Thailand Meetups + Telegram Group

If you are single and going to Thailand solo, you’ll have a great time. You don’t need your friends to go with you – if anything, they’ll be an annoyance.

That’s particularly true if you’re going to Thailand for the first time. Everything is new and exciting and – most importantlyyou’ll spend most of your time with Thai ladies anyway.

Inevitably, there comes a time when you realize:

I’m having an awesome time. The women are awesome … BUT what would really enhance this trip now would be hanging out with other guys. Not just random guys, but like-minded guys who ‘get it’. Going out together or just having a beer, discussing our adventures and so on.

Up until now, you’re options were limited: You could go out and talk to random guys hoping they’re not weird, or you could post in one of many Thailand forums hoping some random user to actually show up.

Well, Here’s Your Solution …

Many times, I have been asked by Thailand Guide members if I know anyone else who is going to Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket around the same time – if I could forward their contacts.

What you see above is the Telegram group – exclusively for Thailand Guide members (Gold Tier only). More about how this will be a game-changer for your trip below.

The great thing about all of this is that unlike traveling with friends, you don’t need to plan ahead. You’re 100% flexible.

If you feel like meeting up today, tomorrow, or while you’re out already – simply post in the group. Most likely, there’s another Thailand Guide member just minutes away …


NIGHTLIFE / DAYTIME MEETUP These are short-notice meet-ups (e.g. a day before/the same day/while you’re out already). You post a message and make plans with other members. What you do is up to you, whether that’s going out together, taking girls home together, or meeting for a beer during daytime. As long as it’s legal, go ahead …

LONG TERM PLANNING Similar to the meet ups, you can also post to make plans with other members for your travel, such as meeting up at a location at a certain time. Keep in mind, this should be within a realistic time-frame, such as a week or two in advance (as opposed to months ahead, where both your plans are still very uncertain).

SHARE GIRLS CONTACTS As a Thailand Guide member, you have access to 200+ Private Contacts. In this group, members can share additional contacts which they have acquired between each other. You can also discuss girls – and your experience – from the contacts I provide.

EMERGENCIES If you need something urgently, then you can also use this group. Whether that’s some essential information which you require right then and there or immediate help in any other way. Emergency means it’s so urgent that you can’t wait for an email reply from me (1-2 days).

[ IMPORTANT: This group works in a way that you ONLY see content (messages, numbers, contacts) which has been posted AFTER you’ve joined. You don’t see posting from before you’ve joined. The sooner you join, the more content you see. ]


The private consultations/travel planning are still done directly with me (via email). No change here and as a Thailand Guide member you have access to those consultations at any time, for life.


To be clear, I am part of and monitor this Telegram group. This group is for arranging meet-ups and anything useful for those who are in Thailand already or plan on going there in the near future.

It is NOT a chit-chat channel. It has one purpose – just like the Thailand Guide itself – to enhance your trip. That’s why this group is for Thailand Guide members ONLY (Gold Tier). For more info/access, please email me (mail(at)kingepic(dot)com.