STD Paranoia & My First Sex Trophy

For about 2 years now, I’ve had some some discharge from the tip of my penis. Nothing fancy, just a couple of drops after I finish peeing and maybe half a drop overnight that I notice in the morning. The last time I went to the hospital because of kidney issues, I also mentioned this discharge and the doctor instantly suspected it to be gonorrhea.

Symptoms disappeared after taking antibiotics and when the definite test results arrived a week later, it turned out to be a negative. It had been a simple inflammation of the urethra.

Yet, that’s not where the story ended.

Doctors said it would take a couple of weeks for the discharge to disappeared – after I had mentioned it coming back ever since the antibiotic treatment had been finished.

Still, I knew something wasn’t right but the symptoms were so subtle and almost irrelevant, that I didn’t bother much. I read some about urinal discharge and it said that this is pretty normal after peeing, you just have to squeeze your dick a bit to get it all out.

Today, I went to do a smear test and received the results of previous week’s urine test.


Strangely, I felt shocked and relieved at the same time. Nobody wants an STD, but now at least I know the cause of the symptoms I’ve been dealing with.

Nevertheless, catching something like this doesn’t come as a surprise, right?

After all, I’ve had unprotected sex with a variety of girls and didn’t even bother using condoms when banging hookers.


In my entire life, I’ve never had unprotected intercourse and only receive “raw” (no condom used) blowjobs from roughly 6 different girls.

Never have I eaten a girl’s pussy, nor put my dick anywhere near the genital area without using protection.

I shouldn’t even have caught this disease, yet against all odds, I did.

This just proves that being paranoid about getting tested for STDs is a good thing, especially if you plan on sleeping around. It doesn’t mean scaring yourself so much as to ruin the sexual experience, but rather just enough that you feel urged getting tested regularly.

The symptoms I have had, I think most people wouldn’t even notice. I’m acutely aware when there’s something off about my health and suspect millions of people walking around with nasty diseases, having absolutely no clue!

Certain guys claiming they’ve never caught anything after having banged hundreds of girls, now that just seems unbelievable. Possible, but highly unlikely.

Getting Tested

Taking a smear test is one of the quickest and pain-free things one can do to ensure long-term health. It literally takes less than 3 seconds and unless you have pain already does NOT hurt at all.

I’ve had concerns about this and avoided getting tested for months, I thought it’d be a very discomforting experience. What looks similar to a cotton swab is put inside the tip of your penis and twisted a little bit. That’s the entire procedure.

Despite what it might sound like, having such a thing inside the tip of your penis is not painful at all.

Tests like these are part of my long-term health plan, which started to pay off today!

At the same time, there’s new behaviors I will implement in order to reduce chances of catching such a disease again.

  • Cutting out getting blow jobs – which I never enjoyed much anyway.
  • Only hook up with girls I am really into. If it happens, I’d not want it to be with an okay, or average girl.

By the way, I’m lucky it’s only Chlamydia. One week of antibiotics and the bacteria should be gone.

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