Bathmate Review: I Made My Penis Bigger … Kinda [VIDEO INSIDE]

Bathmate … sounds innocent enough. I had first read about it ~ 2 years ago and ordered my first model shortly after.

Unlike other male enhancement devices, this one is supposed to match 3 very important criteria: it’s easy to use, safe & effective. Hmm, but that just sounds too good to be true …

… so, I wanted to see for myself.

Bathmate Case

I thought about this as a hobby more than anything else.

Just a fun way to use my free time: grow my penis 🙂 The first Bathmate I tried was the entry model – the cheapest one as well – the Hercules.

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The Reason I Use It

I can’t put on/roll off regular condoms.

This is the primary reason why I use custom condoms as part of my travel gear; they have more size options and it’s easy to find a regular length + extra wide combination.

Bathmate Pump

With normal condoms you have average size + average width. Oversize condoms provide extra width, but they’re too long. That’s why I started using custom condoms.

Regular condoms are always too tight and if I manage to somehow put them on, they’re so tight that they restrict bloodflow.

I remember 2 different situations with girls in Thailand where I just threw the condom against the wall because I was so pissed off being unable to put in on … and those were already the largest condoms you’d find in most Bangkok stores.

The first Bathmate? Wait, did you get more than one?

We’ll get to that in a second. First, let me quickly cover what the Bathmate actually is & how to use it.

What makes the Bathmate unique is that is uses water, not air to create a vacuum & pressure.

It is precisely that pressure – applied over and over again – that, well, makes your dick larger. The more often you apply it, the more permanent the results will be … which is one of the reasons I stopped using it (more later).

The Bathmate also promises to promote overall penile health, better & stronger erections. Of course, this is what all sexual products promise, which made me feel skeptical …

Using the Bathmate is super easy & effortless:

  1. Take shower/bath
  2. Fill Bathmate with water
  3. Put your dick inside Bathmate
  4. Pump until desired level of pressure is reached
  5. Release after 15 minutes max

This Bathmate hydropump video goes into more detail than I could ever describe with words. Watch it!

How To Use The Bathmate

There’s nothing more to it. No manual, no exercise program. For permanent results, use it at least 15 minutes daily.

IMPORTANT: Work your way up & don’t start with full pressure & a full erection right away.

Build up both pressure levels & the level of erection over several days or even weeks. If you experience any sort of pain – stop! The last thing you’d want is damage your tissue, so be patient.

Something Is Wrong?

A sigh of relief after my first session. It does work. Even after only using it for 10 minutes, I could notice the “instant pump” I’ve read about.

This is one way to use the Bathmate – simply get that pump for extra girth/length right before sex.

Of course, that pump is only temporary.

The way I really intended to use the Bathmate was in the shower – daily – so I don’t have to spend extra time on penis exercises. (There are free ways of growing your penis – notably stretching, jelking – but they all require dedicated time & I’ve found them to be too much work.)

So, the idea was to use this device during my shower …

The reality turned out to be a bit different. The problem was the comfort pad on the Bathmate which is supposed to work as a seal (to create the suction).

That seal didn’t work well = no suction = no pressure. Initially, I thought perhaps the pubic hair was the problem. Nope, that wasn’t it either (confirmed after shaving).

My solution? Well, workaround would be more fitting: use the Bathmate in the bathtub. There, it works perfect because the lower end opening of the device is under water, thus no air inside the device. Perfect seal – pure awesomeness!

… however, here’s my problem: I don’t use the bathtub daily.

I bought the Bathmate to make life easier, to use it while showering. If I have to allocate extra time to use this thing, it completely defies the convenience aspect.

Chasing Gains (Penis Enlargement)

At first, I thought the suction issue was only related to the comfort pad on that specific model. So, naturally, I started looking for an alternative … after all, I kinda wanted to continue growing 😉

I came across the Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme and liked that it came with a hand pump. More pressure = quicker, faster gains!

The price-tag was a bit hefty but since I’d use it for many years to come + a bigger penis for just a few hundred bucks … Who can really say no to that?

Anyway, so I placed my order (thanks for the neutral packaging, by the way!) and started using it a few days later.

