Make Money While Traveling (The YouTube Myth)

How can you travel? How can you stay in Thailand for so long?

Realistically, there’s only 2 ways of traveling – use money from your savings OR make money while traveling (or a combination thereof).

Here, I am going to focus on ways of making money while traveling. Let me dispel a myth right away: YouTube.

To many people think,

I’ll just travel, film randomly as I go about my day & make a living.

Here’s the harsh truth you might not want to hear:

On YouTube, you essentially make close to zero … and only if you stick to it for a long time, then you start making pennies. That’s the truth for 99% of YouTubers. Yes, you might have a video that goes viral every few months, but that is not the norm.

YouTube needs permanent attention, focus & care … and in the case of filming, editing & uploading, that means hundreds of hours of work over the course of a month … with very little in return.

YouTube ad revenue is largely based on the topic of your channel … and guess what, travel/nightlife isn’t anywhere close to the highest-paying niches. In addition, if your content is overly sexual (which is often the case with nightlife videos), you might not be eligible for monetization at all.

If you’re doing YouTube for fun, then yes, but don’t consider it a way of making money for traveling.

Good Ways of Making Money While Traveling?

First, if you’re need to make money to travel right now, don’t even consider building a business or anything of that sort. It will require a lot of work … and won’t throw off immediate income.

So, you need money right away, right now to start or continue to travel?

Work Remotely – First, work with what you already have. Can you do your current job from anywhere or at least work some of the time remotely? The truth is, most office jobs can be done remotely (at least partially) and this should be your first consideration before even thinking about alternative income streams (or quitting your job).

Online Freelancing – This is a term that is thrown around a lot, but nobody really explains what it means or how to get started. It simply means that you work on your own & online.

But how do you do that & what kind of work can you do?

Depends. Anything, to be honest. If you speak a second language, you can do translations. Anyone can start writing articles – on most topics – doing a bit of research. The options are literally limitless.

When it comes to finding these kinds of jobs, you can either use platforms, search on forums, or directly contact website/companies.

I personally have used UpWork, started doing little jobs to build up my profile & within a month was able to get better projects and easily made around $2,000 per month. That’s not a lot, but can easily cover all your travel expenses – if you want it to.

Risky Territory – These are quite risky, but I still wanted to at least mention them: Online Poker, Online Betting, Online Trading, Dropshipping.

Why are they risky? Well, they are not risky per-se but if you approach them with the attitude, “need to make money RIGHT NOW” … then you might end up with an empty bank account. These still require patience & have a learning curve, so best to start with those right now … before you start traveling.

How Do You Continue Now?

1. Ask yourself if you even want to make money (and essentially work) while traveling OR would rather just stay in your job, save money and only travel occasionally.

2. What kind of work are you willing to do? Just because you want to travel & make money, doesn’t mean you should or can do any kind of project or task.

3. Pick your choice & start working … but KNOW that for the first weeks or even months, you might have to do low paying jobs to build up your reputation/portfolio (the case with online platforms) until you can get better hourly rates. Simply accept it & continue.

Lastly, avoid all kinds of opportunities/job offers/ways to make money that promise a lot of easy money. They’re most likely scams.