3 Drugs For Your Thailand Vacation … All 100% Legal

Let’s start off by what this article is NOT: I’m NOT going to cover how to get Yaba, steroids or any other illicit drug in Thailand. Believe me, some have asked 😉

Instead, I will show you a variety of compounds I have personally used to enhance certain experiences. All of these are legal in Thailand and as such worth checking out.

Please, keep an open mind. You might be tempted to discredit my suggestions just because they’re legal … but so is alcohol & we all know how powerful it is. So, don’t get hung up on definitions of legal/illegal.

Give them a try & see for yourself if they enhance the experience of your choice. Whether that’s partying, fucking a girl or just having a good time.

Let’s break it down – one by one.

Ordering online carries the benefit of cheaper prices, plus, you don’t need to walk around and see where you can find it. The only downside is the time waiting.

You can’t use it if you need it right now today. Stores in Bangkok that generally have one or more of these supplements include Boots, Watsons and of course regular pharmacies.

Important Update!

[Update January, 2017 – I now recommend all supplements to be ordered online. Even something as basic as magnesium or fish oil. I’ve been to a dozen pharmacies & drug stores in Bangkok looking for the compounds you see listed below. Some I did not find – the ones I did find were overpriced & under-dosed.

What I did then was simply look up if the supplement I wanted is legal in Thailand and order via iHerb. The package arrived without any issues 2 weeks later and shipping was $4 from the US to Bangkok, Thailand. – Anything other than ordering online is a waste of time/money and just stupid IMO. The only reason where it’s justified to buy from a local store is if you need it urgently, if you can’t wait 1-2 weeks.]

141 Baht = $3.9 USD. That was my first order with iHerb for awesome supplements, which I couldn’t find in Thailand but still wanted to use.

Don’t Notice Any Effects?

That’s exactly what my first trials looked like. Mainly because I was expecting something mind-blowing. That’s not going to happen … but something even better might occur. Here’s what I’ve experienced.

For example, with L-Theanine I was expecting to be practically fearless & that was what I was looking out for. Didn’t happen. But then I noticed something else.

Usually, I am not the most social person (quite the opposite – ĂĄ la “leave me alone, I wanna do my own thing“). When I was on L-Theanine, I couldn’t stop myself from chatting with other people, it was literally impossible to entertain any negative thought.

This effect lasted for an entire day – 24 hours!


Uses: Sex/Dating/Approaching Girls

Personal Experience: I have used it in combination with caffeine (2:1 ratio; 400mg:200mg); definitely recommended if you’re strolling around any of the malls (Terminal 21, Siam Paragon) looking to pick up Thai girls and need something to calm your mind (especially if you’re doing it solo).

Another use would be if you’re going on a first date, or are going out at night. Yes, that’s right – I actually prefer the theanine/caffeine combo over alcohol as it gives me that clear, calm focus. L-Theanine is legal, you can only buy it from a pharmacy but a prescription is not required.

Caffeine Pills (See Workaround)

Uses: Same as above.

Personal Experience: A wide range, actually. This might sound crazy, but I am actually experiencing both a sense of calm & a mild euphoria whenever I take caffeine pills. Many people report jitters when consuming caffeine, I have never experienced this not even at single doses beyond 200mg. Many of my YouTube videos & blog articles (even this one) were created while I was on caffeine.

The first couple of times, I didn’t notice any effect because I was looking for the wrong thing. I was expecting to be jumping up & down, full of energy. Instead, the actual effects I experienced were insane focus (can sit and work on a thing for hours straight) & a sense of euphoria. So, make sure to give it a few tries before even thinking of giving up on a supplement.

Work Around: I personally use caffeine pills, but they are NOT legal in Thailand (not sure why), so the simply workaround is buying DIY coffee sachets and just experiment with the dosages.

Just make sure to look at the label & find one that doesn’t have sugar in it – you want pure coffee!

[Not sure why, but I’ve tried coffee from Starbucks inside Terminal 21 & didn’t notice any of the effects.]

This is what such a pack (sachet) looks like. I looked it up online but couldn’t find any information regarding the actual caffeine content. No problem though, I just experimented by starting with slow doses – you should do the same until you notice the desired effects!

St. John’s Wort

Uses: Mood Enhancer; better times for your entire stay.

Personal Experience: I bought it at the Boots store directly across Asok BTS station and paid around 250 Baht (if I remember correctly). The brand name is Blackmores & it says “Hypericum” on the packaging (St. John’s Wort only in small printing). Unlike the before-mentioned drugs, this one doesn’t produce an immediate effect – you need to take it over longer periods such as a few weeks daily.

I would not buy the ones at the store again, as those are 1.) tablets and 2.) contain 1,800mg per tablet, making it impossible to start with a lower dose and fine-tune dosages. I am now recommending this product, which is veggie caps and 300mg per capsule.