The Bathmate Xtreme comes in a little case with accessorizes and even a lock to hide if from your girlfriend, wife, or kids lol 😀

Bathmate Size

Does The Bathmate Really Work?

Absolutely. The only issue I have experienced was not being able to create proper suction when I used the Bathmate in the shower.

I have talked to other people & not many have this issue – so best to see for yourself. I simply switched to only using it in the bathtub.

The hand pump of the Xtreme model is really awesome, you can easily add more pressure & get to pressure levels that aren’t possible without the pump (and other models).

Bathmate Side Effects (Injury Risks)

Yes, they exists. Well, only one risk, to be specific: too much pressure.

Let me tell you how I found out …

Remember how the Bathmate Xtreme comes with a manual hand pump? Well, so the day I received the package, I sat down in the bathtub for a session. Quite relaxing, getting a semi-erection and putting on the Bathmate. Pumping a bit … pumping a bit more … and a bit more … thinking more pressure = faster gains.

I was so excited that I applied too much pressure … and one side of the shaft of my penis started to balloon up!

Don’t worry, it wasn’t anything extreme but I noticed it, of course. I stopped immediately & was relieved after all went back to normal rather quickly.

Puh, that was close!

Does that mean the product is dangerous? No, of course it was my fault only. However, anyone that is getting such a device will already be motivated … and might likely go beyond the safety margin as well.

That is the ONLY reason I would caution before you make the purchase. If you know this isn’t an issue for you, then I can wholeheartedly recommend this model.

The other model I’ve used – the Bathmate Hercules – doesn’t have a hand pump & there’s only so much pressure you can create. This is the “safe” alternative, in case you’re concerned.

My Recommendation

If you’re consistent (or simply looking for the pump effect – girth & length – before sex), then the Bathmate is absolutely perfect. There’s no alternative device on the market. I would still use it today. The ONLY reason I don’t …

… is the shower/suction issue. I only ever intended to use it daily in the shower. If I can’t, that defies it’s purpose.

Does Penis Enlargement Really Work?

YES, but … it requires consistency & patience.

There’s no magic pill & the Bathmate won’t just make you dick stay longer after using it once. To get the maximum results, you need to approach this with a gym-like attitude. You wouldn’t just go to the gym & expect to instantly be ripped & muscular.

If that’s too much work, then you can still use it for that instant pump … just know that those results will be temporary.

Permanent & lasting growth requires daily use over longer periods. Even if you’ve reached your goals, you should still use it – although not at the same frequency – to cement those gains.


The beauty of it all: If you order via the official site, you can try it out for 2 months straight! No risk, you get all your money back if you don’t see the expected results/don’t like the Bathmate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of gains can I realistically expect? Will the Bathmate create permanent gains?

Half an inch (1-2 centimeters) upwards – more gains are likely to occur if you are completely new to male enhancement & haven’t done anything before. Permanent gains required consistent use, just like anything else in life.

As with anything in life, results will always vary. This isn’t one of those Bathmate testimonals where I promise staggering permanent results – try it yourself. See, play around & test.

If before and after results aren’t satisfying, then by all means return it and get all your $$$ back.

Which model is right for me?

Please refer to the size chart below 🙂

Does Bathmate Help with Erection Quality?

That’s actually one of the many uses of Bathmate: to improve erection quality!

Can I Take the Bathmate on An Airplane?

The Xtreme model comes with the carrying case. If you have any other model, simply put it between clothing so there’s padding & nothing gets damaged.

Do I Need to Use the Bathmate Comfort Ring?

Absolutely not – whichever is easier/more comfortable for you to use.

Can I Use the Bathmate Without Water?

It’s a hydropump, just to be be clear here. Technically, you can use it without water but the pressure won’t likely be strong enough & you might run into safety issues that air pumps have in common.

I recommend that you only use it the way it was designed: with water!

Where can I find Bathmate instructions, a exercise or workout plan?

This pump is so easy to use, there is no instruction manual (other than a basic leaflet that comes with it). You simply put it on, increase intensity (start with low pressure; semi-erection) as well as duration (based on how you feel) over time.

