Autoresponder Madness Review

I’ve been going through Autoresponder Madness over the last couple of days. It’s an email marketing course that I’ve read about on one of the blogs I’m following.

The course offered lots of insights, but once I was finished, I felt overwhelmed and the entire process still seemed quite complex. The result was procrastination on my part.

This really is only a short summary of ARM and a way to structure my learning in the simplest way possible.

The entire course it heavily built on the “Strategy Of Preeminence“.

It presumes the attitude that you look at everybody who you want to do business with, … and decide you’re not going to wait for money to change hands before you start contributing, guiding, counselling, advising and protecting them.

It other words, you’re offering real value without any strings attached. On your squeeze page, in your email newsletter and everywhere else. You don’t bribe people with bonuses to opt in to your email list, but rather offer relevant information that actually helps them and offer more value in the actual newsletter. You make them want to sign up.

It’s important to build a highly responsive, targeted list rather than simply a big one. The real value lies in the relationship to the customers, this is what makes them buy products over and over again.

Building a solid relationship is done by being very selective in the process of targeting customers. You decide beforehand which customers you want to take on-board.

Specifically, you…

  1. Select a market/niche you want to target.
  2. Create a customer avatar. (A fictional character that represent the type of customer you are serving.)
    * What does he want to achieve?
    * What are the roadblocks?
    * What can I offer to help him move closer to that end result?
    * What’s his core/biggest fear related to that end result?
  3. Find products, tools or services that help him move toward his end goal.
  4. Write newsletter content – at least a couple of emails that provide real value. Package it in the form of a story that connects one email with the next. A cliffhanger at the end builds anticipation for the next email.
  5. Create a squeeze page to capture leads. Again, offer amazing free value without asking for anything in return.

This is the entire system and it pretty much runs on autopilot.

In between the automated email series, it’s possible to promote a specific product by sending out a couple of broadcasts.  This is called “Product Launch Sequence” and typically consist of 3 emails in which the focus lies on the product’s benefits to the customer and the actual product is only disclosed in the final email.

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  • If I offer a bonus on my squeeze page with nothing else, it’s like a bribe and most people will use a fake email to get the bonus.
  • Opt-In confirmation should be turned off in the AWeber settings.
  • Segmenting subscribers is necessary to make the emails even more targeted. This can be done based on activity. (For example, all customers that purchase product A will automatically be added to a new email list.)
  • Ideally, it would go like this: Traffic -> Customers -> Raving Fans.