Why Condom Size Matters (Bangkok, Thailand)

A recent issue caused me to think about condom usage again, a topic which I’ve already explored in the past when I’ve had issues getting a proper erection.

While that had little to do with the condoms I’ve used, choosing the right-sized rubber is important for a variety of reasons.

SIDENOTE: I am always using condoms – in this context I mean focusing on the importance of picking the right size!

Naturally, condoms won’t help getting an erection, but they can easily cause you to lose one. This is what I didn’t realize for many years.

If condoms are

  • too tight, they can cut off blow flow and undo a great erection.
  • too loose and now you risk loosing the condom while fucking.

The bigger issue is having a condom too tight, which can easily be noticed by marks on your dick when taking it off again.

Not ideal at all!

A condom that fits and feels right is important for making the most out of the sexual experience, safety- and sensation-wise.

Luckily, there’s a large variety of options available today – some of these even come close to custom-made.

Most condoms available online come in the following sizes (circumference).

  • 47, 49, 53, 57, 60, 64, 69 mm

Provided that I’m not completely off, 56mm is the circumference of standard condoms you’ll get just about anywhere. 53 is what I would find in most stores while I was in Bangkok.

Very painful experience, at times I couldn’t even fully roll off the condom and had to make sure it was still working while I was having sex.

Nowadays, I only buy these “custom” rubbers, off the Internet and in bulk.

The best way of finding the right size is measuring the penis circumferences and then looking up the corresponding condom size. (Most condoms aren’t an issue length-wise.)

Small units in stores are usually incredibly expensive and many of these special-sized condoms can only be found online anyway.