Do you feel excited about going to Thailand, but when it comes to actually planning your trip, you are confronted with questions such as,

  • WHEN is the best time to visit Thailand?
  • WHERE should I stay (area, hotel)?
  • HOW MUCH money should I bring? Do I bring cash at all? If so, exchange it at home or once I arrive?

Girl-wise, even more confusion …

  • Where can I meet the kind of girls that I find hot?
  • IS IT SAFE to bring girls back to my room?
  • HOW do I keep my valuables safe?
  • WHICH massage places do happy endings?

We’re not done yet …

  • Do I really need travel or health insurance?
  • HOW do I avoid over-paying and being scammed?

… let me propose a better solution.

King Epic is a blog/YouTube channel that provides you answers – up-to-date and directly from Bangkok, Thailand.

Your Thailand trip should be a memorable experience, NOT a project that requires you to micro-manage every little detail.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, imagine your first night out – a cold, ridiculously inexpensive drink in your hand and a Thai hottie rubbing her perfect body against you.

Why waste your time browsing websites with outdated information when you can get the latest intel info from a guy (that’s me – King Epic) that lives in Thailand?

You’re in the right place if you’re interested in

  • Hotels & Accommodation
  • Nightlife & Pay For Play (Happy Endings)
  • Dating Thai Girls

If you’re ready to make your next Thailand trip really fucking good, click below to download the free Thailand Cheatsheet!

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