My Top 4 Moments in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a vibrant, international city that never really sleeps. Alright, before midday there’s not much going on, but from then on things usually turn crazy.

There’s many memorable moments – here are the highlights of my 3 week stay in Thailand’s capital.

1. Transsexual Porn Actress

After my first night out, I couldn’t be bothered spending money on a taxi and decided to wait until the underground starts running again at 6am.

Needless to say, there were still plenty of hookers on the streets and I happened to watch a fat Aussie guy arguing with a bunch of bar girls and their mamasan.

Standing there by myself, I was the perfect victim for ladyboys and their pushy attempt to sell sex services. There’s always the odd ladyboy that is rude and actually physically aggressive and this was the case here too. However, the boss of this group seemed pretty nice.

A very sexy and nice girl (yes, girl with dick) – half Thai, half Russian. She offered to give me a ride home if I were to fuck her. I politely declined.

2. 50 Year Old Israeli

Just a couple hours earlier, I was watching people in front of Nana Plaza and noticed the guy next to me recording the entire scene.

He started chatting me up by warning about ladyboys and eventually get got talking and walked around in the area. Some of the places we went to were pretty interesting you know, cheap hourly hotels and places for sex and quality girls (at discount prices).

He’s an avid traveller and has been to Bangkok for the first time 15 years ago and had lots of inside knowledge to offer.

One of the rather interesting places was a bar in the basement filled with young girls working as freelancers (part-time prostitutes) catering to (mainly) Japanese men. During my first visit, I was confused because the girls weren’t working for the bar but were all standing in one line.

The waiter confirmed that these were regular girls looking for some extra cash, “You pay them to make you feel good.”

3. Ladyboys

They definitely deserve an article on their own because when you’re in Bangkok, you can avoid getting in contact with ladyboys.

There’s so many on the streets and most of them are quite aggressive in their approach. Probably the weirdest moments were whenever I saw a guy my age (in his twenties) go with a ladyboy.

This isn’t something I would try sexually – although I am very open for most heterosexual. Some ladyboys are incredibly, incredibly hot – I am talking about 10/10.  The sad thing is whenever you see a really hot girl, it usually is a man.

When asked, many say they are a lady. “No, I am a lady…. lady with dick.”

4. Girl Needs Taxi Money

When I went out clubbing, I got drunk for the first time in about a decade. It was a fun experience, but not something I would repeat in the future. When the clubs closed down, we were all standing outside talking shit to a bunch of girls.

One girl seemed semi-interested but really drunk, but both my friends that talked to her were out of action – due to a painful STD and too much alcohol. They hinted that she wanted to bang and suggested I take the girl.

So, I lifted her up and carried her to the next taxi, all while asking whether or not she was a hooker.

I wouldn’t have asked this hadn’t we been to a club that is know for being filled with hookers.

That question made her angry and it seemed to ruin things, or so I thought. I walked away and she asked me to come back and got in a taxi with me.

Arriving at my place, she asked for 300 bath (~8€) in the morning for the taxi ride home. Since I had just fucked another girl hours before, I felt cocky enough to decline and walk away.

A similar scene happened on my second night clubbing. I took a girl out of the club, she offered to give me a ride home but wanted to make a “deal” once we were in the car. I wasn’t willing to pay anything and walk away here too.

From sleeping security personnel to a girl squirting in my shower – there’s more things that happened, but I reserve these moments for another time.