Pay Sex: My Experience With Hookers

The first girl I fucked was a hooker. There I said it.

Frankly, it was a huge deal at the time. I haven’t been intimate with or even kissed a girl and wanted to get it over with.

Happy Ending Massage Bangkok

There were simply too many questions that I wanted to have answered, so I forced myself.

Pay Sex seemed like the quickest solution to  my problem. With my heart racing and whole body shaking, it took over 6 attempts to finally get the job done.

No, it wasn’t fun at all.

Standing outside the brothel, I couldn’t get myself to go in.

Questions racing through my mind.

  • Will anybody see me go in?
  • Will there be a group of women staring at me once I go through the door?

Only a couple of weeks earlier, this would’ve been the last thing I could see myself doing. Despite having no other options to get laid, I told myself, I wouldn’t be that much of a loser having to pay for sex.

Now, about to enter the whorehouse, it has become an alternative gateway to get comfortable around women, gain experience and solve a host of related problems, or so I thought.

On the 3rd visit, I finally went in. And realized that…

…it was NOTHING like I thought it would be.

It actually looked more like a hotel, each girl had her own room with pictures attached to the outside of the door. You could simply browse through the entire house and see if you liked anything.

There were other guys flocking in too. Regular guys, not the low life losers I had pictured in my mind.

Pattaya Walking Street Thai Girls

Still, the idea of actually having sex was too nerve-wrecking. At some point, I just knocked at a door and asked about the prices. Then I left, the girl pretty pissed that I just wasted her time.

A couple days later, I went to another girl (there’s a weekly rotation), but this time she declined, saying that she senses we’re not a match. I was still nervous as hell.

I took a different approach next time and started with a blowjob. From there on, it was easier and I went for the full package the next time.

However, nothing worked as planned (especially not my dick), so even the first 2 times when I had intercourse, I could not get it up – too nervous.

Needless to say, I had lots of misconceptions about pay sex, the women involved and overall the entire experience.

Loser Do Pay Sex

I am undesirable, no other woman will take me.

Paying a women for sex is the last resort of a man failing to get laid. Once you do it, you are branded for life.

Admittedly, there’s probably a percentage of these men. They simply see no other feasible way to get laid (with the women they want.) It might be the age difference or a specific fetish – there’s many reasons.

Pattaya Girl Hotel Room

However, people I know who have or still occasionally pay for sex, are almost exclusively doing extremely well with the ladies. Some of them are dating coaches, others get laid every weekend. For them, it’s not a big deal, they get laid anyway and paying a hooker doesn’t magically make them a loser.

Not a single fuck is given. (Besides the one paid for.)

Guys that struggle with women – that’s a different story. For them, paying for sex is a dent to their self image. They would rather miss out on experiences, or argue about how it’s just a wimp’s way to avoid rejection, than, you know, just giving it a try and deciding afterwards.

Prostitutes might be able to offer different sexual experiences than regular girls. After all, fucking is what they do all day long, it’s what they are supposed to be good at.

STDs – Nasty Souvenirs

Any time you get intimate with someone, there are risks involved. Contracting something nasty has been a major concern.

At the same time, I believe to be much safer with hookers than regular girls. The places I went to require these professionals to have protected sex – under penalty of getting banned from the establishment. These women were very strict, at times even anal about hygiene and protection.

This makes perfect sense. Their income depends on their health (certificate).

Consider the average girl who isn’t quite as seasoned to always act rationally. It’s easy to get overwhelmed during foreplay and skip using a condom.

She rationalized, this is a rare occasion, it doesn’t even matter.

Then you hear,

We don’t need this, I just want to feel you.

A proven recipe for playing the disease lottery.

Crack Whores – Only A Myth?

Few women fantasize about fucking dirty old man for money. Prostitution exist due to lack of better alternatives.

There’s not many other ways for a women to earn money that quickly. Perhaps doing porn, or marring rich.

A regular job would only provide a fraction of that income.

I am talking about $100-200+ per hour.

They aren’t obligated to take every customer, I’ve experienced it first-hand.

What makes these women different to regular girls is mainly their good looks and high self-confidence. Yes, they are normal to talk to.

Street hookers are a different breed.

I haven’t tried any yet and probably never will. This is where stereotypes of HIV infected, heroine addicted whores might actually be true. Perhaps not the best place to get your pay sex journey started.

  • I rather pay a bit more, get quality and stay safe.

Hookers aren’t that different to people you meet anywhere else.

You like and connect with some of them, others you can’t stand. Except for one occasion, all of the women I banged looked exactly as promoted on their pictures. They were all, more or less, trying to provide a good service.

Given you have realistic expectations and are fairly normal, you can expect an overall good experience. By realistic expectations, I mean you don’t think she’ll do more than agreed upon, or even meet you in private for a free bang.

In conclusion, taking money out of the equation and unless you have a constant stream of premium girls, pay sex is definitely worth the experience. There’s so much to see and do that you won’t get anywhere else.

Beyond sexual practices and fetishes, there’s all sorts of erotic massages. Hell, even I have only experienced a tiny portion of what’s available out there.

Perhaps the biggest risk with pay sex is that once you’ve had a naked hooker in bed, most regular girls will pale in comparison. Your standards will certainly be different afterwards.