You’re A Sex Tourist, Unless …

OK, let me get this straight.

Here’s the anti-pay-for-play logic.

I can travel to a country for medical treatment. What does that make me? Right, a medical tourist.

  • What if I get treatment for free?
  • Is it no longer medical tourism?
  • Am I suddenly a diplomat now or do I need a business visa?

No, of course not.

The intent & purpose is still the same.

I go there for medical reasons – that’s medical tourism.

For whatever reason, that logic doesn’t apply to a single guy going to Thailand. Unless, of course, you admit that you’ll do some very naughty things – then you’re a sex tourist.

But if you go there with the main purpose of having sex & you don’t pay for it, you are NOT a sex tourist.

Right, what are you then?

A mini-relationship tourist? A online-dating connoisseur?

Admit it & step over to the dark side, you too are a sex tourist.

You go to Thailand for girls, for sex – doesn’t matter if you pay for it or not.

… and let’s not even discuss what the definition of paid vs. free covers

… because in the anti-pay-for-play world, you can buy a girl a Ferrari, surprise her with a new hand bag and invite her to dinner every other day … and it’s still not considered paying for sex. What?

But the guy that pays $20 for a happy ending massage is the devil! What a loser!

I’ve talked about this before – see this video:

It’s even worse when we take looks & age into account. A 20 year old can go to Thailand for party, nightlife, pay for play – and it’s perfectly fine. Not weird or disgusting at all.

The 60 year old does the same thing but suddenly it’s weird and creepy? WHAT THE FUCK?

Is it weird that a 60 year old guy is not attracted to women his age? Is he not supposed to be interested in women anymore altogether and should start hooking up with guys?

An attractive 20 year old Thai girl – I think she’s hot regardless of whether I’m 20 myself or 85.

The irony is that while most will tell you you’re a fucking weirdo & creep for still being interested in young attractive girls, it’s actually a sign that everything’s working as it should be.

Lack of interest would be a sign of … I don’t know perhaps lack of testosterone, etc.

The entire discussion is similar to the one related to pay for play – in the end, you simply have to disregard what you’re supposed to do and do what you really want.

The good thing is going to a place such as Thailand, you will mostly be surrounded by guys with similar attitudes so you don’t have to deal with those toxic people telling you what you shouldn’t do. That your best years are over.

You’re 65 now, you’re not supposed to mess around with young attractive girls.

Who cares what those people say? Nobody.