Amsterdam Red Light District – Girls, Prices & Hidden Cam Footage

What’s up guys, King Epic here!

Recently, I had the chance to visit Amsterdam with a good friend of mine. The main focus, of course, was to check out the Red Light District & pay for play scene there.

We did other things as well – such as Magic Truffles & weed – but in this video, I’ll cover just the Red Light District.

I will talk about the overall quantity of girls, the quality, prices – most importantly, I will compare all of it to Thailand’s sex scene, so you know what’s better and worse and everything will make more sense.

Also, keep in mind that what I cover here is based on a weekend trip – and most of the time was spent in the well-known Red Light District and surrounding areas.

I’m pretty sure there is way more to Amsterdam’s pay for play scene than what I have gotten to see.

Table of Content

  1. Size of the Red Light District
  2. Quality/Looks of Prostitutes
  3. Amsterdam Red Light District Prices
  4. Amsterdam Costs Overall
  5. Positives About Amsterdam
  6. Final Verdict
  7. Hotel Room Review (Park Plaza Amsterdam)
  8. My Magic Truffle Experience
  9. Red Light District Full-Walk Around

1. Size of the Red Light District

This was perhaps the most-confusion part. Coming from Thailand, I was expecting the sex district to be one distinct part of town that is filled with prostitutes – and prostitutes only.

Just like Soi Cowboy or Nana in Bangkok, or Walking Street in Pattaya where you have one gogo/beer bar after another. There’s no way you can miss those Red Light Districts.

Amsterdam’s Red Light district is called De Wallen and it’s located right here.

Amsterdam Red Light District Map
Map shows the hotel I stayed at (Park Plaza Airport), the airport and the Red Light District (De Wallen) which is ~10km from the hotel.

I knew where De Wallen was but it still took a while to actually find some girls.

You might have seen the skimpily-clad prostitutes in brothel windows before, but there aren’t many of them on the main streets next to the canal.

Most of those girls are in one of the many side alleys and narrow streets branching off the main streets.

To give you an idea, the alleys can be as narrow as the one below. There are tons of people walking through and girls on “display” left and right.

De Wallen Alley Amsterdam
As narrow as it can get …

I didn’t count the number of girls I saw, or rather the number of brothel windows but it must have not been more than 50 in total.

That might not seem like a lot compared to say, Thailand where you have hundreds of girls but keep in mind …

Brothel Window Amsterdam
These brothel windows are rented on an hourly basis. For example, 10am-7pm is 80€.
  • First, the brothel windows can be rented hourly/for different shifts. For example, from 10am-7pm is 80€ – meaning the girls behind the windows change constantly. One brothel window might have 4, 5 or more girls behind it over the course of a day.
  • Second, the quality of girls is very good. Rather than volume (like Thailand), the RLD here seems to be more geared toward quality (good looks).

2. Quality/Looks of Prostitutes

This will be very subjective because I am basing it off my personal preferences. In Thailand, you can go out and regardless of which Red Light District you go to, you have hundreds of girls to choose from.

If you are picky like me, you will soon realize that quantity isn’t everything as only a very tiny percentage of Thai working girls will match your criteria.

Maybe that’s 1 out of every 10 girls.

Amsterdam can’t compete with Thailand in terms of the number of girls, but the girls that do work here are – for the most part – very hot. Again, off the top of my head, I’d say 4-5 out of every 10 girls here I find very attractive.

Maybe this has to do with the brothel windows in which the girls are standing almost completely naked.

I would think that such a working setup would mostly attract girls that do have top-notch bodies – otherwise they wouldn’t be able to compete.

So, most of the girls are hot and I mean pornstar-hot. Exactly what you’d seen when you watch online porn. Girls are all from Eastern Europe. Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, and so on.

Amsterdam Prostitute
Curvy body and big boobs – many Amsterdam hookers will look like this. 99% of them are from Eastern Europe.
Amsterdam Hooker Red Light District
My preference: Slim body & fake tits. This girl looked great (the face too!). She’s from Hungary, as I found out later … (see pic below)
Amsterdam Eastern European Hooker
Talked to the girl from pic above. 50€ for 20 minutes, no anal 😉 (Full video of interaction KINGEPIC.COM/PREMIUM)

I’m a big fan of girls with flat stomachs (I mean, really completely flat) and nice tits. Many of the girls here match those criteria. Most also have big fake tits, which is a nice bonus.

Amsterdam Prostitutes
Two Amsterdam prostitutes having a chat. I wonder what they were talking about …

As far as I can remember, there was only one Asian girl that I saw and even she was hot. In Thailand, she would be one of those girls I’d find attractive.

Asian Prostitute Amsterdam
I wonder where this Asian hooker is from. Prostitution is legal in Amsterdam, but you can’t get a work permit for it. Meaning, she has to be a EU-citizen.

Are there any tiny/petite girls?

Yes, surprisingly there were a number of them. Imagine an average size Thai girl, only that she’s white and has fake tits.

