Virtual Fun (with Thai Girls) – Say Hello To My Little Friend!

Digital sexting, naughty video calling, cybersex.

It’s creepy. It’s weird. The only guys who do this are the ones living in their mom’s basement.

Isn’t that what you initially thought when you first read the title of this article? That’s a misconception I’ll clear up today!

SX Guide

Before I continue, I need to clarify something …

Digital Sexting & Video Calling should be seen as one additional tool in your arsenal. Just like you have pay for play as an option alongside regular dating (or vice versa).

Naked Selfie

Sexting and video calling isn’t meant to replace meeting women in real life, it’s more of an alternative for very specific situations.

Consider the following:

  • You are very busy (with work).
  • You need to focus 100% on a project & can’t spend time meeting with women.
  • You have no pay for play, or dating options in your area.
  • Your next vacation is weeks or months away.

What are you supposed to do?

Those are tricky situations & trying to resist your urges or watch porn will work for a limited time only.

Sexting Pictures

Talking about porn …

Watching porn pales in comparison to video calling with a real girl who is horny. Sexting and video calling is real.

It’s interactive. It requires minimal time and costs little, or no money (more about the different options later).

Now that we have gotten the WHY out of the way, let’s talk about what’s possible and what kind of fun you can expect.

What Can You Do With HER?

Any type of fun is possible. By sexting, most assume it’s limited to naughty text messages, perhaps pictures.

Really, there are no limits. Here are a few things I’ve done …

  • Girl sending naked pictures
  • Girl sending naughty audio messages
  • Girl sending video clips (some even sex clips)
  • Girl asking to video call to see my d***
  • Two girls asking to video call me to see my d***

Here are a few screenshots from all that fun.

The standard thing most guys are familiar with is exchanging naughty text messages and pictures.

Sexting Picture

Audio is fun also.

Sexting Audio

Of course, video calling is the most exciting. It’s interactive.

LINE App Video Call

The one thing I would urge you is to be very responsible when it comes to sexting and video calling.

It should be fun for BOTH YOU AND THE GIRL!

Never ever share pictures you have received anywhere publicly; any video call you record should remain strictly private.

If you are not willing to adhere to those guidelines, please stop here, leave this site and don’t come back.

It boggles my mind that I have to point out those things; to me those would fall under basic human decency but I know there are a lot of idiots out there who will abuse the strategies I’m about to share.

The Tools You NEED

Most guys have absolutely no idea how to do this.

Their desperate attempt at turning things sexual is usually limited to sending the girl a dick pic.

The girl then blocks the guy and that’s the end.

If you know how to do it, the roles will be reversed. The girl will ask (sometimes beg) you to call and gets angry if you don’t do it right away.

LINE App Calling

Here’s what you need to make this work:

  • Privacy Tools to setup LINE/WhatsApp/VIBER via an anonymous phone number verification service.
  • Ideally (although not necessary) a second installation of your messenger app, so you don’t have to use your “real” one.
  • A VPN service to sign up and use the dating site of your choice (ThaiFriendly, Tinder, Bumble, etc.)
  • Text templates to turn things sexual without being like any other guy (who has probably messaged the girl you are talking to).
  • Knowing when to pull back, so that the girl is begging to call instead of you asking her to. (I’ll give examples below.)
  • OPTIONAL: Picture strategies to maintain your privacy.
  • Camera gear in case you want to record the video call (since screen recording apps are typically blocked). This will also allow you to create a private archive.
  • The best time when girls are the horniest (in my experience). Hint: It’s NOT at night!

The Messenger App Setup

I recommend you create a separate messenger account for this purpose – whichever messenger app you decide to use, e.g. LINE, WhatsApp, Viber …

Check if your phone has dual SIM functionality as this will allow you to install any messenger app twice – with separate accounts.

I’m not entirely sure if this works on iOS but it’s a feature available on some Android phones.

Samsung Dual Messenger App

You could also use an emulator such as BlueStacks if you want to do all of it on your computer/laptop.

If you have questions about setting everything up, more about our private, uncensored Telegram group later …

Bluestacks Emulator

BlueStacks WhatsApp

BlueStacks is more convenient as opposed to logging in and out of one account (in case your phone doesn’t support dual messenger functionality).

Phone Number Verification

To register your messenger account (LINE, WhatsApp, Viber …), you can use a service such as TextVerified.

This allows you to go through the phone number verification process anonymously.

TextVerified Phone Verification

All of the popular services are listed there – think Tinder, Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE …

I have also used this for setting up a ThaiFriendly account (you need a phone number); simply select the “Service not listed” option.

ThaiFriendly Phone Verification

Whether or not you “need” an anonymous phone number verification service depends on your preferences and the messenger app you use.

LINE messenger app works with usernames (so-called IDs) – nobody can see your phone number.

WhatsApp and Viber show your phone number, so using the above service would make more sense.

Profile Picture Privacy

As for the profile/pictures you use on your messenger apps, it depends on how much you are concerned about your privacy.

You can use your regular pictures (no privacy), or go with more vague pictures such as a shot from the side or behind.

Here is an example of such a “vague shot”.

Sitting On Cliff

The girl can see you, but there are no privacy issues as she can’t see your face. There are many variations of such a shot.

Whether or not you use random/fake pictures – that’s something you will have to decide yourself.

