Post Nut Syndrome – Is Thailand The Solution?

Post Nut Syndrome, some call it Post Nut Clarity – there are probably other names for it.

Basically, it’s what you feel right after you’ve finished. That moment of clarity, free of sexual thoughts and desires.

I think it’s a quite interesting phenomenon. There isn’t really anything else that shifts your perception, how you feel and think so radically, so quickly.

I’m talking about a matter of seconds.

The stereotypical description of that experience would be that you finish and fall asleep right after.

I don’t know about you. I have NEVER had that experience. I wouldn’t feel tired or even different in any way physically – it’s just that a certain level of clarity sets in.

Maybe I am weird in this regard?
Do you have a similar experience?

I might even go to the gym afterwards – simply because I feel a sense of clarity and now think that’s the right think to do whereas before I might have had clouded thoughts.

I find Post Nut Syndrome positive in almost every aspect.

Makes me feel as if I am in the driver’s seat again and most of the irrational, emotional thoughts are removed entirely.

Some even say that state of mind you’re in is what it feels like when you’re enlightened.

I also find this state of mind to be good for going out, for meeting girls.

Post Nut Syndrome = Focused, Undistracted Mind

It’s really difficult to describe what that experience feels like for me – maybe overall less emotional and more rational – in regards to everything.

So, I know this is a fleeting feeling. It comes and goes and comes and goes …

I think that’s the reason why I love places where meeting women is easy – whether that’s regular dating or you-know-what.

I know this feeling comes and goes and I wouldn’t want to dedicate a significant portion of my life – whether it be time and/or money to take care of it.

Like can you image any time you felt this feeling and wanted to meet a girl, you’d need to wait several days, go on multiple dates or spend several hundred dollars … while at the same time feeling distracted for days?

I don’t want to image what that would be like.

NOT only the investment beforehand, but more so afterwards. If the girl stays for hours afterwards – that’s that’s even worse.