Rhodiola Rosea

Uses: Energy, Kills Anxiety.

Personal Experience: I tried getting my hands on Rhodiola Rosea in Bangkok but couldn’t find it at any pharmacy. They didn’t even know about this compound, so I resorted to ordering it online. I had no issues with customs and the package arrived 2 weeks later at my places (I ordered via iHerb from the U.S.).

This would be the route I recommend now – especially when it comes to more exotic supplements. Look up & research if it’s illegal or simply not available in Thailand. If it is simply not available, but legal, order online. In 99% of cases better quality and cheaper than buying locally.

Alpha GPC is another supplement I ordered with the Rhodiola. Alpha GPC is used in combination with Piracetam (brand name “Nootropil”).


Uses: Energy, Potentiates Alcohol!

Personal Experience: This is the only item on this list which you should not order online but rather buy locally. Simply because the local brand you can buy at Thai pharmacies “Nootropil” is pharmaceutical grade – meaning of superb quality. There are 2 different tablet sizes available 800mg and 1,200mg.

I bought this package at a pharmacy right outside of Terminal21 in Bangkok. Costs around 450 Baht.

I always used the 1,200mg ones and started out with 1 tablet per day – not noticing any effects, I worked my way up to 4 tablets twice a day (on the days I was using it).

I have also tested it with alcohol (beer/wine/liquor) and it really does potentiate the effects of alcohol – in other words, you need to drink less to get/feel drunk.

Piracetam is also touted as a brain protector which might be very fucking useful & important if you drink regularly!

Illegal Nootropics in Thailand

The sad truth is that while Thailand’s authorities tend to turn a blind eye to many things, yet even some basic supplements/nootropics aren’t legal. The list includes wonderful compounds such as Phenibut, Kratom & Kava or even Modafinil.

I often get asked where to get Kratom in Thailand. The answer is it’s illegal and as such, I am not using it myself. (However, there are talks to make Kratom legal in Thailand in the near future.)

I used both Phenibut & Kratom whenever I am outside of Thailand and in a country where it’s legal. If you are currently in a country where that’s the case, I highly recommend it.

Oh, boy … can you imagine how wonderful it would be if drug laws would just be a bit more liberal in Thailand 🙂 Anyway, I wanted to mention those drugs, so you can still give them a try whenever you’re not in Thailand.

Supplements I Take for Health Purposes

The supplements above are mainly for “enhancing” your experience of life – whether that’s approaching/dating/fucking girls, or simply having a good time while partying … perhaps you use them for focused work like I do, occasionally.

However, I do take additional supplements just to experience superb health (both mentally & physically). Those include the following:

Vitamin D3

I took a Vitamin D blood test and discovered my levels were ridiculously low. Regular blood levels range from 30-90 ng/ml. My test results came out at 17.9 🙁 … despite being in the sun quite a lot.

Vitamin D3 is extremely important and plays a significant role in testosterone production (do I have your attention now? 🙂 as well as mood.

So, I immediately ordered Vitamin D3 (liquid drops) along with Vitamin K2 MK7  (again, the liquid version) and magnesium (powder) and started using very high doses right away.

Unless you’re living in Africa, you should consider Vitamin D3 … your testosterone levels might raise which could cause all sorts of positive mental & physical benefits. At least, get your Vitamin D3 levels tested!


I sweat a lot walking around – especially when in Bangkok (even during nighttime). It’s always hot and humid. With 50mg of zinc every other day, I am making sure that zinc levels are optimal = testosterone production, among other important bodily functions. Again, super cheap supplement.


You might think that’s an overkill & only useful if you’re doing weight training – I would disagree. Check out this detailed info page on creatine (where you see all benefits).

Luckily, creatine is one of the most inexpensive supplements I’ve ever bought. $10 for 300g … which last me over 3 months.

Bangkok Street Drugs / Sex Supplements

This needs to be addressed since I get asked occasionally:

What about the sex pills and cremes they sells on the streets in Bangkok? Specifically on Sukhumvit Road between Soi Cowboy & Nana? King Epic, can you recommend any?

No, absolutely not. I don’t know what’s inside any of those pills and neither do you. I have never tried any of them & don’t plan to. Instead, what I do & take for such purposes, you can see above. This is probably not what you want to hear, but I wouldn’t want you to put your health at risk.

Detailed info about Viagra and other sex drugs in Thailand. This eBook comes with my Thailand Guide.

Legal & Medical Disclaimer

Common sense, but I need to say it anyway: All the information on this page simply represents my personal experience with & reaction to these drugs/supplements. Yours might be completely different. Consult a doctor before trying any of this.

I do not claim that the legal info on this page is correct or up to date. You must do your own research if you want to be 100% safe.