Vietnamese Women: Dating My First Vietnamese Girl

Initially, the plan was to simply “sit it out” in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. My Thailand visa was about to expire and I need to leave the country for a few days. The cheapest flight I could find was for 3,000 Thai baht with AirAsia.

I was never even remotely interested in Vietnam & didn’t know much about the country either. But the closer my trip came, the more curious I got about the women there.

I knew I’d only have 5 days, but still wanted to get the full “Vietnam experience” … if you know what I mean. (The initial plan was 5 days only; I ended up staying way longer.)

What are women in Vietnam like? What do they look like? Will I be able to “experience” such a Vietnamese beauty?

I am not eager to sleep around – that has kinda become meaningless & empty for me, but meeting that first girl (or one only, for that matter) in a new country & culture still holds value to me.

I really find it meaningful. It’s one of those experience worth having & remembering.

Vietnam – Day 1

Given the limited time I had, I knew online dating was the only feasible option of meeting, dating & sleeping with a local girl.

I checked in at the Blue Diamond Inn (District 1, ~$35/night) at noon but still had to wait until 2pm to actually access the room. I spent the time walking around and exploring the nearby areas. Really surprised how cozy & chilled Saigon feels – not like a big city at all. Many parks around.

Once inside my room, I googled “vietnam online dating” to see what options exist. After reading a few reviews, I signed up for one of the sites. It’s pretty much worthless with the free membership (you can’t message anyone), so I immediately upgraded to the premium for 1 month – knowing that I had no time to waste.

Using my standard copy & paste spiel, I met up with the first girl only a few hours late. Right outside of my hotel.

She wanted to go to a fancy skybar at Bitexco, but I just brought her up to my hotel room instead. She’s pretty tiny and I like that. Timing wasn’t optimal, so we end up talking and she leaves at 9pm (the time reception told us guests have to leave).

She was 24 and her English was so so.

Vietnam – Day 2

I am still surprised – even compared to Thailand – how easy it was to get this girl out on a date. Day 2, I met one girl at 1pm and another around 8pm.

I spend the entire day with girl #1 walking around the city – and let me tell you: it was absolutely great! I had a blast. I really like this girl, she’s physically my type and speaks PERFECT English.

After our trip, I invited her to my room to have a look at all the videos. That’s really what we did, and talk a lot. Of course, I also made my moves but saw that she clearly felt uncomfortable.

The second girl I met that day was also very cute (19) and her English was alright. Still enjoyed meeting her very much and we explored the city during nighttime together.

Here’s a video of that.

Vietnam – Day 3

Stayed in working on a few videos (and other stuff) and met up with the first girl from yesterday again. It’s raining like crazy and the food stalls weren’t set up yet, so we decide to go for drinks beforehand.

This is very unusual for me. In fact, I’ve never gone for drinks or on an actual date, for that matter. Previously, I was all about pulling directly to my place – all or nothing.

So, this already shows that I enjoy spending time with this girl, it’s not so much about getting laid.

See our 2nd date here.

I invited her out for dinner that night. Again, very untypical. Paying for a girl? Nah.

But in this case, I really liked her PLUS on the first date she simply paid the entrance fee for a museum which I thought was a VERY, VERY cool move.

On this date, she even paid for our drinks, so I just HAD to pay for dinner … and I really wanted to.

This girl is awesome!

After our date, we had fun in my hotel room.

… but of course, it wasn’t as simple as that. It never is. I also need to mention that on our first date, when we went up to my room, she stood outside of the hotel room for 5 minutes … too scared to come in.

This and many other behaviors were already tell-tales that this is a “good” girl, conservative & doesn’t just sleep around. Precisely what I’ve read about Vietnamese women beforehand, that they’d make very good & caring wives.

The Boom Boom. There was a lot of resistance and I had to baby-step it, but the MASSIVE upside was that once she let go, she wasn’t able to control herself. She was screaming so loud, anybody walking the the hallway must have heard … and I really like that.

It’s Easier Than You Think … Wanna do the same? Unlock my Vietnam Dating Guide!

I want to emphasize how much I like that. With many girls that sleep around a lot, they don’t seem to get that much into it. It has only been the ones that show massive resistance initially, who seem to be out of control once they let go.

Vietnam – Day 4

That day, we met again for trying some other Vietnamese food. This time rice noodles with beef. Again, despite the fact that I had invited her out for dinner, she wanted to pay. I had to insist on paying, again.

Afterwards, we spent a few hours chilling on a bench near the pier. Watching people, fooling around … you know, the typical newly-met stuff. Again, I had a blast & really enjoyed this time.

It had already been 10pm when we walk back home. No chance of bringing her into my room (already past the 9pm hotel policy), so I said goodbye.

Don’t Take It Too Seriously …

… that is what people online are writing about Vietnam(ese girls) because it might not be true for YOU. Before actually going there, all I would read on blogs & forums was, “can’t get laid quickly, don’t go there for having fun“. This wasn’t confirmed at all.

Yes, the culture & societal norms are very much against casual hook ups, but it’s not like that this would stop you if you’re committed & creative.

All girls met were very feminine, slim & just plain cute. All features I very much like in any woman! Another bonus is that their native accent doesn’t interfere much with English whereas a Thai accent can make it impossible to understand.

Vietnamese women might be conservative when it comes to sexuality, but they will still touch you, grab you when walking around the street and be bubbly talkers!

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  1. Hej i live in Stockholm,sweden and i really just love your videos,i feel u very honest the way u make your Reviews.yea live is what u mak it thanks for the good job.

  2. Back in 1970 my government gave me a round trip ticket to Vietnam and I spend 9 months but mainly outside the cities . I do not wish to go back.

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