55 Pattaya Pics (Sexy & Weird) [+ THEIR STORY]

It took me a while to go through all my footage – this is a selection of the sexiest scenes, the weirdest moments captured. Welcome to Pattaya 🙂

All screenshots were taken from my Premium videos.

Enjoy & leave me a comment below, if you like.

Massive boobs about to drop out … almost. This Thai chick went to club Insomnia. If you’re into big/silicon boobs, you have enough supply in Pattaya.
Hilarious pic. Ladyboy (blue dress) walking with an officer from tourist police. The dude in front of them is wearing a shirt that says, “Enjoy my Cock.” Haha!

Some have asked about Thai girls with a big(ger) booty. Do they exist? Here’s proof (left side), admittedly they are rare.
Same girl, different day. She works for a gogo bar on Walking Street. If you’re into that ass, worth checking out …
Three people staring at me. I only focused on the girl’s ass though – she purposely walked in front of me and turned around.
Then she continued to walk in front of the camera for minutes. 100% sure she knew that I was filming and just wanted to shake her juicy ass for the cam.
Ladyboy on the left (red dress) – this is exactly what I would look like as ladyboy. Realistically, I’d probably look worse.
Anywhere else in the world, we would say, “Nice bro, well done!” In Pattaya, we don’t say anything, but wonder, “How much?”
Look at this girl. EXACTLY my type and very rare for me to see such a perfect match. Very toned body, almost like a fitness chick. Hmmm …
… and here’s another shot from behind. Back looks fine as well.
This was completely random. I filmed this girl (or rather, in her direction) and as I was filming, this dude walked up to her. They started talking, then he grabbed her ass & a minute later, they walked off.
Of course, the creeper that I am, I followed them. Her ass looks nice here in this pic, but trust me, it was wayyyy nicer in reality 😉
Stunning black girl outside of Club Insomnia/iBar. Nice skin & fit body.
A minute later, this dude walked up to her. Looks like they are making out, but really she was just whispering something in his ear.
Only seconds later, another guy inquiring about her services. Either she wasn’t working, or price was too high as this guy walked off too. I wonder what the girl’s friend on the right was thinking – nobody walked up to her. #FOREVERALONE

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Different black hooker, same situation. A customer inquiring about services & prices. They didn’t close the deal, but man … that girl did look hot … and I’m not even into black girls.
Let’s be realistic – only $$$ will get working girls this excited.
Ladyboy in black dress showing a guy how to do a blowjob. Yes, that’s a ladyboy.
Random scene. Girl from gogo bar sees my camera, then yells at my. I don’t react. Next pic below …
… is what she resorted. Then she gave up. Female logic …
These 3 girls looked nice from behind 🙂 I followed them for a while, then we came to a random halt, they saw my camera & this happened. All on Walking Street, of course.
Girl from Sapphire agogo in Pattaya. This is what they all look like – I like the outfit. Doesn’t reveal too much, but still very sexy.
Then she walked toward me. She instantly looked at me because I am THAT good-looking. Probably not. It might’ve been the camera she was looking at.
View from behind – still nice. Sapphire is the only gogo club where I thought 80% of girls were hot, whereas in other clubs it’s more like 80% aren’t hot. I wish this was a paid advertising for Sapphire. Sadly, it’s not.
This is always a VERY good sign – girls that are playful. Means they’re fun & in a good mood. This gogo girl saw me film and started jumping in front of the cam like a bunny 🙂
This pic deserves no explanation. Except the explanation that it doesn’t deserve an explanation.
Look at the dude with the beer bottle. As he walked past the girls, he handed the beer bottle to one and walked off. The girl was like, “WTF?” and didn’t know how to react for a moment.
On Walking Street, outside of 7-Eleven. From the distance, you can barely see her pants …
Then a little bit of an argument, but eventually it was all good and they walked toward Insomnia.
Ladyboy with customer pointing to a room? Just seconds earlier, he had pointed to the same place. I hope he knows that’s a ladyboy. I’m sure he does …
Ladyboy showing price $$$ on her phone, but this Asian fella “escaped”. It took a while though, the ladyboy was quite persistent.
This ladyboy casually glancing at me, only seconds later, “I go with you. Have room.” No thanks 🙂 From this perspective, “she” looks like a legit girl – it’s only the behind view that reveals her abnormally wide hips = ladyboy.
Walking Street early morning. This gentleman going for the “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” special tonight. I wonder, was Thai pussy already sold out? The Thai girl on the right is cute & works for a gogo bar. Looked like she was on her way home as she bought some food, then disappeared in the side alley.
I wish my camera mic had picked up their conversation.
Yeah, that should help. First, she was giving me the finger. That didn’t help. Then she showed up with this sign. Failure rate: 100%.
These 2 just found each other. On Walking Street. Money wasn’t involved. Probably.
Russian stripper showing off. Seeing a girl’s panties is always nice, but nothing special on Walking Street. Full video here.
Closing time on Walking Street. Noticed the car? Of course you didn’t. You only saw the hot girl & so did I. Anyway, cars are only allowed here after 3am, so any time you see them you know it’s past 3am … or you just look at your clock.
Aggressive ladyboy trying to “work” a drunk Asian guy. Didn’t work out well … see the entire scene here.
Example of a hot girl on Beach Road (left side). They are rare, but occasionally I do see a hottie there. By now, the pattern should’ve become obvious, no? My type = well-toned, fit body & good skin. Deadly combination.
I’m sure she wanted me to film this. Again, her ass looked nicer in reality.
See, this is what I mean by “abnormally wide hips” – a sign that this is a ladyboy. In this situation, there are 2 ladyboys trying to convince these semi-drunk guys to go with them.
Very common situation at the ladyboy bar on Walking Street. Groups of guys going up, only to find out that those girls are actually ladyboys and then leave. I can only imagine how annoying this must be for the LBs.
Another example of the same scenario with another group. I wonder how they didn’t know – with this LB, it’s pretty obvious. Oh, well …
Ladyboy in yellow trying her best. Dude glancing back, with the expression on his face, “I can’t. This is wrong. Hmm, what if I pretend I didn’t know or don’t tell anyone?”
Asking for group discounts on Beach Road. Sure, she’s gonna lower the price if she “get’s to” fuck 4 of your guys. There should probably be a hardship allowance for this.
I’m sure the police officer didn’t know … or they really were just regular girls. Hanging out on Beach Road. After midnight. In high-heels.
Another shot of the black girl from earlier. That body is on point!
I was a bit fascinated by that girl. She was dressed so innocently (compared to other girls here), plus the glasses … and her nice body + boobs. I’m sure in her free time, she does volunteer in an orphanage 🙂
Girls lined up on Beach Road. You have to be proactive here. Unlike massage parlors and bars, most girls here won’t yell at you or approach you. You have to go up to them.
Wait before you start jerking off. They’re both ladyboys. One dude giving them the eye while the other is filming with his cell phone.
I couldn’t come up with a reasonable theory as to why she was wearing this outfit.
When you’re hiring a nanny in Pattaya.
Ladyboy? Maybe. Maybe not. Not if you want to jerk off RIGHT NOW.

The funny thing about all these pics is that most of them, I only noticed when I watched the footage afterwards. I’m always too immersed to notice those things while filming, ironically.

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