Smooci is great, but …

… you’re dealing with girls that are (for the most part) absolute pros. Full-time escorts or massage girls.

That’s fine and you can still have a great girlfriend experience. I have tested Smooci extensively and even written two in-depth reviews about the service:

However, what I find even more tempting are grey-area girls.

Basically girls that will meet you for money but don’t to this full-time or with every guy they meet.

They have regular jobs (student, secretary …) but will on occasion go with guys to earn some extra money.

Over the years, I have met dozens and dozens of these girls all over Thailand (mostly in Bangkok & Phuket).

If you saw any of these girls during daytime, you wouldn’t be able to tell that they tend to be a little bit naughty at times; in fact, most look like good, traditional girls …

… until you make the right offer and invite them over.

Some of these girls, I have also taken on short trips (Thailand Holiday Girlfriend-style). Yeah, it’s fun.

I’ve kept track of each encounter, what I liked about each girl (and of course her contact info). At first, it was a simply text-file with a few contacts …

… years later, it has turned into what it is now – a full-blown spreadsheet with dozens of contacts.

So while Smooci is great, tapping girls which are more ‘exclusive’ is even more fun (at least in my experience).

These girls are also less strict in the sense that they will sometimes stay overnight, even thought you only paid for short time.

Basically, they are regular girls that will meet up for a little bit of pocket money.

I have thought about publishing the spreadsheet here for everyone to download, but then I realized this would render the spreadsheet useless.

Hundreds of guys hitting up these girls many of which would probably just be wasting these girls’ time (with no intention of visiting Thailand).

So, instead, I’ve decided to only make it available to a very, very limited number of people – by including it in my Thailand Guide.