The Story Behind KING EPIC

Why do I call myself, “King Epic”?

At first sight, there doesn’t seem to be any link between the name and Thailand, mongering or any of the topics I cover.

I’d like to take full ownership of the name idea and say that how my YouTube channel & blog have evolved was carefully planned from the very beginning.

The truth is, all of it came about pretty randomly. Let’s start off with the name.

King Epic.

In 2013, I decided to start a blog. Not for anyone else but for myself as a sort of online diary. Jot down thoughts, have a place where I’d list my goals … and really only one of my friends knew about it. (He might actually be watching this video. “Hey, what’s up, man?”)

He did a similar thing and so the whole blog was partially enjoyment, but also a way to keep each other accountable.

The Odd Origin

The original domain name was and I wasn’t really happy with that. Hard to remember and that number as a part of the domain name, I found somewhat odd.

I didn’t have any better ideas for the domain name either. I mean, I did, but they were all taken …

Enter Domain Name Generators – The last resort of a man lacking creativity …

On that site (don’t remember what the generator was called), you’d enter keywords in 2 different columns – it would then combine them randomly and check if that domain name is free.

So, in both columns, I entered catchy, short keywords. I wanted a short domain name.









… you get the idea.

I’m sure you can guess what the generator spit out.


The exact name I use today.

Based on the name, I somehow came up with this logo idea. Lion King?

YouTube Channel & Thailand Connection

At that point, I was still maintaining a personal blog. No Thailand connection, no YouTube channel existent. When I first uploaded a video to my channel (actually the one where I filmed inside Nana Plaza), I didn’t put much thought into it.

There was no master plan, no strategy. Just wanted to share the video with friends & people I knew.

… and how I got from there to where I am today was simply the result of doing the same thing with consistency.

For a while, these mundane “Bangkok Nightlife 2016” type of videos were really popular – basically nightlife scenes without anything added, just cutting together various scenes.

I did that initially, but soon moved on to adding audio commentary because I felt it added another dimension to how I can interact with viewers.

Another major reason was that it allowed me to talk about interesting topics – concept & ideas that I personally ponder about. So, in a way that is what that little seed (the diary style blog) has evolved to.

Of course, not all my videos are like that, but if you’ve seen videos like

Those are videos that are more like diary entries where I thought about a certain topic or struggled with something and simply wrote my ideas and perspectives down on paper to structure my thoughts – and then made it into a video.

Then there are these Q&A videos that make up a large percentage of my video library. I tend to do those whenever there’s no topic on my mind and nothing I want to talk about comes up naturally.

That’s when I usually browse through the comment section to look for interesting or weird questions … something that catches my attention.

Which videos do I enjoy making the most?

Clearly the ones that are well-thought out. I think those are the ones with the highest quality, so to speak.

Like the “Why Not Get a Hooker?” video, which I personally think is the best video to date & perfectly sums up everything I have to say about pay for play. The WHY, HOW and everything in between.

But of course, I can’t do 10 of these per month. They need to come naturally. Plus, I want to also strike a balance between videos I personally care about and what’s currently popular with viewers.

What do I hate the most about making videos, if anything at all?

Basically anything outside of the creative part. Writing down ideas – designing the video. That’s the enjoyable part.

Rendering/exporting the finished video on an old laptop, having to wait over an hour … then uploading and having to customize thumbnails, etc. – that’s the least enjoyable part.

But these are probably all things you can’t relate to if you don’t have a YouTube channel.

What’s it like having people ask you for advice?

It was very exciting, initially. Imagine the first comments on your videos, or how sporadically, you’d get emails from people asking your for help. I always tried to help as best as I could.

Most questions I get, or rather emails, however, are a complete value leach.

Let me explain what I mean.

There are usually 2 types of people that contact me (for the purpose of simplicity, I say 2 types).

The first category – this is definitely the smaller percentage – consists of people that send me well-structured emails with relevant questions. In most cases, those guys already use my products, or offer to send money.

Those guys are fucking awesome. Sometimes those emails or questions are super interesting and enjoyable to read. So, I am actually getting value out of them myself.

When someone like that writes me an email, I instantly feel like “They get me. They understand what I am dealing with.” Most importantly, they don’t come to me with the ASSUMPTION that everything is for free – including my time.

The other category of people probably makes up the majority. If you fall into this category, please don’t be offended. Perhaps you can try to understand my point of view.

These are the people that write long emails without structure, lots typos – and ask multiple of questions at once.

Can you tell me which hotel I should stay at? How much money do I need? Which bar should I go to? I have issue XYZ – can you help me? What should I do?

First, most of these questions could probably be answered by using my Thailand Guides … and should something be unclear nonetheless, then I am more than happy to help you out. But it’s this freeloader mentality that I find problematic.

The videos he makes are for free, so everything has to be for free. I know I was the same way, but now that I am actually on the receiving end, I realize how annoying it can be. That assumption that it is for free.

Digging through such an email requires a lot of mental energy.

Nowadays, whenever I need help & contact someone asking for advice (business, legal, etc.), I always make it very clear that I DO NOT assume that it’s for free and am willing to pay. That alone makes all the difference.

Puh. A lot of stuff I talked about today. Probably too deep & boring for most people watching, but a few will certainly appreciate it.

Take care!

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