25 Hot Thai Girls on ThaiFriendly (+ Creepy Guys’ Comments)

Whenever I talk about my experiences (dates, lays) related to online dating in Thailand, people ask about what kind of girls can be found online. Some say there’s only girls looking for serious relationships. Others claim it’s full of hookers & you can’t find a regular girl.

The truth is, you can find any kind of girl on ThaiFriendly. It largely depends on what you’re looking for & how you filter girls. Today, I will show you a variety of hot girls that you’re able to hook up with – from simply hot, to petite/cute & even ones with big tits (yes, they exist in Thailand).

These are the girls you find on ThaiFriendly. Don't think they're hot? You're probably gay.
These are the girls you find on ThaiFriendly. Don’t think they’re hot? You’re probably gay.

Now, will you find the absolute cream of the crop online? I highly doubt it, but there are still a ton of really hot girls online that need a good pounding.

How do you find girls that match your preferences? Well, there’s more than one way to go about finding those hotties.

First, if you have a certain preference in regards to height/weight, you can easily use the filter.

filter by height/weight
Filter by height/weight. E.g. if you’re into short/petite girls.

The same, of course, applies to age. If you’re looking for a hot MILF (then set your minimum age accordingly) – and you won’t be distracted by young Thai pussy.

easiest method for finding MILFs: filter by age
Easiest method for finding MILFs: Filter by age.

Now, this gets a bit trickier if you’re looking after something a bit more specific. What if you’re looking for a fitness chick? A working girl? There are no filters for that. How would you still find them?

Again, very easy. You simply use the “profile text” search function … and in 9/10 cases, you’ll get what you want.

finding fitness chicks
Looking for fit Thai girls? Simply search by keyword “fitness”.

Here are suggested keywords to search for.

  • fitness
  • gym
  • freelance
  • short time
  • long time
  • customer
  • money
  • sucking
  • bj
  • blowjob

This works most of the time. I say this knowing that some fitness girls might not mention the words fitness/gym in their profile & there will be a small percentage of girls perhaps saying that “don’t like gym” but those would still show up in your search results.

You get the idea … the profile search works pretty well, yet isn’t perfect.

25 Hot Thai Girls (Online)

fdffasdlk username
[ Click to see full profile. ]
[ Click to see full profile. ]
[ Click to see full profile. ]
[ Wanna see her profile? Click here. ]

Big Tits

[ Can’t resist. See more pics here. ]
[ Wow incredible! See her profile. ]
[ Click to see her profile. ]
[ Very tempting. See profile here. ]

Fitness Chicks

Amazing body. Click to see profile.

[ Super fit girl. See profile here. ]
[ Click to see profile. ]
[ Pole dancer. Here’s her profile. ]


[ So cute. See full profile. ]
[ Click to see profile. ]
[ Can you believe it? Here’s more. ]

Petite & Cute

[ Beautiful & so cute. Full profile. ]
[ Very cute! Full profile here. ]
[ Classy girl. See her full profile. ]
[ On the beach. Here’s her profile. ]
[ Wanna chat with her? I want to. ]
[ Soooo cute! Here’s more cute pics. ]

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Creepy Guys

I know one thing for sure: Wherever there’s hot girls, creepy guys stalking them aren’t usually far away. Of course, this is the case with online dating more so than anywhere else.

Just look at the following comments & make sure you never end up being one of those guys. All these guys are saying, “can’t message you”, etc. simply means can’t spend a few bucks on the premium membership (some hot girls are limited to premium users only).

Hey, I get it. Maybe you don’t wanna pay for online dating. But what the hell are you doing on the site then?

All from one girl's profile. Guys basically saying they not willing to go Premium & now the girl should message them instead.
All from one girl’s profile. Guys basically saying they’re not willing to go Premium & now the girl should message them instead.

You know what happens with these guys? They waste their time with the free account, then desperately comment below girls’ pics (of course, no sane girl will take that seriously) – eventually they quit the site and say, “Online dating doesn’t work!“.

ThaiFriendly online dating works. I’ve fucked 14 girls off the site – all with very little effort. Here’s my exact ThaiFriendly strategies. If it doesn’t work for you, then you simply doing something wrong.