It’s Harder Than We Think (You Suck)

I’m betting my ass that unless you’re super lucky and a genius, you can relate to this. You’re after something, almost obsessed about getting it. You really put in the effort, give your all.

Then, at the end, you look at the results … you’re disappointed. Definitely not what you expected. Now you start questioning yourself, “Why didn’t it work?

The truth is, most peoples’ version of I-gave-my-best-and-tried-it-all isn’t just good enough. At least not if you’re getting no or poor results. Not really something new, I’ve been in a scenario like this countless times in my life. To be honest, it can be frustrating and make you feel helpless.

Now that you’ve tried your best what else is left?

Rather randomly, I was reading about making money online – this was already a few weeks back. Just casually browsing, I came across an Internet marketer’s blog and started scanning his monthly income reports. Given that I haven’t made a single dollar off this blog, I was blown away that he had already been making thousands only a month after starting his site.

I didn’t get it. Why not me? I publish tons of articles. I have a YouTube channel leading people to my site.

Then I started digging a little bit deeper and read what it took for him to get there. The effort required. 10+ hour days. 70-100 hours per week writing and promoting his articles.

Now it all started to make sense. He’s playing in a different league and that massive extra input is at the basis of his outstanding results.

This made me realize that the principle is the same in EVERY other area of life. It’s why I don’t make significant money with my online businesses, the reason most people I know dabble their entire life and never have that “breakthrough” at whatever they are trying to master or spend significant time on.

Even with my publishing business, I am spending quite a bit of time in but constantly seem to stay in the $250-500 per month range (while actually looking to make well over $1k). I am putting in some effort, my books are good. The same applies to my YouTube channel, where I do amateur videos and I’d say some are poor but most are pretty good.

That’s exactly where the problem lies.

Pretty good doesn’t cut it. Many people are good, yet the rewards they get are poor. Here’s the results based on performance.

  • POOR – No, you don’t get poor results. You get NO results here!
  • GOOD – Sorry, no good results here either. You get poor results.
  • EXCELLENT – Must get awesome rewards, right? Nope. Good results.
  • OUTSTANDING – A tiny step from excellent to outstanding. Now you get it all!

This is a concept I first heard Tony Robbins mention and it makes quite a lot of sense. The higher your standard, the fewer people you’ll find on the top. If you play at the next level, it would be excellent.

Still, at this stage, you don’t get excellent but good results. Most people would be pretty content with this level of success.

But there’s another stage and that’s OUTSTANDING. Where you literally stand out from the rest. You have to be so good that you stand out from everyone – and not everyone can stand out (otherwise there wouldn’t be a standout). Unlike the prior stages, this is an elite level where the gap between excellent and OUTSTANDING is only marginal.

Think about a gold medal 100 meter sprinter compared to the sprinter that makes the 4th place and receives no medal. The difference is often only a fraction of a second! That’s how small the gap is.

This is important to remember because even with my business, I think I’ll just publish a couple of books, follow the basic strategy and then make thousand of dollars passive income.

Now as far as how to get to the next level – that obviously depends on what we’re talking about. It’s different in every area and also largely depends on your competition.

Blogging? Perhaps make longer posts, add images, design the blog differently to provide a better user experience. Good post structure and no typos is barely enough to NOT be at the poor stage. By itself, it’s not even good or excellent yet. – That’s what it takes to have a quality site, but that doesn’t even guarantee you have a single visitor yet!

Dating? Dress sharply, approach boldly. Then you’re already ahead of 99% of guys and in the GOOD category. From there, it will depend on how you define outstanding. Does it mean getting certain results or just taking consistent action?

Fitness? Simply NOT being overweight will get you in the good-category. From there, it requires consistent focus in the gym, but more so in the kitchen to have an excellent physique. That alone is rarely something many people are willing to commit to. From there, anal dieting and pushing through hunger pangs might get your body to the next level (given that you have the muscle mass) … but even then, if you compete, you’re just going to be one of many.

What has been discouraging in the past was that sometimes you’d see people getting results very easily … or so it appears. That makes you think it IS actually easy, but the fact that it took someone exceptional work/skills to achieve the result is rarely mentioned.

Of course, it’s the victories and success stories that get almost all of the air time. That is part of the reason why there’s the illusion that doing “okay” will get you massive rewards. No, it won’t.