listing sites/Facebook) because the site – of course – also wants to make a commission.

Travel Gear

PIA Browse Anonymously – Okay, stay with me here for a second. I’ll explain it in a way that even if you’re not tech-savvy, you’ll understand. In many Asian countries (Thailand, Vietnam) the government is actively monitoring Internet traffic. They see which sites you visit, know the location you are staying at & can block websites when they feel like it.

PIA Browse Anonymously is a little tool that allows you to surf anonymously & access blocked sites. Using a VPN is absolutely mandatory if you’re looking up/reading anything controversial or sexual (remember, most Asian countries porn = illegal!). This is the VPN I am using– simply because it works, is the cheapest I’ve found & has many locations to choose from.

Please refer to my “Ultimate SEA Travel Gear” for more details & stuff I use.

Tech Stuff

GorillaPod – I bought a fake/generic one at MBK in Bangkok for 200 Baht ($6). Honestly, I’d probably not buy it again. I mean it’s nice for still shots & time lapses but I never ended up doing many of those anyway.[/two_third_last]

External Hard Drive – Self explanatory. For additional storage & back ups. I use 3 in total, whereas one is an actual external hard drive and the other 2 are simply from old desktop computers that I use with a USB / SATA hard drive adapter.


Nootropics I am currently using/have used: Kratom, Caffeine Pills, L-Theanine, Phenibut.

Bathmate Review: I Made My Penis Bigger … Kinda [VIDEO INSIDE]

Bathmate … sounds innocent enough. I had first read about it ~ 2 years ago and ordered my first model shortly after.

Unlike other male enhancement devices, this one is supposed to match 3 very important criteria: it’s easy to use, safe & effective. Hmm, but that just sounds too good to be true …

… so, I wanted to see for myself.

I thought about this as a hobby more than anything else. Continue reading “Bathmate Review: I Made My Penis Bigger … Kinda [VIDEO INSIDE]”

The Flinch Book Review – Julien Smith

Taking action – we all struggle with it here and there. I’m certainly no stranger to procrastination, and my guess is you aren’t either.

Or you’re lying, and will go to hell.

3 things I did right after finishing this book:

  • Took an ice bath in the rain barrel outside.
  • Threw my mom’s lunch sandwich into the yard.
  • Went shopping to the mall wearing only boxers.

There’s no other book that compelled me to take action so immediately. Is this a good thing? As you’ll see, I doubt it.

Searching for better ways of dealing with fear and inner resistance, I came across a forum where this book was recommended. Supposedly free and quite a good read, I decided to download it on my Kindle.

The weekend had been full of frustration where I didn’t take any action on my goals. Sitting at home, but secretly wanting to be approaching girls outside.

After reading this book, something must have changed.

I put my Kindle aside and went downstairs, aiming for the rain barrel outside.

My mom was sitting outside eating lunch and I went around the corner to get the barrel, filled it with cold water and immersed myself in it. I had done this in the bathtub many times before, but only waist-deep.

The perfect opportunity to look the Flinch directly into the eye.

The flinch is the instinct which tells you to run, the reaction which causes you to refuse a challenge and prevents you from moving forward. It urges you to avoid risk and hard work, and it pushes you to choose the safe and easy options.

This isn’t so bad, I thought. Once I had been in the barrel for a couple of seconds, the water started to feel warm. Great – I faced the flinch!

Not quite…

Right after that, the next stupid idea came to mind. Taking my mom’s sandwich and throwing it into the yard was the last thing I could see myself doing. There he was again – the flinch.

Then I just did it. My mom looked confused, then shocked and finally angry. Looking back, I realize how stupid this idea was. After all, there’s a million other ways of pushing your comfort zone.

But my inner idiot hit me again.

Meeting with a friend to approach girls in the mall had been scheduled for the afternoon. I decided to leave my pants in the car and head inside wearing only boxers. The shades helped, but I could barely contain my laughter. People walking past left and right were giggling, yet I was committed to keeping my composure.

Simply pretending this was business as usual. They’re pants, not boxers. I knew better, but that’s what I told people that asked.

Despite going at lengths to confronting my instincts, none of it helped with girls. Later that day, my friend and I drove to the city center in order to meet girls.

My friend did, I was just watching passively, full-on spectator mode.

Pushing my comfort zone and the resulting confidence, apparently, didn’t transfer into other areas.

If you don’t already know, ‘The Flinch’ will help you realize that you are your own enemy. The only person stopping you, is you. However, just make sure not to misinterpret the book and turn into a sociopath. I had been on the brink of it.

Will this book change your life?

Unlikely, but it can definitely be worthwhile stepping stone in the process of improving yourself as a person.

Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not.

This book covers one of the most important skills in life – getting yourself to take action. Knowledge is potential power, action IS power. You can know a good deal, but unless you act, things won’t change. Action is the key to directing change.

This book is free and doesn’t take long to read. Devour it. It’s a valuable reminder for many things you flinch about every day.