13 Thailand Frustrations + How To FIX

If you don’t plan your Thailand trip the right way, you’ll have to deal with some of these issues …

// 1. Soi Dogs / Stray Dogs

The only thing scarier than encountering a ladyboy at night is a pack of highly aggressive stray dogs.

You walk outside to grab something from 7-Eleven, and there they are right in front of your condo building.

I remember the first condo I have ever stayed at in Thailand was at the end of this very long side street. Continue reading “13 Thailand Frustrations + How To FIX”

Virtual Fun (with Thai Girls) – Say Hello To My Little Friend!

Digital sexting, naughty video calling, cybersex.

It’s creepy. It’s weird. The only guys who do this are the ones living in their mom’s basement.

Isn’t that what you initially thought when you first read the title of this article? That’s a misconception I’ll clear up today!

SX Guide

Before I continue, I need to clarify something … Continue reading “Virtual Fun (with Thai Girls) – Say Hello To My Little Friend!”