I don’t want to discuss that matter, but it is an option since many girls are okay NOT seeing your face during video calls.

If a girl is horny, she’ll accept you simply point the camera “downwards” … if you know what I mean.

… and in case you’re paying a girl for video calling, then showing your face becomes even less relevant.

Scouting Girls Online

This step is very straightforward with one exception. I recommend you use a VPN during the sign up process and throughout – regardless of which site/app you use.

Many of these dating app/sites also require a phone number for verification – you can use the same service I’ve mentioned above.

As for digital sexting, video calling and cybersex, there are two categories:

Regular girls (free) freelancers/paid services.

Regular girls you find on mainstream dating sites/apps:

  • DateinAsia
  • ThaiFriendly
  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • Lovoo

Freelancers/paid girls, you can also find on those sites, although Tinder & ThaiFriendly typically have more of these types of girls. (In our private Telegram group, we also exchange contacts of girls.)

Freelancer/paid girls will do most fun in exchange for some change. This can range from 15-30 USD.

Where you meet girls online doesn’t matter – it’s a matter of personal preference. You could even use Facebook, or Instagram.

Both types of girls are awesome for different reasons.

Having a regular girl who is horny call you, begging you to show your banana while she is playing with herself is exciting.

The downside is that you have to work with what you’ve got, meaning whichever girl is up for some fun. Also, it takes a bit of time to get to that point. Some leads will end up going nowhere.

If you’re choosing a freelancer/paid girl, you can usually get the hottest girls you can imagine.

If she knows what she is doing, it’ll be exciting also. You are not wasting any time and get exactly what you want. However, it won’t be free.

Whichever type of girl you choose, you continue the conversation in private via the messenger app she uses.

LINE messenger app is mostly for Asia; Viber and WhatApp are popular in the Philippines and the rest of the world uses WhatApp (for the most part).

Turning Things Sexual

This step is relevant only if you’re talking to a regular girl. If you’re paying for a service, you can skip that.

Once you are talking to the girl in private, this is when the real fun begins. Now you are not a random guy on a dating site anymore.

What I like to do right away is send a bunch of pictures right after adding the girl. Normal pictures of course. Most girls immediately send dozens of their pictures in return.

What happens next depends on what type of girl you are talking to. If it’s a regular girl, you do a bit of chit-chat and then throw in something like this:

LINE App Video Call

“I will go take a shower” is a classic 🙂

There are many other ways of turning things sexual and offering an excuse for the girl to call you.

If you are talking to a freelancer/paid girl, or are willing to pay the girl for something a bit more extreme than her watching you or sending something naughty (such as a video call), then there’s no need to turn things sexual.

The $$$ will do all the work for you.

Video Calling Setup

In terms of video calling with regular girls you’ve just met online, most are okay just watching you, or flash their you-know-what.

Some will also play with themselves because they are so horny; if you are lucky, you will have two cute girls in the same room who just happen to be in the mood.

To ease the girl into doing the video call, it helps to send a picture of your you-know-what first. Usually, that works like a charm and the girl is less hesitant to call.

Call, Hang Up, Call

This strategy works great if the girl is a bit shy.

You take one step forward, pull back and continue. You let the girl call you, but don’t show any nudity or similar.

Then you hang up and ask her to call you back if she wants to see you-know-what. Most girls DO call back right away.

It’s the complete opposite of what most guys do. They call the girl, take out their banana & it’s an instant turn-off.

By hanging up and asking HER to call back, I know exactly what she wants. She calls back, I know she is eager to see …

The same applies to taking things further (I leave that up to your imagination what that means). I can hang up again and ask her to call if she wants to XYZ

I also do this when it comes to practically anything else – I ask the girls to tell me what she wants me to do. That way, I know she’s really up for it as opposed to me “surprising” her with something uncomfortable.

Video Calling Privacy

Maybe you are thinking that all of this sounds great, that you want to have some fun but you are concerned about your privacy.

I totally understand, that’s why I’ve said before that there’s always the option of applying the picture privacy strategies I have mentioned above.

In addition to that, I’d like you to keep the following things in mind:

  • During video calls, you can simply point the camera downwards & NEVER show your face. Many girls are okay.
  • Another option would be wearing a mask, or similar.
  • Put a cover/sticker on your front camera. You never know, you might accidentally switch to the front camera.
  • Be nice. Have fun & make sure the girls has fun as well!


There is much, much more you can do and need to know. For example, how to record video calls and create your own private archive.

Private Video Archive

Specific camera setups and other tools you can use to make video calls more fun.

Sexting Tools

How to set up BlueStacks (if you choose that option), verify your phone number online.

Additional privacy settings for LINE messenger app.


The public version of this mini-guide ends here …

If you want to …

  • Learn my strategies to meet tons of these girls online – wanting to do the naughty video calling with you (multiple each day)
  • Record video calls for your own archive
  • Exchange contacts, pictures & strategies with other guys doing the same thing (in our private group)

… then you can request access to the full version of my Sexting/Videocalling Course. Simply email me via mail(at)kingepic(dot)com

PS: If you do things the right way, you will have girls ask you for calls and more repeatedly. Day after day. I have done that (e.g. after the first time, the girl asked for it every day thereafter); but it’s not my preference – in need variety 🙂

Just like meeting girls in real life, I get bored quickly and need to meet another girl. With this, you can do it with multiple girls per day. Just a warning: Very addictive!