Can I use the Bathmate multiple times a day?

This is something you have to decide for yourself. General rule of thumb: If you’re too fatigued (= can’t get proper erection), it’s better to take the day (or days) off.

Can I get results with the Bathmate alone or do I need to do other exercises in addition?

No additional exercise required. If you’re super motivated, add jelks/stretching – they’re certainly not required.

Can I gain both length and girth using the Bathmate?

Yes, it’s almost impossible to only gain one without the other. Although the Bathmate excels at adding girth, it will also help you add length.

I’m uncircumcised. Can I still use the Bathmate & get awesome results?

Yeah, speaking from experience here. I’m uncircumcised and it works like a charm 😉

Do I have to shave or trim all my pubic hair for the Bathmate to have and maintain good suction?

You certainly don’t have to. See if you can achieve good suction and if not, then try shaving/trimming.

I didn’t buy the cleaning kit, how do I clean the Bathmate?

To be honest, I just dry it with a towel & only wash it with antibacterial soap every few weeks. Nothing complicated.

Can Bathmate Straighten a Curved Penis? (Peyronie’s disease / Peyronie disease)

Yes – that is listed as one of the benefits of using the Bathmate. Although in this case, I can’t speak from personal experience since I don’t have a curved penis.

Can the Bathmate cause ED?

Hell, no!

I mean theoretically it’s possible but you would need to be a complete idiot to actually harm yourself using the Bathmate. The opposite is actually the case: the Bathmate is used to improve the quality of your erection.

Think about it: pumping = better blood flow = better erections. However, you also need to have the right expectations. Improving your erection quality requires repeated use.

Can the Bathmate cause injuries? What are the Bathmate side effects?

None, really. That is if you use it properly & make sure to listen to your body. If you experience pain, stop. It’s as simple as that.

Should I worry about the Bathmate fluid retention?

This is only a temporary issue (you might/might not experience) after a long Bathmate session. It’ll go away within a few hours & is simply the result of how the Bathmate works.

This is nothing harmful and you aren’t damaging your tissue either. The mid-shaft area of your penis simply gets most of the pressure – that’s all (and also the reason why the most significant gains will usually occur in that area).

Is there any Bathmate medical research that has been done?

Bathmate hydropumps have been proven safe for use on the genital area by the Aspen Clinical Research.

In terms of the results, I always recommend to take advantage of the money back guarantee (60 days). That is a long enough time span to test it for yourself without any risk.

What’s the best Bathmate routine?

There’s no need to overthink this. Just use the bathmate daily for the recommended time – while taking a shower or bath – and that’s it!

If you’re particularly motivated, you can add a jelquing routine as well (I recommend Bathmate usage only).

Some use compounds such as Viagra, Cialis or L-Argingine but I personally don’t as the first two are prescription medications, L-Arginine doesn’t have many studies proving that it works.

Where can I buy a Bathmate? Is there a official Bathmate store?

Yes, there is. This is the official Bathmate store & I recommend you only buy here. Why? Simply because there are Bathmate scams on the Internet (fake replicas) some of which offer a lower price or ridiculous discounts. Don’t fall for it – you might be putting your health at risk!

I know, given that there are quite a few Bathmate sizes available, it can seem difficult making the right choice. Generally, if you’re under 6 inches/15cm (erect), you always want to choose the smallest sizes.

The following is a Bathmate size chart and lists the Bathmate sizes currently available.

Note: The oldest model “Bathmate Original” still exists, but pricing is very similar to the newer Hydromax series.

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Bathmate Original Series:

  • Bathmate Hercules (less than 7 inches/18cm erect)
  • Bathmate Goliath (over 7 inches/18cm erect)

Bathmate HydroMax Series:

  • HydroMax X20 (less than 6 inches/15cm erect)
  • HydroMax X30 (less than 7 inches/18cm erect)
  • HydroMax X40 (over 7 inches/18cm erect)

Bathmate Xtreme Series:

  • HydroMax Xtreme X30 (up to 6.5 inches/16.5cm erect)
  • HydroMax Xtreme X40 (over 6.5 inches/16.5cm erect)