What about Black hookers? Are there any?

Yes, there are some Black and even Latin hookers but you won’t find them attractive.

Unlike their Eastern European counterparts, these girls are completely out of shape and I wouldn’t want to touch any of them if it were for free.

Black Prostitute Amsterdam
Hidden camera interaction with a Black prostitute in Amsterdam’s Red Light District (De Wallen).
Black Hookers Amsterdam
This is the small area where you’ll find Black hookers – all of them overweight & unattractive. The building on the left side of the picture is Oude Kerk, Amsterdam’s oldest church and a well-known landmark.

Do Amsterdam prostitutes speak good English?

The ones I talked to spoke good English (slight accent, of course), but overall better English than the majority of Thai hookers I’ve had interactions with.

Does De Wallen also have regular brothels and gogo bars?

Only 2 that I know of and came across – both were located in a small alley.

Amsterdam Strip Club
Arrow shows entrance to the brothel, which looks just like any western brothel. 7 girls inside, all standing in front of their doors, trying to lure in customers.
Inside Amsterdam Brothel
Girl with massive boobs inside the brothel. She looks kinda Asian … not sure.
Inside Amsterdam Brothel
Another girl from the Amsterdam brothel. Again, just giant fake boobs.

What about sex shows in Amsterdam?

On the main streets next to the canal, you find a number of live sex show venues, such as Casa Rosse where you can start watching for as little as 2€.

Theatre Casa Rosso Amsterdam
Theatre Casa Rosso is a live sex theatre in the Amsterdam Red Light District. The shows feature live sex, striptease and a soft SM performance. Entrance is 52€ and includes 2 drinks.
Peepshow Amsterdam
Other live sex venues include Moulin Rouge and Bananen Bar.

Are there any transsexuals/ladyboys/shemales?

You might have noticed that the lights above the brothel windows are red/pink. This indicates that there is a girl inside – blue lights are for transsexuals.

On the first night, my friend and I walked around aimlessly (as we did for most of our trip) and randomly walked through an area with blue lights. Luckily, we did not end up there again during our trip …

3. Amsterdam Red Light District Prices

“It’s 50 Euros.”

That’s what you’ll hear a lot.

Sometimes it will be the first thing the girl says even before you’ve had the chance to open your mouth.

Unlike Thailand, there seems to be a standard rate which most girls stick to – that’s 50€ for standard sex, blowjob … and no anal. (No girl seems to do anal.)

50 Euros is for 15-20 minutes (depending on the girl).

This is the regular price you’d pay in most Western brothels. Compared to Thailand where you get an hour for less than 30 Euros, this rate might seem high.

Amsterdam Red Light District
Young guy inquiring about prices and services.
Amsterdam Brothel Window
A few seconds later, they came to an agreement and …

However, something to keep in mind:

If you want a really hot Thai prostitute, you will likely pay more than 30 Euros (1,000 Thai Baht) – and it’s not unlikely that you’ll only find her in a gogo bar or massage parlor in which case you can expect to pay twice as much.

In Amsterdam, you pay 50 Euros for 20 Minutes. In Thailand, you get 1 hour for 30 Euros. Seems like we have a clear winner, right?


If you really need the full hour then, yes. I never do and so it doesn’t really matter if I get 1 hour or 20 minutes, because I rarely need more than 20 minutes anyway.

  • Amsterdam is good value if you’re all about banging the hottest girls, want it as straight-forward as possible and need sufficient time to carefully assess the looks of a girl.
  • Thailand is unbeatable when it comes to the girlfriend experience and cheap sex, which becomes even better value if you hire for overnight (which would cost hundreds of $$$ in Western brothels).

Oh, and one more thing. In Amsterdam, you do business right behind the window. You see the girl at the brothel window, walk in, they close the curtain and that’s it.

Also, you will have other people watch you go inside. There’s always groups of guys (and girls) standing in front of any brothel window. Hell, there are even Red Light District tours with groups full of middle-aged women!

Amsterdam Red Light District
Red lights you see on both sides are brothel windows. Insane number of people walking through these alleys.

I like the brothel windows setup. In a regular brothel, you’d have to knock on every girl’s door to see what she actually looks like vs. the pics that are on display.

4. Amsterdam Costs Overall

Any place that you visit (whether it be for sex or something else), you are also going to pay for accommodation, buy food, etc. Amsterdam isn’t cheap.

Can’t really eat for less than 10€ per day.

Albert Heijn Supermarket Amsterdam
Great food selection at Albert Heijn supermarket in Amsterdam. I also liked that every single item (even salads) had the nutritional information listed.

My hotel was 60€ per night despite being far away from the city center. I stayed there with a friend, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to afford it.

24 hour train & tram pass was 7 Euros.

Amsterdam Tram
Day 2 – Taking the Amsterdam tram to Centraal Station. (No, that’s not a type. The Dutch name is actually Centraal Station.)

Thailand is of course much, much cheaper when it comes to everything.

