Appreciate The Pussy [Bangkok, Thailand]

I just watched The Wolf of Wall Street on the weekend. I know, I’m 4 years late. If you haven’t seen that movie, I highly recommend it.

Something that stood out to me as being odd.

Everything the guy in the movie was doing – hookers, partying, zero-fucks-given-lifestyle & drugs – a few years ago, I would’ve thought “Holy shit, this is crazy! This is so far from my reality! Insane!”

In the movie he said, “I’m doing 3-4 hookers a week.”

I’m thinking to myself, “Haha, 3-4 hooker per week – more like 3-4 hookers per day on a strong day in Thailand for some guys.”

I mean think about. Really think about what kind of life standard we get to enjoy. It’s fucking crazy when you don’t just think about it intellectually but grasp what’s going on here.

  • Almost 50% of the world’s population lives in poverty (less than $2.50/day).
  • 25% of all humans live without electricity.

For them, the idea of a holiday is so foreign and distant that they don’t even know what that concept means – it’s so unrealistic to ever have one and what really matters is daily survival.

And yet, here we are. On YouTube. Watching videos & discussing our problems.


Problems such as having 35 gogo bars packed with cute Thai girls & not knowing which one we should visit first.

When we’re in our “bubble”, it’s hard to appreciate what we have – it’s only when we take the entire picture into account that we get a realistic perspective.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that in the past – and I’m still doing it today. All I see is the people above me. People that make more money, have a better lifestyle – and I get fucking depressed & think my life is fucking shit.

That I’m at the bottom of the barrel.

  • … and that shitty feeling lasts & lasts ….
  • … until I reach that point where I take a step back and realize, “Holy shit.”

“What was I thinking?”

Like the best way I could describe it, imagine a multi-millionaire going to a party full of Billionaires and then he gets home and thinks his life is shit & that he is fucking poor man.

That’s how ridiculous it can get when all you do is compare yourself to the people above you, but not once think about how 90% of the world’s population is below you.

Luxury Problems, those are the kinds of problems most of us are dealing with and I like luxury problems.


Because when your problems are petty things like not knowing which bar to go to, or which hot Thai girls you should take home tonight, it’s a pretty good indicator that your quality of life is fucking sky-high.

If petty things like those consume your thoughts, you have no real problems.

So, next time you’re out an about enjoying the nightlife and some annoying thing happens – bill padding, a girl providing poor service – before you let small things ruin your night, remind yourself that you are already that guy sitting on top of the world while almost everyone else is struggling with real problems.

I like to remind myself how incredibly unimportant I really am. If Earth is just a tiny dot in the universe, then who am I to get all worked up about petty shit.

It’s that delicate balance in life. Yes, you want to achieve, do this, do that, be successful but whenever you feel trapped in that paradigm it’s a good idea to remind yourself all that pressure is unnecessary because nothing really matters.