5. Positives About Amsterdam

Lastly a few positives about Amsterdam. It’s very clean. Very beautiful and it almost feels like everyone speaks impeccable English. From the garbage man to the random person on the street.

Besides the fact that prostitution is legal in Amsterdam, you can also smoke weed without risking jail time, try magic mushrooms (they’re actually called magic truffles) and bang some smoking hot girls – or do it all at the same time 😉

Magic Truffles Amsterdam
Started day 2 in Amsterdam with some Magic Truffles. I tried the Dolphins Delight version.

Public transportation is very good – you have the tram running until midnight which will get you to any place, pretty much.

When I went to Amsterdam, it was the worst weather possible. Cold & rainy and yet, there were a ton of tourists and people on the streets.

Amsterdam Tourists
Busy street near Centraal Station. The sex museum (Sexmuseum Venustemple) is within walking distance.

I can only imagine what it’ll look like during the summer. I would say it’s also a great place to meet regular girls since there are so many tourists.

6. Final Verdict

I’m glad I went there and will probably visit the city again. If you can, visit Amsterdam in the summer for a weekend. You will not regret it.

However, unlike Thailand, it’s not a place where I would stay long-term. It’s just too expensive … and the lack of Asian girls is problematic 😉

7. Hotel Room Review (Park Plaza Amsterdam)

I stayed at the Park Plaza Amsterdam Airport hotel which was roughly 60€/$64 per night.

The location of the hotel was 15 minutes walking distance from the last tram stop and 30 minutes by tram from the center of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Park Plaza Hotel
Again, comparing Amsterdam to Thailand, I would have gotten a room of equal quality for ~30€ in Thailand.

In hindsight, it would’ve been better staying in a centrally-located hotel DESPITE the significantly higher costs because 1.) traveling back and forth took some time and 2.) last tram was at midnight and taxi home thereafter would’ve been $50.

Here’s what stood out (positive and negative).


  • Room was dead quiet at all times. No outside noise.
  • Pitch dark closing the curtains.
  • Gym was surprisingly well-equipped (for a hotel gym).
  • Free sauna and steaming room.
  • Free shuttle service to and from Amsterdam airport.


  • No free water in the room. The 1 liter bottle was 5€.
  • No toothpaste supplied (had to be bought at reception).
  • Water suspender, but no cups in gym.
  • Gym wasn’t well-lit at all.

I was definitely happy with the gym (had a workout session planned for the first day), but paying 60€ for the night and they don’t even offer at least free water and toothpaste?

Park Plaza Amsterdam Gym
Gym at Park Plaza Amsterdam Airport hotel had cardio machines, lat machine, ab machine, chest machine … as well as free weights and a bench.
Amsterdam Park Plaza Wellness
Went to the sauna & steaming room in the morning. Both are free, massages aren’t.

The cheapest hotel in central Amsterdam would probably be 100€ per night, but next time, I’ll gladly pay that much.

8. My Magic Truffle Experience

I had read a few Reddit posts about people’s experience after eating Magic Truffles and naturally I was giving it a try.

I have experience with somewhat similar “compounds” such as Kratom & Phenibut, that’s why I did buy a Truffle that was supposed to be a bit stronger, especially when it comes to visual hallucinations.

The day before, my friend and I had tried weed cookies and didn’t notice much of an effect. I mean, he did, I didn’t.

Weed Cookies Amsterdam
Weed cookies for 4.50€ we tried the night before. You can also buy Hash Brownies (sometimes called Space Cakes).

I picked the Magic Truffles Dolphins Delight (10g for 13€) – last meal before consumption was 2+ hours ago. The guy at the headshop/smartshop said it takes roughly 40 minutes for the truffles to kick in.

Magic Truffles Dolphine Delight
By the way, magic truffles you get at what’s called a headshop or smartshop; weed you can buy & smoke at the coffeeshop.

3 hours later, I still didn’t feel anything … and that’s the end of the story. (I later did some research and luckily, I am not alone in not having the truffles “work” for me. – Maybe I’ll try a stronger sort next time.)

My friend took the weaker truffles and DID experience all the things I’ve read about – seeing everything clearer than normal (His words, “It’s as if everything just went from regular quality to HD.”)

That was the high and he seemed to have a really good time. He also went to see a hooker without telling me (which he wouldn’t normally do).

To “stop” the trip, you have to consume sugar(y) drinks such as orange juice – and that’s what he drink around 2 hours after consuming the truffles once he started to experience “something“.

Then came the low – and it was a quite different experience. He started to get concerned about whether or not “the truffles would stop” and repeatedly asked me to bring him back to the hotel and stay there with him. – That phase lasted around 1-2 hours and after that, he was fine again.

9. Red Light District Full-Walk Around

The video below shows a full walk-around in Amsterdam’s Red Light District De Wallen. You get to see the various sex venues, coffeeshops & restaurants next to the canal.

I also point out a few hotel options and show you the busy sidestreets.